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~ HYPER CRIME stands the anti JENS PETER, all SLE-production ended PRC China assets controlled.




Corporates and special interest and in all those anti JENS PETER gets no compensation at all and to pay my demands. This State to State for respective Nation "how things done" anti Big Oil & Gas.


SLES is the profitable and growth in Real Value in GNP under NEEP what lasts. Agent Big OIl and Gas is not by all costs bookkept, but a credit mess in a few persons and banks gets cash loaded spending and all spend old fashion no NEEP for products all traffic. all housing, all industry during BERUFF VERBOT of SLES and JENS PETER ENGINEERINGS the Enemies of State anti-civilization(s), and from Climate Change migration makes outdated Real Estate and supermarket bobble economy, you see national ethnic brought to an endzone globally. Nations national all lost in by Homogenization, look up www.probiren.eu FCSRS.


Nations please invite me as owner of my designs and Engineerings. New-Built minimum 20% Royalty, > 5% percentage on Power this True Renewable then True Sustainable Power sales. And Government can by Partnership/ Joint-Venture buy licences paying me, then have contractors to built for Government i.e. own Military other National approved industry or new industries, what can be Government controlled and all owned plus what is mine, or in part. My fee can be working capital complimenting National SLES Invested for NEEP Growth in civiisation to last in National respected.


SLES in accounting the record of treasures by material or not yet materialized (Immaterial) my SLES Engineerings to bookkeep extended plan accounts for the professional Accountor/Revisor in for Nation the Treasures by transaction (no sale and no buying but to insert) in Debit/Credit Actives and Passives for National balance, not defined under old industry bosses. When I write my file State for Record there is no spending simply registration from my not yours Costa List of properties in multi trillions in MyCoin unit US$/Yuan. When State for respective Nation(s) bookkeep the product SLES is recognized solution to energy by NEEP SLES-Products REVERSING CLIMATE CHANGE, what can be managed a defined as business fiscal fulfilled. So State to SPE State business by transaction a balance basis my Value calculated by common asset validation methods for both State and civilian and military Capital Product filing by engineered the presentation you look at in part, product is product when drawn and or explained Immaterial List by product engineered by JENS PETER, SPE, State for being richer than Nations. List PgDn to your right in "Press Room". When my registration rise liquidity of Nation rise, a only win win situation never a cost. From my listing of my assets not yours go www.spot-solarcells.com Goodwill and Knowhow only published in part earlier other trillions.




So friend friendly Nations:

How many trillions your way.



SMS NUMBER SPE: + 45 - 29 88 79 11 (24/7).



NoFuel. For my new type of ships SLES


All sizes can run on incoming light, stored in batteries at night, sail by own power. i.e. from smaller ferries, cargo ships to largest container ships or supertankers Biofuel size 250 Meter long times 50 Meter wide times 20 Meter high also under water line addition.


Enterprise budget larger ships (75-200+ Meter) spend 1-3 Liter Diesel at 1 US$ per Liter burning cost every second.


Cost savings: 2 Liter Fuel x 60 Seconds x 60 Minutes x 24 Hours x 300 Days at Sea = 51.840.000 US$, 50 Millions a year x 30 times.


350 M * 20 M * 2 sides ship = 7.000 M2 Sides of ship (railing and bottom sides).


300 M * 20 M * 2 Sides cargo = 12.000 M2 cargo or panels OSP.


350 M * 25 M * 2 sides railing ship = 17.500 M2 top deck and or cargo ie. containers.


50 m * 40 m * 2 front and heck = 4.000 m2 Front and back


50 M * 500 M carpet extra = 25.000 M2 after ship.


Surface in all New Ships JENS PETER INDUSTRIES on Optical Solar Panels Powered is:


7.000 M2 + 12.000 M2 + 17.500 M2 + 4.000 M2 = 40.500 M2 Optical Panels.


Average Light income energy KWh per hour per day Nordic (North of Alpine South of Faroe Islands is:


1,1 KWh per M2 per hour a day of 24 hours is 26,4 KWh day per M2 10% is lost in Optical Solar Panel dereflections plus 10% in heat and 10% in jet dynamo engine resistance in JENS PETER KETTLES on board, so back at 24 KWh day.


>20 KWh day per M2 * 40.500 M2 (Nordic) * 1 KWh per hour (10% De-Reflection losses)


= 810.000 KWh dispose every 24 hours. Now follows reduction ~28,7% (Kettle and batteries losses) is: 590.500 KWh day


At disposal every minute to calculated as fuel consumption of todays ships about 1 t 3 Liter diesel a second. One Liter best quality Diesel is 13,5 KWh. Calculation:


600.000 KWh Light to electrical power by JENS PETER KETTLES


/ 24 Hours / 60 Minutes per hour = 410 Liter fuel a minute


/ 60 seconds a minute = 6,8 Liter fuel diesel


... every second 24/7 hours effect KWh electrical on propel axil traditional holding ballast tanks as fluid batteries a NoFuel. concept by JENS PETERS ENGINERINGS SLES.


Traditional fossil engines burning fuel this takes over twice the amount of fuel KWh on propel than direct electrical. In principle I got no heat loss KWh's. So by electro engines twice the distance on same amount KWh is 13 Liter fuel effect a second in this example. Needed was 1 to 3 Liter second depending on direction resistances in normal travel speed. Now readers know low light income weather, the ships are still sailing for own force including winter time over casted within polar circles over the equator regions in all.


Now all have read large ship in the future runs on Light and waters, from on batteries at night, and got endless cooling from Ocean Water running in and out even over.

Sunlight Laser Energy Systems, S P E

STATE PLANET EARTH SPE: SMS Tel: +45 - 2988 7911 ¤ Free TV use of illustrations ¤ Book Rights for sale

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BUY SLES SHARES TODAY -- RANK PARI, Solvency for all sold. SMS your name, country and mobile and Bank account numbers.

Power Plants Optical, JP KETTLES, Windtops, Magnetic Engines, Tang Doorbells-Knifes, Sails, Housing, Bridges, Licenses etc.


SLES Contracting: Nations please invite me as owner of my designs and Engineerings. New-Built min. 20% Royalty plus min. 5% on top of Power sale, Legal Body of State and my cash-flow stays National. Your versions look like....? Feel free to invite me to your Embassy to have a briefing from me in doing business.


International consult, advice and speeches. Timetable US$ 25.000,- plus Tax and expenses up front per begun hour plus per interruption, any disturbing including when not for free SMSing or MMSing first including subject and agenda before contact same price table cash due per bank transfer to me first hand in person. Copyright fees 1 $ per word per copy, can be negotiated. SMS me for free on Media discounts contracts.

Kind regards JENS PETER


Name: Jens Peter Schwartzlose. Bank Registration: 5396. Bank Account: 0000506589. IBAN : DK8653960000506589. SWIFT: ALBADKKK


Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS S.














Denmark, and EU incl. Germany.Stocks do drop

Stock Exchange Denmark OMX NY Reg. Corporates Ships and Planes out of record no future without my engineering's of JENS PETER KETTLES and Magnetic Engines and power in production including transport. The union Danish banking and its industry against my business involves in eager coming up foreclosures the largest Danish corporates and Banks; A P Moller Oil & Gas and MAERSK CONTAINER Shipping (On Observation List today), DSV Transport, Vestas and Siemens Windpower in fraud Propel Windmills, Fl. Schmidt's Portland Cement Industry, Entrepreneurs COWI oceanic damage to fertilized waters and color change, NOVO Enzymes productions lowers from enzyme recycling wash powders, administrative managements of computing administration, Energy corporate sellers in only in here from me offers NEE Products of a near future.


So pricks making resistance your agency work. Your legal account is and from who to lose this big even national bankruptcy predictable in I don't change role as winner competitor read my lips.


Winner never turn over. So your choice of competitor my industries of me JENS PETER your final call to berry your own graves as corporates in first instance beaten by China PRC with allowance to built and construct pro their Heir permanent status for me from me. Well is it old men philosophical very pragmatics so highly phlegmatic total out of math lines any reality coming up even by not replying fully public any NO to me, what mandate from voters, whose Presidency....


Windmills not renewable read proven.

Able to renew not possible producing in energy deficit. I.e. Produce 100 windmills, then delivers power for 20 years. All power produced spend to built new windmills and you only have under ten new mills. An other twenty years and you hold one mill in next twenty year you run out of any energy at all.


On CNN Cement production is example by windmills on steel towers. This energy deficit is producing the towers polluted ten times more than spending last fossil fueled power plant direct to the cement production.


In near future by China as example not the West unity of fossils cement from clay and lime roasted is in fire of sunlight laser. Half of the energy producing cement is typical gas or oil fire ovens leading out mush CO2. The Schwartzlose Cement global patent is sunlight laser concentrated solar light in from Optical Solar Panels also my patent and pattern protected.


My plans today is to follow the Morocco climate summit. IEA the fossil dominated energy agency has released report energy more spending year 2040 up 30%.


This means the market expands and my business value and loss not being producing rise by more than 30%.


They show only commercials propel wind and pv solar non of ours so TV a fraud stimulator and supporters on BBC world. So State broadcasting and my attack on U.K. being responsible State Frauds profiting here via TV packages in billions and nothing to indicate they go investing legal production of my NEE industries.











Take a good look at this photo of a Luxmeter what meters light. Light is directly measured in Lux equal to Watt per square Meter, 3 x 3 Feet. In the Meter at sunrise is figure 12 000 Watt or Lux, 12 KWh. From Wikipedia you can read PV Solar panels reach typically under 50 Watt per square Meter, M2, not average. but optimum performance over living time under 20 years falling effect. SLES Optical Solar Panels transform via JENS PETER KETTLE over 90% from light in heat to electricity world wide no matter weather, all OSP Field fully recyclable after a product living time up to over 10 000 years on satellites even longer year millions. And price starting at $ 1 000 /M2 and electricity cost price under half a Cent per KWh (1 000 M2). Fuel market will close over and out in fact for consumers about $ 3 000 year cost fuel ends. NoFuel for free in light and water, and product car cost could be 5 years earlier fuel cost of then + $ 15 000, the same as todays engines and Royalty 20% plus 5% energy produced on car to JENS PETER, SPE. The lasting SLES Product Optical Panels can be in use for 100+ years, so can carros in Alumin.



Tel. SMS: +45 - 29887911 (C) SPE 1. FCSRS State


GOULASH BARONS, a definition WWII.

The corporate the Junta, Corporat Technocracy, against United Nations Sustainable development Goals hold what they posses in realization systematically for profits in burnings also chemical of farm soil against Human Kind. Plays and Act all against JENS PETER proven often admits understand but only lie all way in life calculation energy for proper and best investment never understood very childish and lability trives because NAZI RED never gives a verdict against own basis the property of other party not accepted, Rights not respected, information of masses the voters non democratic, leaders manifest international forbidden State for Nation Holder, when richest showed up publications a given future. There God Fear takes overhand and seeks cross a power of a past to redecorate any life situation then don't get in any win win situation but all else losers. And silent to own grave.


Take a good look at this photo of a Luxmeter what meters light. Light is directly measured in Lux equal to Watt per square Meter, 3 x 3 Feet. In the Meter at sunrise is figure 12 000 Watt or Lux, 12 KWh. From Wikipedia you can read PV Solar panels reach typically under 50 Watt per square Meter, M2, not average. but optimum performance over living time under 20 years falling effect. SLES Optical Solar Panels transform via JENS PETER KETTLE over 90% from light in heat to electricity world wide no matter weather.


All OSP Field fully recyclable after a product living time up to over 10 000 years on satellites even longer year millions. And price starting at $ 1 000 /M2 and electricity cost price under half a Cent per KWh (1 000 M2). Fuel market will close over and out in fact for consumers about $ 3 000 year cost fuel ends. NoFuel for free in light and water, and product car cost could be 5 years earlier fuel cost of then + $ 15 000, the same as todays engines and Royalty 20% plus 5% energy produced on car to JENS PETER, SPE. The lasting SLES Product Optical Panels can be in use for 100+ years, so can carros in Alumin.


Remarkable the 1 M2 a Liter of fuel per M2 at daytime for central heating. In a central heating system a hot Water tank also combined heating up rock (Light Fire Place) KW is store reloaded in heat during daylight. The existing heat system is funktionel all needed bigger storing capacity. One Liter fuel per M2 South wall (Calculate in swing OSP Plates in front of window glass) and roof og a house is vertical M2 typically over the same as basis area og the house. So calculated 150 M2 x 8 hours daylight x 1++ Liter fuel at shortest days of the year temperate nordic = 1200 Liter fuel effect every 24 hours enough for own use and as business to supply the local community central heat pipelines in KWh output a profit.



Now the KWh meter on heat calories count the other way around heat is no longer cost for investors in Optical Solar Panels but business. The Optical Panels from SLES works no matter outdoor temperature, rain, snow, dim, fog, all needed keep them window clean. Income per M2 can be set 1 USD per M2 an hour x 12 hours year average x 364 Days year (Hot water, heating pools, sauna, dryers, food grilled/toasted/dried, food boilers harvest time, greenhouses by light in to under insulation tropic gardening) = 4368,- USD income per M2 per year. Price of panel was only 1000 USD plus installation to existing central heating. In principle an window in the pipe to expose for Sunlight Laser made by SLES Optical Solar Panels the Suncells doing passive non mechanical ever lasting. Not having my accepts then no homeland production owners legal respond to hostilities i.e. no finances, no invested, no support etc about the West.


Year 1996 I wrote of my true engineering of Energy Net Earning the FCSRS State. After this in both wind and solar the global market in FALSE renewable product has sky rocket to hundred of billions global market FRAUD. Denmark and other nations has by State for Nation subsidized in other hundred of billions and investment in my engineering ignored, then politicians proven lobby old industry named industrial spying for taxpayers money in falsum in green energy not green but dirty coal.


In energy spend the last fire in supply chains is the one preserved marketing climate or clean energy product was and is the ongoing energy deficit and civilization don't last. Corruption in Party support and consult "jobs" in plan of work scoring profit, and jobs. But the jobs should have been made Net Energy Earning basis in my JENS PETER INDUSTRIAL INVENTS by products Optical Solar, JENS PETER KETTLES, Windtops, Magnetic Engines. Then politicians or is it in Office could avoid jailing for conspiracies in here against human kind. Warlords by energy and money.


SLES Optical Solar Panel performs very deferent in working optical, why all 12 000 Watt not 50 Watt electricity but 12 000 Watt heat goes to JENS PETER KETTLE and transformed to electricity a power generator in SLES Power Plant, what can supply heavy industry not as low voltage power but strong power for heavy machinery and heat production reversed from light to power or direct as heat in washing machines, boilers, kettles, central heating, air conditioning etc.


12 KW per hour is for sunrise (Same as 0,9 Liter fuel heat/ M2, look hand palm in shadow from the left in picture). If a car should drive on PV Voltanic of 50 Watt/ 1 M2 optimum full daylight 10 KM/ L is 13 000 Watt/h. 13000 / 50 W = 260 M2 to drive a car economy 10 KM/ L, but when electrical fuel efficiency of 50% on axil rest is waste heat in engine in chimney and else, so the fuel effect going electrical direct is times 2 so driven is 20 KM distance. The fuel efficiency standards of today i modern car engines.


Remark an NEE Battery Car or hybrid is not driving longer on fossil produced electricity or true renewables only electro engine is the saving in consumer place, but at power plant producing the power got heat loss, the waste energy in fuel, so efficiency is zero saved but in reach of pollution limited in filtrating gasses. In Denmark >90 000 000 000 KWh is consumed by burning in Denmark, EU, yearly most on transportation in a population og about 6 million people. Battery cars is connected to grid and last KWh is made from dirty coal and burning biomass. Remark loading batteries are not made true renewable by dirty windmill produktion with Energy Deficit by factor 10-25+ from steel production etc. (See NEE Calculation how), what means not building propel windmills would have lowered CO2 green house gas and caused less Climate Change.


Remark for PV Solar Panels Energy Break Even for to be NEE Product is about under 420 Gram metal per M2 for metal but when adding energy consumption to built factory, trucks, shipping, administration, service and installation plus new growth no NEE Production not a NEE Investment. Loading the batteries to grid or from no NEE electricity production is simply moving market from coal to more coal, oil, gas, biomass, garbage burning an optimum Energy old industry not clean or true basis but marketing fraud via politicians their industry lobby.


When driving with Optical Solar Panels 90+ % of the income of light is transformed to electricity via JENS PETER KETTLE when integrated, or from external SLES POWER PLANT. So sunrise light in picture of 12 KWh measured for direct drive so 200 KM drive per hour in fuel efficiency of 20 Km per 13 KW (1 Liter gasoline effect) is 10 Liter x 13 KW = 130 KW / 11 KW per M2 = 12 M2 Optical Solar Panel on board, what suits a car, a bus or truck even rail even flight engines electro. Remark PV-Solar Panel was 260 M2 to drive 20 Km an hour (Distance 20 Km takes an hour). The figures are Metric standards so can be repeated hour by hour as long as light or battery power.


Cost of a distance in NoFuel by SLES is made from car integrated Optical Panels bullet prove glass sealed electricity via JENS PETER KETTLES or light fires water in principle civilian use water burns in Hydrogen and Oxygen separates and ignites.


7 Oceans a NoFuel reserve asset SPE published FCSRS 1996.

Light Sunlight Laser + H2O =

Hydrogen + Oxygen + Heat =

Work + H2O (Civilian).


Calculation car


10 M2 x 10 KWh x 10 Hours loading battery in car (battery car) is at disposal 1000 KWh day / 4 hours driving 250 KW per hour/ 6, 500 KW (Distance 20 Km/L effect) = 38,5 Liter effect.

Direct on light needed for driving distance by 100 Km an hour is 13000 x 5 Liter effect / 2 Electro engine = 32,5 KW. This is made from 32,5 KWh / 10 KWh M2 = 3,2 M2 Optical Solar Panel. For horse power and acceleration battery needed but a typical car of area 6 meter length x 1,80 M wide and 1 M sides gives. Calculation:

(6 x 1,80) M2 - 1,5 M2 glass = 9,3 M2 +

(2 x 1 x 6) M2 - 2 M2 design = 10 M2 +

Front and back even trailer or tail fins (fly).

= approximate. 20 M2 x 10 KWh M2 = 200 KWh at disposal a sports car driving. You can see in many auto catalogues the KW on engine and on driving axil to road. This is a strong car. Car, busses, trucks, rail becomes supplier to the grid net earning, so a car an income source... Net profitable making the JENS PETER INDUSTRY no cost but profitable INVESTMENT by definition in economics. By light in chamber hitting pure water in black surfaces the water explodes just like a fuel engine and sound is of a burning higher temperatures nuclear. The staved fission told in enlighten science to USA Embassy sealed contract sales year 1996 unpaid seals are broken...


Link to Wiki on PV-Solar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_panel


The lux (symbol: lx) is the SI (Standard International) unit of illuminance and luminous emittance, measuring luminous flux per unit area.[1] It is equal to one lumen per square metre. In photometry, this is used as a measure of the intensity, as perceived by the human eye, of light that hits or passes through a surface. It is analogous to the radiometric unit watts per square metre.


Further egen Photo Voltanic Solar, PV Solar claims 50 W output well what is the Ampere, A. And up to 25% harness of light income is a straight lie. 50 Watt should as standard be at Ampere -1- and in the example 50 W at sunrise 12000 Watt is not 25% but 50/12000 x 100 = half a procent of the income of light.


Electron-volts per elementary charge:

V = A x Ω = W x A ,


Ω is résistance in system.


V = W x A ,


Watt is then the Lux from Luxmeter measured. Remark if Ampere the strength of the electricity when consuming standard is given at -1- Ampere, if Ampere lower than -1- the Voltage drops. The quality of power is when Ampere is up over one and stabile. Cheating is to give effects not standard by -1- or more Ampere to give impression high Voltage or Watt.


W = V / A


Picture from:



(C) 1969-2016+ Jens Peter Schwartzlose, Claire.


All Rights Reserved. Pattern Protected Property.

Any duplication, legal copy display from above (C) include Facebook address Forsker/ "Scientist Peter Claire" and "JENS PETER SCHWARTZLOSE CLAIRE, SPE". to last dot.




Tel. SMS: +45 - 29887911 (C) SPE 1. FCSRS State


Exactly my point to Donal Trump. USA non competitive and how to make industry especially heavy metal industry production competitive but to have power bill down from 10-22 Cent per KWh to below 3 KWh. Let industry be power producer and produce to themselves, and suppliers to the grid in making profit in millions a factory square in Light income.


Trimming USA sailing strong to be great mean what name them selves back bone of USA the energy industry as holy goat must be sacrificed when not investing my SLES Products and as branches on many more hands. The winner is all in enterprise who will experience a relief in general costs. In the cost change Energy is a high cost just as in some fields labor cost is. In metal industry per ton steel i.e. a car the cost metal is 8440000 times 10 Cent you read right $ 844000,- minus discount from energy supplier's plus mining energy. It takes 8440 000 KW to melt the steel of a metric Ton. So market enormous for private producers electricity by SLES.


This plan for domestic growth paid in returning jobs especially by robot manufactured and machine industry, the hundred of thousands new corporates will hire and do recall KWh price 10-22 Cent of today minus 3 Cent, when by SLES Produced home owners can have income of 7-19 Cent per KWh. Remark Nordic 1000 M2 is 26 000 KW daily light income. The homeland production of JENS PETER KETTLES will do over 20 000 KWh times 10 Cent is income daily in profit of 2000 USD.


Installation also homeland production 1 million USD. Year income Nordic 728 000 USD and two Cent per KWh goes to SPE Bank my business in further fulfilling U.N. Sustainable Goals world wide. From the calculation 10% interest loan for Optical Solar Panels connected to a JENS PETER KETTLE is 1,1 million USD / 728 000 year profit (3 Cent went Tax 1 Cent on OSP plus 2 Cent my SPE Bank a Royalty) = 1 year and 6 month all paid on installation. This means new jobs can be True Renewable Energy Producer by the invested one million is paid back I've 5 - 10 years and life will be millionaire status within a few years and people can live from collecting light and transform this over JENS PETER KETTLE to electricity.


The change in economy from debted nation to real value income basis and people can start again to place money in deposits in banks, what means economic expansion. Not what happens today in credit built up and difficulty in holding real value for all cash printed or the Stock Share ongoing bobbling not production at same rate, but an up going trend in energy we can spend as mush as we like at no consequence to the environment, and climate impact a straight zero.


This can bring millions back in production jobs and factory owners out of credit mess having the income from true renewable SLES Optical Solar. Job creation is in principle 10 Cent sales price minus 2 Cent production cost, so 8 Cent per KWh. A community can produce in millions of Mega Watts yearly and have income on SLES Power Production in several hundred million USD per year to boost economy.


From New York Times Pres. Elect Trump says:


JAMES BENNET, editorial page editor: When you say an open mind, you mean you’re just not sure whether human activity causes climate change? Do you think human activity is or isn’t connected?


TRUMP: I think right now … well, I think there is some connectivity. There is some, something. It depends on how much. It also depends on how much it’s going to cost our companies. You have to understand, our companies are noncompetitive right now.


They’re really largely noncompetitive. About four weeks ago, I started adding a certain little sentence into a lot of my speeches, that we’ve lost 70,000 factories since W. Bush. 70,000. When I first looked at the number, I said: ‘That must be a typo. It can’t be 70, you can’t have 70,000, you wouldn’t think you have 70,000 factories here.’ And it wasn’t a typo, it’s right. We’ve lost 70,000 factories.


We’re not a competitive nation with other nations anymore. We have to make ourselves competitive. We’re not competitive for a lot of reasons.

That’s becoming more and more of the reason. Because a lot of these countries that we do business with, they make deals with our president, or whoever, and then they don’t adhere to the deals, you know that. And it’s much less expensive for their companies to produce products. So I’m going to be studying that very hard, and I think I have a very big voice in it. And I think my voice is listened to, especially by people that don’t believe in it. And we’ll let you know.

























SMS NUMBER SPE: + 45 - 29 88 79 11 (24/7).


















Against (Vs.)





The principle. Legal Respons Homo principle against FEMA Human so here follow State Planet Earth reply ever standing from State anti homo related monkey sapiens. Impressives from homo Acts proven guilty against JENS PETER INDUSTRIES in Global costs and losses and killings on affiliated in art and music and film and States after my birth 1964 West calendar. Further the principle matter on race started from homo, not I, them being racists, criminal in States against own Nation majorities untold of process against All Kind and JENS PETER State. Why debt prison to Homo Sapiens in debt to respective Nation in multi trillions, what from starting point homo related sapiens well know and calculated to win by war against human all kind and Nature representative Legal Body now 2016 after 1996 my State Planet Earth. Lawfulness start jailing your homo agents and organizers and protectors, supporters, campaigner of gay the homo.






Ego difficulties a reading problem. You born terrorist! I gladly try to help you to understand your situation, never any "We-Situation" I stay Legal.


Homo the Sapiens relation to realize challenging higher performances by interruption far away from home in where to belongs leads to militant justice to able to work Legal to death us depart my State Planet Earth and treasures against you forevermore never being any union, never to follow same life path biological fully separated in evolution in brains and work and order Natura, what you disrespect, provoke confrontative as "KockMasters" killing time. Gay die! Why against FEMA safe humanities to win?


Face spiritual is defined military too, my Real Value is intact no matter my position you anti European.




Head on State Planet Earth

Mobile: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) State Planet Earth

Date: 20160811 2200 CET, SPE HQ.

The Criminal Western Warlords

War-Act and fanatic Culture facinated when NO NEED of BURNING coming generations Natural Ressources for rubber, plastics, fibres, glues, paints, fittings and GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGER etc., the Commerce Intelligence a private running a corporate interest through own office, State Office even Intelligence Bureau or privilegde Bank from State and avoiding free competition in free market for own gaining, or simply as free investor not investing in my SLES, is serving PRC China. In the future market in price and quality China can supply and West Economy in set back even went to war-battles over freedom Rights to pollute and to burn higher value in future in entertainments productions aswel USA culture image marketed to profit against HUMAN KIND. Further The People of China PRC is Share Holder by One Share Each in my SLES for long. So property of mine secured and so is value of mine. Competants in the market under pressure operates against State and Nation in foreign State and Nation winner. The smaller part in later market for competants is not a winning for Nation but a own minor gaining to market opens and only in marginals in after market, what is year thousands in my copyright, patterns, ownerships etc.. Again and again commerce interets ignorres Real Value because in fiscal accounting the old tech product is outdated and in principle worthless. So the person or corporate even State not willing to invest in my SLES Shares dies out in not holder of up-going SLES Real Value, and those who got credit to old corporates sits with a sudden losses from no security valid. First was are not part owner, second have not invested in SLES, third compezations from State and Nation in undermining and misuse of Office, fourth loose after market in I got no interest nor concern in supporting criminals, and by last can never become my State Planet Earth part owner.


Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State

To reply in person, no switchboard am I ...




The FCSRS State published year 1996 by I JENS PETER presenting Energy Solved Sustainable by reached Energy Net Earning fact by engineering in my own State FCSRS, Future Capitalistic Social Responsible State, faces the financial powers in proven crime and in conflict with Thé Peoples and Nature even Planet and Stars not book kept Real Value the global economic a debt prison and slaughters realizations against life ambushed it self in interactive processing ongoing antique antisocial way of living.


Neutral observed written laws of today, The Economic Laws are deeply Anti Good Faith, in agent concept against optimization of All Kind Valued basis realization on frontier not analyzed or published ends where for who in Listings of All Exists in Life respects the Acts criminal and criminality a war cannibalistic by financing and businesses Nations against Nations, States against States, Businesses against Businesses, People against Nature and People oneself providing further creativity of crime in live on meals and a winner makes a loosing majority.


In The Bookkeeping of Economy the roads of Life-Activities by accounting accepted but undermining Life on the Move new horizons projects out of reach of cash stake, on Real Value no limitation basic Thought Your Value is of BIO, but today by criminal for profit hunts a stand on What Realities in What Goals Public Published, by State Planet Earth EcoMine simple maneuvers in rise and false of Human and Nature and State Holdings Values, not only Machine by Metal. Thé BIO-Programming named Life Product of All and Any Activities and Costs at all time We Are to be highest Real Value served, not machine for machine winner, but The Living superiorities sovereignties of All Kind at All Time machine the slave not BIO ever is Civilizations do last the survival of All Exists ever existed after the beginning fit to Life-Able and Time is of no limit.


Real Values Valued before Cash Print ends consuming for consuming itself the Ego-Trips of supermarket Commerce Economic Trends Life-Matter only a feast at no Lifetime and Environmental Cost.


State Planet Earth Creation a Environmental All Clean Growth is serving humanities in sustainabilities of all and any civilization human basis quality, life qualified, Legal, improving and new Legal EcoMine to lift us all an legal economy to balance now possible all and any product goal in Life-Value Level in Realities by bookkeeping changed by new laws to grant rapidly.


MyState in own process of ours in metafor and technical presentation of real Spaceships to be built and logistic making other Planets in the Local Galaxy including our Star the Sun solved survivor in Top Goal for Planet State The Eternal Life even God redefined on Earth. Alien All Kind welcome and Planet Society ready in value handlings by MyCard to all for all on account State Planet Earth valued.


Other political business path never public proclaimed a crime against to Life. Only Legal in Life-Purposes for all and any NEVER against The All for One but my State pro All Kind.


My winning engineering to be present for buyers in from Legal States for Nations over the entire Planet to fill up global demand of cheap True Clean Energy profitable to Tax in next consuming and gigantic sustainable growth possible not endangering Nature nor Climate but reversing what Crime States for Nation have done holding my operative businesses away from markets to serve own profit gains against Human Kind progress and vital interests by no finances to me in person to have my industry products in production for now entering year twenty after enlighten science released year 1996 (1972) starting year 1967. Demands of compensation never redrawn ever standing to my State Planet Earth.


Cash print for my Presidential colleagues world wide. The cash print is at all time in basis of Real Value, and not in my businesses and State purposes in acceptance of any VETO against global progress and my way clean growth and in all and any Economy a total growth in managing my Treasures in Engineerings presented products to match other closed/for closure competitors businesses including State Operatives (SO).


By approving my projects in Engineering form presented published by multiple thousands of emails and SMS, and on my Website addresses and Energy Calculated right to your as government for respective Nations actors with or without proper Legal Government ID. Any VETO is your hostile Criminal Act in not as my investor manipulating the global security in further continued danger and war out breaks not to polemication making People victim excusing death doings your policy also by passivity and not responding actively as leader, to reality doing devastation worse no kind on ressources including people as ressource against Life-Time, for a gain of few responsible power elite provocateurs japedizing world regulation to enter to the sustain status as only legal target in commerce, what can include my writing Ecomine too. Capitalism was at all time the weak falls, the winner stands tall, in respect for the people in any High-Culture still standing and never any military winning including cash majority against Our Planet in by any Ideology basis. Intelligence for year thousands the winning survivor in by masses served and judged leaders, why EcoMine Legal in winners and winning NOT making or giving other Legal Part looses but Win Win situations in basis Sustainabilities territories fulfilling Energy by Net Earning of Energy it self over all a must.


Money print a equality relatively new extra print minus State national supports to any fossil and biomass and garbage burning corporate a commerce undermining Real Value built up but serving Credit Kings in modern time palaces their Bank-Temples, often cash holder none productive but audience on to world stage not solving by new reformative constructive in respect true owners, but to old times sake. Proven the loosing a matter of time, because development and Legal Practice never ever to prevent nor halt then actors the audient guilty in further crime in no regrets and literately involves them even as Royal or other Priesthood as terrorist delaying what matters what is Life-Able All Kind first priority in saving diversity for all habitats surviving. Our ours survival as Planet at State. We Are as One and can only act Good and Legal.


The continues of lost time and effort any operative activities any State and or business gaining wealth in personal winnings a sudden loss and loosing in time brought for justice to compensate the violated victims a Planet and its majority of its People and Nature with out Legal Body representation a Legal Defends before my State as Legal Body other party offensive defends.


The directors in spy cases surveillance of public traffic the IT Roads and privacy driving operating own businesses interventions hostile in managing delays, redirectings, false identification, rubbing business time in reaching its goal serving legacy by traffic in control terrorist concept violating other Legal Body made by constructions inefficient at all vital communication to masses for peoples voting basis, so dictator anti information levels For Good and Better in for All Kind.


On road and in doors by keys in license from operative develops selfmade taste judges outlaw against the acs Legal of mine serving pro Human in All Kind terrorists self-goaling old timer Demagon aging, the terrorists serving their organized profit hunts and goals for other competitor businesses even State proven "Terror" by me for decades; Terror against United Nations basic Law sets in my proces made public serving people and Rights against the terrorists, writing there own learning their record in crimes, violations, wars, gains and treasures never paid or transferred from first owner8s) documented in by facts demonstrated serving Creation(s) by Creators work...


Again my waiting in my Acts made terrorist winning and consumer market products survival against Civilizations to last, terror of Mono-Cults for death purposes optimum a give Fire. Why war a fact. Their them Dead-Man pedagogics in no return to life purposes.


This never ends in any peace treaty. The cult in criminal proven terror network Royal protected named Economics in made sharing or delays of my way owners my Legal Ruling in one Rights wins over any majority by Law is principle, them a communist conspiracy against engineers and owner my Legal creations my invents and proceedings them in self winning dreamers in a ongoing process buying time self-honoring never compensating me nor my State SPE, them as out dated proven guilty ideologist by International Law sets and The Enemies of State their respective own Nation(s).


Behavior pattern all terrorist in cabin. The Cult brotherhood even ladies in suit all habit by concept thinking an headless Conservative King-Thought in nothing must change out of reach of old learning's and doings in result in new basis informed judge the terrorists shot in reality of The Law present. The very mush patient group attempt on any talk punished in to silence of any crowd and journalistic presentation for public in masses to know the tabloid fine, the Banker Error-Free, the Politician no diagnosis by name.


The historic in guilty for International Court after 1996 the released published to UN my FCSRS State on choice Legal beginning or criminal for gains against masses a Planet Scale Crime Case from Head on State Planet Earth. My Body the instance to compensate or join. Again terrorist cult brains out of their mind in self-writing on tradition in own learning's, and guilt turns paranoia and anxiety and consumer party economy managed by force against civilizations vital basis a State stays winner for People the masses.


The Consumer Economics not in conflict with Clean Growth at all, so terror bosses proven lobby a pigsty a planet status on purities. The old gang traditions in habit in running their government and business in industry concepts of deranged dead road to crash in lack of resources in after death of their own leads to diagnosis suicidals. Again terrorist brainwork in goals and outcomes and not in track with time in new learning's and Law of over half a century under United Nations.


The personality spalt in right or wrong even only chosen black or white for publicity on walk the Red is old fashion seen camera shot.


A living museum actors on cannot accept any judgement on Legal Basis of running State as corporate unions in did wrong and do wrong and think of goaling in everybody else got the losses, a total looser color talker over time, and in personal igor in inner conflicts dress tied up...


The costume is the uniformed, the cash stake is the power, the Law is a bargain in State for Nation cannot afford any old industry mastodons bankruptcy, but this the retired brains in any conservative thinking knows stop by the death penalty as terrorist and actor proven for Legal working Court or a new arrival in Engineering, even Accountings even stronger Law basis New State for Nations protecting Civilizations against Monoculture Nationalists Socialism sharing other bodies wealth and treasures in militant economists doing and ongoing for half a century no Bank for I JENS PETER INDUSTRIES in to date no contact to I JENS PETER in contracting with Legal Owner of Work and Rights.


Who as terrorists walk free of war battles like any priesthood and politicians united in opinion in hierarchy: All other fight for us but now proven in terror over year thousands in historical records even own writers fully published as school in the West.


The guilty brains are suffocating in paragraphs stepped over ignored and their survival is basis military defends of proven terrorist activities in fully public a Business as Usual, expressed daily by bosses of terror in defends a Politic so a tasting on opinion without Act. But No-Act is yes to continue conservative tradition for masses observed responsible concept writers Economy guilty as Hell.


Traditional thing Heaven is in Space with a fictive identity to fix responsibilities to fear and as judge terrorists only represent a gathering of capital to hunt out of care for and to Planet, Masses. The Law in liberal change towards Criminal a made Legal, to fit conservative tradition in industry free of guilt and to punish by Law, why SPE Law is the international per year 1995 Internal published to UN year 1996.


This e-mail is confidential to the intended recipient. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender and delete it from your system. Any unauthorized use, disclosure, or copying is not permitted. This e-mail has been checked for viruses, but no liability is accepted for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this e-mail. I sender got the Sole Right to publish and are owner of all Letters in row here.




Head on State Planet Earth

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Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State

To reply in person, no switchboard am I ...









1970'ties the question in media in the West was after 1960'ties liberation and Flip-Trends, relevant is the voting population informed before elections also in boarders corporate both private and State employees. Why Information-Age provided by massive communicative Federal Investments, for People to know.


Now Britten voted on leaving Europe Coordination in action Europe on the move in none democracy leadership an Administrative Bureau.


Are Europe seeking in own population the Solving or is Bureaucrats drying off responsibilities in a voting after parliamentary work by technocrats in administration none techniques methods Idea-History experts in development but basis the past refined in community go ahead, them as wagon to drag strings possible of Tax and duties as superior above the Law, so no Law Criteria even an public education Politician a driver.


Future seen as expanding frontier in cash built-up and the demand is further and further numbers of legislation and new Law on sharing and spreading of wealth and not tight administration firm and keen on in to sustainabilities in volume term Organic Growth and leadership one who can show cuts in budgets.


The "Patient" as painter, the Politician a Diagnoses occupying media and peoples Mind-Time with Commercial News with journalists and producers as Speech-Pegagogics, to realize when is the painting is done or was the colors in opinion ever any painting worth anything. The captains to dismiss the political officials, the creative part stops to impress the voting populations respective Nations a Master Piece made in concept basic continues intact by an Idea-History of its time in Dynamic State like SPE, what never stands is an history failure repeated in any color nor shape no matter trim a matter of Concept and Finished Engineering a State Standard like FCSRS States implicit.


Important to face the time for any writing of State Concepts even a Try and Go state on free liberation to succeed some how along the life-path by corrections in trim at all time, in by fact ship never mastered, never defined, never known, never observed reach any finale destination in by fact all hands on steering by no other but "steersmen" acts blank psychosis on how far a go after up in life status by card and tittles a carrier step achieved and passengers is the voting on none instrument flight situation in heavy dim never schooled State Hold, nor ever heard of any Concept State writings in modern technologies, all from back then a middle age where the bookkeeping of today is a resume writing of everyday life behaviors in techniques from way back then year thousands before Christ birth a metal could be made coin to buy service and food and stop working as miner owner often one imperialist voluming up one dimensional... over a map invented constructed on violence balances to common gains with a local gang.


The Idea-Histories are many, all writings of a time and influenced of the time in what was the technical state (stade DK) the people lived from and in what social intelligence level they understood in fully. Most can say now modern psychiatry of today never written, criminal law still a writing, Court House still the institution of the Industry Elite for Cash Printer often State and House Holder, and Renecent a status made "High".... Society often seen their body length never speaking clever on achieved understood but power for power by money in it self, the keeping of the old ignoring new learning and engineerings combined to a Master Piece of Our Time and generations to come for year billions in a right and Legal beginning by State for Nations, a Logic starting out of crimes of own purposes in agent time later international between Nations and gangs. The Logic built up by Laws as roads in life patterns of business at a state where earlier Idea histories was never informed, so never in their story why never found in a library what never was solved nor any university of books achieve, then such would be elementary public school learning, why halt in schooling is for youth all pupils are not leaning Law and all science in general from kindergarten age. Now a days to filter in Legal and Illegal to continue, why STATE PLANET EARTH continuer stays Legal and Acts justified in reaching destination All Legal and criminal records to go minimum, and State run dynamic none Renecent Total.


Not a trim matter but Engineerings, so never drag politically in unload a load on the move nor separate it, and ship what sails optimum according to the concept engineered of the ships definition. If redefined and rebuilt a new built not the same the start was ment to be. Again and again Creators not respected but replaced by patient group overtaken State-Ship in all of them painting own motives and colors and place share-parts to extend displacement to go big, not efficient to finish line, to fulfill chaos optimum is consumer economy optimum at all time for consumers to shop double, triple even rebuy in new versions not needed, so waste of money serving old not defined future ready.


Patients coaches the Economic Doctors Co-Players believed abandoned Earth as Ship, but evidences exist no matter history Self-Writing of the made Policy-Flying but a crawling by feeling by others tech in for any move but only a feeling, and by touch in fears for political idea holder for party or interest profit basis, presented by telling no learning but meanings in Ship and Moves a dream-world truth hidings selling of a given development for a given industry in cost not spoken and the people and employees a science object never agreed in where ends and how far goes the idea in over living itself in any community even as World Master for masses when uninformed result, consequence and environmental bill ends where and who to work it off by payments for other profit hunts and gains again and again against the Taxpayers the private "savings" a lifetime decreases and cash slip away often end Execution Court a Fallent. A Life rubbery never pursued was never punishable to Man Kind in fantasts philanthropic adventures building"coin" a sex-fascism in a counting no quality respects in all populations in any respects but greed and envy basics a primitive cult no Culturality living any excellency by own examples given public.


The Administrative Concept in first place not and redecoration ad hock as people the public faces leaders a Talker-Junkie and incompetent carrier dreamer team pushing responsibility to other tables in other departments in Self-Observans time to buy and rub to solve political Public-Image made in PR-Productions, to reorganize in Image-Programmed Icon-Development a Game-Changer feared to correct Garden-Organic by growth excuses as salvation without consequences on Life and Death, to the habitats nor environment, global climate, gene poll qualities, diversity and lasting renewable. Even Republics ruled by accouters VETO against Presidents for Credit-Kings feeding the masses consumenting by all way supermarket economists.


This making the EU as example SLES Engineering not implemented a Dead Path a Dead Road in history repeats in same rise and falls of Administrat Concept Imperialism over land a territorial protectionism driven by EU State ash register volume as State Bureau for State Bureau in Self-Optimum of Influence by cash providence in marketed projects not by expert level but old industry basis and only old get bigger, rich get richer, and people the masses responsibility, by not an elected Leader-Ship running informed/illusionated carrier gaining a Economicians Kartel Lobby on Rights and Wrongs doing in pre-defined own toolbox in formulas from education schoolings, none educated Real Value to Achieve Goals over Full Time all run all Coordinate System timeline, the institutions top goals in all directions not a published public foundation on purposes and End-Goals at Finish-Line the Fiscal Accounting for What and Who by Concept in all What and by Who related Engineerings, not politics to manipulate what historically all events stranded and vanished as high culture.


I wrote MEP's and European Central Bank (Union(s)) for decades and no consult job for me nor my State given.


Where ends State of EU?


Where ends People?


Where publish power holder script for achieving end-goals. Are Union of any Union for People and Nature and Star Eternal with system?


Is State written to read?


Is a top-goal my State Planet Earth alike a 2. FCSRS State before USA go 3. State of FCSRS from my writings?




Planet Shrink, Head on State




Date: 20160625 11:16 & 0627 16:34 ST. CET SPE









EU Commission Head to UK and Britten people's:


Out means out.


No further renegotiate of membership the Union.


When Easy Going in fear of change to stops old industry giants in wrongs even proven criminal meets consequence. The labiality in Dynasty aging the wind change in the public view on what the elite gathers in powers of own not peoples continuing in no triple in bribing in party life away and hold people entertained on long distance of reality in framing going west capitalistic when right opposite red for sharing others wealth and product and black for fear and power traps.


A manege on status reality out on distance in conflict with continence the fact hyper criminal State for Nation roots and guilt hunts. Bond never solved but seek queens skirts protection on immunities for justice after Acts on crime revenged by stronger crime first owner never paid in first instance nor respected any Creator nor Creation shown.


Fear to confront fear always loose to higher intellect and trained level in any long run circumstance, why a Planet Scale Crime root a Dynasty fear Heaven the most. Who to arrive as Legal Owners and never had the strength as criminal breed to stand for owners protected, governed, defended, accounted. From my writing year 1996 my FCSRS State in life there are one principle choose to make, what is Start Legal, or an criminal....!!!


Why Dynasties fall through out historical record is when the people face true identity in Regime no matter educates etiquette a fake performance. My childhood classical and I don't play bridge I sell copies of mine in my State Planet Earth pointing out Only Legal from Start.


Why winner over any other on Earth so written 1. FCSRS State, who follows Legal but Legal.... Criminals surveillances then Police State Stalkers against Peoples majority and Rights a Terror Act and state of deranged families.


Elementary Creation has taken place to defend and confirmed by all mayor Religions and by faith, and by fact we all are readers and knowing as knowledge the fact an Existence what naturally is valued. Otherwise a none existence in short of NO Value even as proven the manipulation an suicidal seeking death as pray when feeling abandons.


We all belong to the existence the majority in proven none existence never existed and there for never seen nor heard or to become Life to represent the meaning from strongest force matter on the move. Planet State defined dynamic in place, volume and directing in local galaxy holder I JENS PETER represent Work in Creation by Creators what exist. We Are to be.


Ignorance offers from owner and dreams of concur owner out and away both for product refusing the intellectual a standing puberty state inner conflict of a gang in by idea in product an new way of life style. So winner product then gang loose in manners.


Work follows having product is income to State for Nation, so gang beside personality problem also in obvious conflict with Royale commitments an ACCEPTANCE others Legal Body and asses to own property international by intellectual property Right protected and signed true superpowers, why weapon cash drawn in being prohibited for owner, then also worker and investors reality value weighted.



Plane Shrink, Head on State


Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State

Date: 20160622 23:47 & 23:59 ST. CET SPE


NB. More on success children go






Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911

(C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State


To reply in person, no switchboard am I ...


FBI IN THE SLING, MY QUESTIONS AND REMARKS HERE AND Update: WW3. Galaxy psychiatry news on abes, bone eaters and The Law, Creators represented by my State. For the record:



Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State



Not respecting ownership, not respecting from my side expected good and sound merchant management by Legal Law in dealing with me direct in person to person, but covering up policy making on better elsewhere but owners Holding of Rights to produce, for the better an policy on import of energy, technology, credits a.s.o.


For the principle policy made never pay owner, never return to owner, never balance owners account. The socialist practice of all on budget of owners treasures all expertise in equal in each glass never question origin nor victory quality of running the place they name Home Ground, and engineer of treasures for State for Nation to succeed at home ground any legal basis to let you continue from owner in legal respond right from the beginning of thefts of intellectual properties in gangs gains over the planet to party on owners expends and play owners toys in engineerings as card for own purposes in maneuvers away from owner celebrating with the worlds, but gang goal the after party after owner forgotten. The taste was of honey, the hang over on realities on enlighten to know of, so gang faces only shuts left overs to snif. Honey was never in.


The Old Gang very conservative on running the same route in themes of the same business tradition in owner, even lawful and natural never of relevans. They often say, where are you heading, themselves not having published their finale distination in by bookkeeping finale account one historic day ending up all in their party by all means. The language in their is He and She, the masculinum and femininum and its are all about Nature in West Cult(-uteres). The slaughter on slaughter industrialized, farming industrialized as their Bible never question on matter Intelligences. Central is Intelligence of today in justice in solving crime cases to run proceedures to have criminals convicted for The Law. The highest Law of all matters is Law meaning is never against Civilization(s) and never against one own civilization. This includes all Intelligences, skills, Matters no relevans is Gender facination gramas placing the most vital for a planet to sustain The Living in All Kind served, what includes Creation, The Creators Work and properties protected intact in term here stabile in continuing For All. Not expressed one for all, and all for one as a herachy community cast a Monachism on excuses all for the never arriving owner a God fixing the story written before the antics europe to fool people, and who including Nature and Planets what cannot reply the loosers not representated on equal basis in road map know in the accointing planer for State for Nation, why State Planet Earth here.


The perplexities of gangs guilt gender-complexes in being under dogs for the masses never told as guest at their parties. Will owner show up. No I am not entering USA and gang excluded in royale coal and steel alliance, so the legal party for owner is Asia and the West account principle in then a part of the business from owner as gang concepts running after marginals even make a deal with powers in Asia, who has not haired yet strengthen the evidence the gang is socialist practice as policy makers worse than communists, a proven Santa Claus Team in liberties in statues smiles for own cameras in give away parities in other properties and Rights for True Owners by principle the owners away then a success, what works at home for thieves the box open left alone to score. In politics next budget on account to share in the fellow by groupies....


A political presidency linking anywhere else to play social in constant need of cheering oneself with drinks and party receptions the discipline of the gang equality on service and in glasses talking price label none existing and quality a taste matter not any content and result days later never spoken of the psychopath socialist by concept meetings in next similarity in gatherings of nothing to present achieved legal to continue as the in common just same bone-eater exchanges from same faculties in learning books and smiles on opinion meets its standards all way back from antics times of prehistoric mentality refined in basis nothing changed of gangs order now self-written Legal over time of graves and the whereabouts of the missing unlisted owners death figures never accounted in favor to the historical ignorerations of Legal Owners to forget in showoffs in party times a today's picture of global crime a scene now everyday presentation as legitimate force of slaughters up through history for the record recorded in how State Accounting The Doing , on the cost of the voters in I JENS PETER not to succeed ends presidency against the population at home a Losers Game result a paid losing for credit life as a Nation. What an idiot to let play... and hold office running Nation in part. So who is his fellowships.... but strings of credit lists !


A TV screen video central in the questioning. First times failed. Well let's see it must work. My question for this federal bureau intelligence directing my business out of USA shall cost.


He got all symptoms in "where to" under polite pressure. He moves ass in chair, scratches his face, escapisting looking clock, goat nodding, doggy eyes, whiny talks to social with investigators, showing suit strength nothing else.


Why Mr. CoMeY no prosecuting to hammer guilty in obstructing my legal drive business for your Nation USA...?


Why no one captured during your Mr. CoMeY service for undermining USA State in parallel undermining my JENS PETER INDUSTRIES...?


Why Mr. CoMeY no public media FBI profiled presentation of case against Political Bureau presented by I JENS PETER for decades in nation wide transmitted for month and in tight management in serving All Kind Legal owners Shareholders my State and businesses, by your leadership out of hand of people who pay your salary as taxpayers...?


What are your benefits as Enemy of State and have you planed an retirement where out of reach of jurisdiction under USA Law...?


Are you an Outlaw Mr. CoMeY.....?


That is my questions. Strong right honey...


Subject line was:

Santa Clause bank of liberties others account. Fools plays fools. FBI director one who directed USA to loose SLES me entering so USA to win in global market of Energy, so did Denmark and Sweden for EU. Business as usual also crimes....





Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State


Question for you Over Lord is the Brittish losses are you ready to compenzate the State for its People in Your acts against The People to work off your loosing, You don't work right or bring the cash to Your Court and You do not got my Tressures rubbed nor transfered in to U.K. Bank nor territories, so air in Your hand what You got of mine Your illusions.



Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State


Are You in need of my consult? Are You running for next President or Prime anywhere.... Will You win win....

Or to serve loosing for Your Nation in policy not pro JENS PETER

Check your contiens: Geopolitic shopping and ash flow after year 1996 global...


DK chup-chup talk Plat-German rulers derootes: Agent "Grisens" bedste venner forsamlingen udlandsk Udansk Statsmagt stortrives i fremmed tjenester og forgyldninger fremmed kredit på fremmed værdigrundlag bevist tjent med kreditten og kontant placeringer her til lands, vores suverænitet og ingen alliance. Struensee sag overgået af Prime Julemand kæle-grisen, i fremmed tale har: Policy... og mængder af krise håndtering med sine "pund" der røg...


Nå Julemand Kontorøver liberalist røde-bande Anti JENS PETER her Kolde Fakta, "Det har aldrig gået bedre"... DU, SMUT!, Find dit fængsel... Krigs-tribunal i vente afson din "førtid".... Forstås skarp amunition, skafottet, slægt-fejde! Du Britte Imperalister jeg kan hejse over 99 % af klodens befolkning som hær for mig, og jeg er denne klodes rigeste Stat, så prik kan du tale, høre, se og nær læse senariet... Efter tab af kolonier må det siges det går stærkt nedad for Dem! Og geopolitisk køber anden i mit ærinde om mine strategier denne verden op imod Deres impire, og fejden er så Dem imod State Planet Earth til evig tid som juridisk status De ikke har ændret holdning til efter 1996 Britbrain agencies. Deres konkurrence mentalitets problem i eget seddeltryk glæde udhulet vil og kan ikke forlade spillebordet, forstår ikke en tabers rolle om acceptus i og om Deres diagnose fra min side.


To recall your memory Your out of Europe Union and your value fell over 10 % last week in Pound Sterling your GNP cash print. You also lost Hong Kong and I deal with both Russia and China on property Rights protected in my immaterials accepted against You U.K.'s. Other to recall you fired 40% of your civilian military spies for failure against my operations basis Legal Body State Planet Earth all according to your own press in figures here. Abe and monkey business Police and Court employees Your spies heard me over in about for microphones when The West Community gets 1% richer, The East Economies get 10% richer and holds on to products what is worth buying or selling from in powers of my SLES Products in near future not Your Bank as example, then why should I raise army to bumb you to stone-age level, what in B52 bombings would take hundreds of flights on a daily basis conventional to reach same balance sheet relatively also a loss remember that. Still smiling statuet Britbrain can You handle Your defeated.


Your expertice as undertaker of Your own race members in living time and qualities out of reach, You never identifyed Yourselves listening in my office on my Military "Ding, Identify or we shoot!".


Question for you Over Lord is the Brittish losses are you ready to compenzate the State for its People in Your acts against The People to work off your loosing, You don't work right or bring the cash to Your Court and You do not got my Tressures rubbed nor transfered in to U.K. Bank nor territories, so air in Your hand what You got of mine Your illusions.

(Last paragraph English).


Ofre du dig for agensiet Julemand og hvor stå din Dollar "Pund" skal jo tabes først... Og super agenten "Julemand" afsatte Kronen heri EURO delværdi fra 1996 og til dato of frem juridisk som svar fra indehaver JENS PETER af SLES mv. mv.


Julemænd M/K rådsmøder indeholder vitgående håndslag på i afstemninger kriminaliltet gennemføres ved afstemning da er demokrati overholdt for venner der "indsætter" imod JENS PETER nutidig Stat, der stilles til flytning til venne-stater udland for fremmed magt. Juleriet kendetegnes i manustrubative gliden af på svar om realiteter om Loven for Lovens bogstav i fravær af kagearm medbagt i "julet"-kage og klatter udbestrevet om til højre eller Vestre i bestyrelseslokalet Folketinget for Riget Danmark, tidligere beskrevet Suveræn Stat. I dag resterer flyvende om landinger af arbejdspladser, hjerneflugt, kapital grundlag og befragtning for fremtidig drift af Jule be-Riget...

Fremtids versionen "Abernes Planet" det vestlige samfund realiseres ved køb og smid væk og julemænds værk militær arrogancer og underkuen JENS PETER INDUSTRIER i responsen juridisk konsekvent et modsvar Europæers udlægges til prærie ad åre som energi render ud, og State Planet Earth efterleves til fulde at mine "JENS PETER Ingeniør arbejder" ikke til rådighed "Abe-rige" i al evighed derved vinder Natur de vestlige territorier, mit STATSFØR her præsenteret i person som hele siden igennem.


Spørgsmålene rejser sig i konservativt regidt reb strammes, og folket giver en folkelig bøvs i tilgift til parret gay-glade:


1. Har Julemanden kæle-grisen for agensiet fået statsminister posten mod JENS PETER i mål udrejser og Danmark værdi aldeles bortfalder og hjemtaget good old britten. Har senere Statsminister "Løkken den Ridderen" af Rasmussen slægten fejlet imod United Kingdom stor finanser på en 20-årrig kontrakt som dette år udløber med 20 års jubileum SPE publicheret 1996.


2. Er der under benefits en omtale fri kaffebar i Downing Street med Cameroonen Old Britten konservativ Prime med Havanna udhæng..., thi alle ved kendes for ret Prime er kendt for sin tilkomne en god Cigar?


Se konto udskrift hundreder af milliarder modsat JENS PETER INDUSTRIER altså imod Kronens værdi og værdi reel skabelse på internationalt anerkendt og godkendt værdianskaffelser, husk nu super agent vindmøller værdiløse en Hitler kampvogn økonomi.





Head on State Planet Earth

Mobile: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) State Planet Earth


The movies:




Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State


Dato: 20160711 23:59 & 0712 16:35 CET




Your sex education was a Jew dick right or wrong? Your mind is set what sympathies after "headed" here, who is your live guidens your dollar credit card or a "note" ....? The incest and violent by cuts criminal act as adult as parent, family, friend, priest, doctor cut baby child in gender religious marked for life also babies psyche a fear creation mentality of the superior in powers or numbers all way to the State Religion status up through history condemned wrong even lost land to Muslim, what stand for good and clean, not a grease fat player. Check question what stands? And the forced handicapped from violence also electrics of body jew dick cannot the tampon entry of narrow or to dry vaginas in await for the Lady ready and mush else in variation in sexacts a natural "intercause". Why not for the adult teenager of Jew to take own stand as communion to its religion by own free will in link fully informed the United Nations has programs in the Muslim world girls not to have the cut in genders after 1996. Read more my FCSRS State published 1996 www.probiren.eu


The Jew the economy a finance minister of Royale other Jew invent as hierarchy under one basic learning told nation wide yesterday in about 40-50 years the Jew feast begins in Danish finances, of the expected days of I JENS PETER not present as owner and government of my Engineerings and untold the premise I JENS PETER to ever recall my own Star State for Planet is Thé Sole Heir not any Jew dicks, and or never breeds own family never Jewish by state...


By now my invents are up to 49 years of age no own family made or related so no family Heirs, and never flushed in cash by Banks, investors nor States undermining my welfare, lasting public wealth and job creation to on purpose to maintain hostilities, stalking, rubbery of knowledge also by pressure of my documentations to keep production Sole Rights on my side of the War tables to my products properties.


Running business is made by construction of my life basics in lower standards than my engineering achieved and presented enlighten sciences indication of the Enemies of State also respective home Nation is a proletarian on demand of power for power of cash and their print of notes itself no matter cost, what then fulfill credit markets optimize, an money print on future labour delivered profits of and in generation next or never as party the feast concept their religion to write the history in what words i.e. Microsoft and Facebook wordbook seen by spelling disregognisiens and talks then given prohibited proven Jew fanatics a stamp-nationality.


Jew is here a term of business style and recklessness to stand for the law very self -newwriting in to making legal show up winner of cash and credit over JENS PETER STATE all the crimes to stay powerful in image all taken care of other body pays. Why no swim in cash in my life of invents. Now repeated the enemies has operated pro the mainland Chinese People as legal owners and public voters in my State Planet Earth managed in own strategies the heads PRC and not any jew-ideologist fanatics.

Other question when not to a National but Multinational as Outlaw then who as Royalty gives immunity to criminals but all? Them as the community on basis crime never punished Self-Ego in never looses any War. Their problem is the agreed International Law and agreed United Nation Charters never to violate and USA and the International Community of Lawinforcement has agreed on basic I use again and again too: War Against Terror, and never any peace talk only the kill... You choice is not Lawful to I JENS PETER or outlaw terrorist. Respond Enemies of my SPE !


No criminal and responsible corps for the leadership what has crashed the West economy future in sudden forecast by repeating historical dynasty force against the masses of the people in all other high culture episodes was killed any time in all written history, even jungle abes eat each other tribes against tripe to practice heterosexual rules a nature law. The unnatural only centre of gay the Jew heritage and tries success in the forbidden in Nature as State Concept.


USA covering The State of Israel and the Jew Bibles and finances world organized print a one Dollar note. Print is In God We Trust a god fixation illusion never arriving mush feared for guilt or what less important. USA is defending multi ethics and as homogenized Nation in deep shit in ghetto living population, again unnatural in race from nature side separates do never link, and breed pure heterosexual internal not mixing race is a trash in genetics signals even mutants got problems.


All this Nature the logic of Genetics the Jew Empire on cash print and credits controls will by force set aside to prove Human as Homo Nature Suprior and the only thinking by thought even spiritual life achieved in the order never spoken mankind only kind of intelligence proven wrong in many skills not in humans but in Nature, so Nature wins and by fact all living is Nature and Nature to follow by example from Nature and natural in fully free never sex by force nor selfsex and the energy field and lines are agreed, relaxed and gentle.


The militant is only by Homo Sapiens. Militant means by force and never a free basis, money and signing or working for debts off is never free but slut and prostitutions of own life and freedom for suppressors to be able to stay up in the gene pool as breed not food or by selecting never made free children's basis sex to breed by ladies choose also straight on Natural sex or insemination to have own children and dad know caristaristics in mind and personality fields not by looks or frases one timer seen in divorce statistics couple failures.


So it happened in Jew again Rom State writing Bible later Catholic Christian, South America, China, Egypt, Rom State, English, French, German monarchy and else, and for this fully public place public Court lead by State Planet Earth they hide in no replies traveling the world in part, in position as empire in al mayor national banks and spreader of porno cult methodology in reaching for Homo as Nation and culture and mono race to people once and for all history winners.



TV2 News i dag jødevold reklame, og hvad kostede det USA at jøden mandsopdækker Schwartzlose butik på historisk krig uafsluttet fred Schwar(t)zlose våben vinder mod Jøde diktaturet Romstaten stoppet forhistorisk og fandt Claire i Engelsk våbenmagt i fælles sag Intelligence og reel verdensmagt.

I nutid State Planet Earth anti jøde dollar diktaturer kreditbaserede foranstaltere mv.


They never give reply to State Planet Earth the militant schizophrenics obsessed in controlling spiritual life for the peace in sex crimes in hidings even published and marketed internet and in western infra structure in billions invested in web traffic air time to transmit the movies. Abe life relevant subject of the priesthood cops manifesting forced spiritual life and the rebirth and reincarnation of themselves in other persons bodies in mind influence to dominate equal stupid under their gunners power or extended arm in false psychiatry or police or military intevagation in other peoples life and intrigity a home peace and legal life of spirits.


Why war break out world wide expected and first face civilian war USA is happening and USA as leader of militant sex and spiritual and sluts their civilians has been warned in travel world wide for over a decade. Their best fried of free porn and military and police and gay and incest sex is produced published also in Denmark, EU.




Head on State Planet Earth

Mobile: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) State Planet Earth




Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State.

Date: 20160709 0126 CET







Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State






How did you breed to end this stupid monkey gamers. First generation can dress, next can only undresses swimming in free spends own cash credits... Now a comedy named West Zoo.


The winning concept legitimize mass slaughter and a Status Quo so nothing change in money in his the family direction at all time even when stock in credits what can never be paid back in most the unbalanced last two decades presented by writer here I JENS PETER, Sct. Peter who fired The Lord, and "Skæresilden" and friends who gives clearance for JENS PETER to profile suits the doods in business from schooling commerce banking me giving high profiled pricks my verbal spanking.


The charlatan image nonchalant Dolce Vitas dealing on death numbers as policy by Primes as Santas; how mush against JENS PETER STATE in part U.N. Basis on never dealing with problems in existing systems proceeded by I JENS PETER STATE for the record of Legal Drive. So quiet from leaning of recording learning books of now proven crime concept the named and defined part of economy named accounting by plan and routines making Life Situation going seriously bad, violent, greedy, envy basises and for the one and only a life basis fake image, where people are fascinated by wealth based on kill and undermining habitats, slaughter on biodiversity, energy unsolved what cures is party and feast life away, a death struggle of the mastodont in cash built up as business goal ignoring realities and all costs. Costs not to ignore, personal tasks against JENS PETER STATE oh really, MAKE MY DAY !


Can you fight for real opponents also Nations, can you fight for your brains recording of religious the business as usual books, well for how long politician, and when arrives your winning by What to accure, but my business and treasures, so your act lifetime rubbery on my State and state your gain me to loose, now you go LIVE CNN and BBC WORLD for weeks how you win over State Planet Earth my treasures. Are you then self told robberies in progress personality, to have where from legally on contract signed by me in person to bring forward. Having a legal problem Madam and Sirs ?!


Kredit Kings in difficulties in bookkeeping in print of cash as expansion of economy a growth, the people and other Nations has figured him out. Taking a loan is paying back in Real Value. Credit King only job for the National Bank issuer currency was the print, now days typing figures in computers value basis not any product people want for real knowing better. Credit Kings biggest problem facing my JENS PETER INDUSTRIES and product Rights not for sale, transferred him nor his territory ever. Credit King to play investor himself and work for money he can print value on here product produced real time, before cash print in loans of the future generations to work off.


Risk is at No Risk in SLES True Renewable then True Sustainable Capital Products and proven profitable so mush existing Energy Sectors Energy Concept brakes down competed dead business over time in criteria of limitation the flow or no flow to JENS PETER INDUSTRIES named Sunlight Laser Energy Systems in for cash from markets after 1996 west calendar. What happened in the West but Credit Kings optimizes own gains in printing cash for future generations to work of or fusionate in businesses of their own even Coins Print what never includes my Tressures, why I State Holder of Legal Body Thé State Planet Earth engineered my Currency named MyCoin in account of Ecomine, MyCard, Legal economics named Ecomine of FCSRS States. Problem now opponent cannot accept free capitalization, free competition, free press, freedom in my emailing, free writing, free engineerings, freedom raising intelligent breed of my own, State to State business, all of a sudden Business as Usual is policies of an old school, Legal problem again Madam and Sirs, why no Legal Replies given on my proceedings here?


So do we hear guilty as Hell. Have your "suit" made it clear what your positions are? Interested in walking free at Sct. Peter before The All Mighty She / Skæresilden as best companions. A bargain then for your defends Superpowers of "Cash" found guilt in silence. So very shame for your "Race". Am I JENS PETER under the Light having my will in you accepting your civilizations survivals by my Engineering in "part". Yes or No. State for the record in comment below, will you reply on your own survival as Societe: Are you willing to survive or will you die as civilization.


Mr. Credit in suit strength tries to buy up and account in own favoir ressources and up and going industries world wide to have open Stock Exchanges, socialistic spread ownership to have products of today in the lead, some Nations will not have it Credit Kings way, so closed trade as State businesses like SLES only by owners acceptance in locked Shares on profit sharings. The buy up at any time leads to when Mr. Credit enters intelligent labour leaves, so does sales on free basis, and news products takes over from competitor corporates read Asia.


Now Jew Dollar and Pound Sterling is happy transporting cash credits for others work other Nations building up own value national out of new economics reach and government a loosing unstoppable. Credit is King an addiction of money flows and counter running in job for Credit Kings never telling the public the root in cannot overwin when in intelligence lack to produce a product worth buying. Even own nationality shops import, the own industry killed from envy basis against what was intelligent by Credit Kings undertaking, moving production in figures out and away of own territory.


What never understood nor accepted by Credit Kings the fact a given future changes drastically in criteria then falls for the security in Bonds in credits of an then proven old industry basis. Why I never ever book keep my values nor trade to the base in territories of the suit army of party soldiers going traditional only what stands continues not any futuristic product of new industry to grow up, now my business has been know after year 1972, also year 1996 and now two decades gone bye me having no employees, no product psychics produced and sold on the market, what by Credit Kings an undermining process of The West Economies and trade balances and value moved in absolute and relatively to Asia and so has production, what is credit security.


A service business nor administrative speculation is nothing worth in about securities but a no value cash and Tax flow of internal currencies between socialist economy States going grown on equal cash more print to boble economize to bring cash in register for State by extra Tax pressure on remaining corporate, incomes, consumption and even foods and waters to balance pollution of respective natural resources, Credit King failure in record the habitat not immortal Nature got the cost unpaid, unbalance, and migrants in hundred of millions on the move from their similar problem same Economics worsen by Climate disorders and lack of food and water resources not invested in SLES PRODUCTS from JENS PETER INDUSTRIES never financed.


Because of principles. The enemy to my alternative Thé Ecomine their writing own records The Economy criminal, by proceedings of my own, what the establish sees hostile work them the Homo from Sapiens by Jew writing, and I JENS PETER in banking network in computers written dangerous, fantast, never paying bills (contra demands from me also compensations), violent, insane, stalker, criminal, never educated, my corporate and family of no value etc.


A clean case in banking educated brain break downs in typing the being right the Legal Party Body to be against no matter cost, themselves superior in cash stake their only weapon efficiency against Sustainable Development and a heading by I JENS PETER an money flow ordered by bookkeeping methodics by Law, changed radical to Legal, them in pride and proud to old or stubborn to face win win situation example people and cash 1 million dollar account each to consume sustainable against Banks own cashflow being against me and my businesses in about SLES Economies my Ecomine.


So Credit King do I accept your currency after battle against my business up producing under me and my leadership my governance not yours Credit Kings. Do I intend to invest your way of cash register in hand. Do we ever make business in exchange of what product then Hacker Backers. Real Time and you outdated and your registered values book kept fantasy any asset at all when Law is to stay, when technic falls for other and better even Legal you criminal proven, then you a the Zero a "Skidespreller"! Reality DFDS sailors under code for Santa Parties in Danish: Politi / Police.





Head on State Planet Earth

Mobile: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) State Planet Earth

Date: 20160720 11:01 to 20:16 CET, SPE HQ.


Spies are shot


Latest in Denmark Tax for State state shittalk by BeSked, but what Nation as industrial spies, i.e. DATABase work of mine: All existing, present and all futures in limited DATA, DATABase designs including backwards date birth age calculated redrawing by todays date, bridge engineering designs minimal material over strength, cleaning concepts, calendar database record structure in hour work labour busy or off work and labour by the hour notification on automatic a Macro, DATABase Sales meeting telemarketing design and by record structures and Macro programming timing of calls by backwards date and time and codes for mark on a given date, today letter to Denmark industrial spies for what Queen giving immunities or a Jew Kingdom a business run by State get Intelligence for free owner ignored seen civilian against State for Nation a people them risking their people self running where to?, Against Denmark Real Value built up under I JENS PETER, them to reply before shot as spies recall Superpowers agreed 1996-1997 Immaterial properties international respected includes all my SLES Remark War Against Terror and War The Law is spies are shot to prevent any further damage even action. Letter to Tax Denmark for Nation and EU registered, industrial on finances spies against JENS PETER INDUSTRIES under Rene Linier Engineering & Enterprises, corporate under European Union mark. Click to enlarge, store, then open in paint or else to read in Danish:



Note: The Jew Business a Jew gathering of Jew Jesus a story on industrialization of dinner table and chairs the food stock to realize to cash for Church the State a group of business personalities in gathering the Administrative Head calls his executives his disciples for the goal as puritans to treasure a hill of fortunes often in a cave or basement against first owners fooled, suppressed, rubbed. In the gathering a voting takes place of being innocent as group against the individual The Lord feared in sole presentation and winning, icon of religions business of today hiding in State offices exchanging with the civilian life and business in on and off chairs in State as expertise, the manic behaviors in must be right at all time and in pressures out of hand on and about staying Legal, why Law of the common a study at universities later invented in Catholic Rom State, and later specialized in by U.S.A. i.e. Nature Law a specialty, so what by who runs State steer as Disciples the word of an Oracle as group at a table for "Chairs" position, and went wrong by Law fact. The Icon to bullet a Head Of State who never graduated, but defined holder of Legal State Drive, so who by what is the guilty, a "Chair", two Chairs, several, them all State Councils victim of schoolbooks a false learning a fake religion a Jew business first food industrialization for treasures hold up running before able walking Legal.









Continued in my Facebook.

Jokes on Red Army Mr. Chimney


Thé Red Philanthropic Spin

~ Police State methodics in Free Democracies Screw-Breakers

Anti: Homofelia Psychopath Junta manic burnings to gangster profit, "going" dead, when credits cash due, do end out of fuel.

Excuse buying time: Deal better with PRC, than USA, & Owner.

His exspansion as $/£/EURO State-Economies to Grease international finance institutions and shop for free in self-print buying influence against SLES-Capitalization under me private property owner, on top state FCSRS, their anti-capitalism in no business finances for me, their "DDR" aftertime respective High-Treason undermining free market competion to solve energy and wars over energy is a National Socialism/Zionism, Red Nazism, stated JENS PETER first market: His save harbor.


Wind exporter Denmark 1996 and forward ie. by union, lobby and politician bosses ruling net energy ignorrances on modern science, my energy engineerings seen as my insanity in total differense, them hip on ideal illussion coordinates curves never collaps from ressource shortage, and best friends State National Economists fools on SLES, or incardinated Socialist Idealists in energy on State hands, owner ignorred to fulfill an Russian ideology, in fact place themselves as owner, none growth, incompetent ruler of power production by my SLES. A Zionism in symbolic a Jew no Star, topgoals in by two triangles top up herachy Monoculture, top down diversity/ Intelligence. King Carrot a Chess ! Red Impiralism served sells gas and iron.


1 Km2 OSP = 8+ Mln. MW/Year



Entrepreneur Power/Electricity and Heat production:


2.000.000 KWh (2GWh) production * 0.15 $Cent per KWh profit * 24 Hours day * 365 Days year * 100 years = 262.800.000.000


= 262.8 Billions * 10.000 Power Plants


= 2, 628 Trillions value asset to book-keep.


Long paper basis is over 85% of superpowers population demands climate change solved truly. One Optical Solar Power Unit Plant 1 Km2


USA Billion = EU Milliard. Trillion is Trillion.


My value was equal to State and Nation. And EU is State. So who is undermining EU communities. Who makes treason as proclaimed Europeans? I'm not. I am just leaving for a better life and status respected.


Optical Solar Power Unit of 1.000 M * 1.000 M

=1 Km2


cost >1.000 million USD and under half to install in existing grid connections. The world demand in about TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, that per 5 million people World Wide in under 100 years the demand in my Power Units of 1 Km2 OSP of 2.000.000 Mega Watt per hour to be delivered is:


> 5 Power Plants what is State Planet Earth per


<10.000 Million people alive as energy consumers electrical power, transport, heat/cooling, mining etc. gives in my budget order book:


10.000 Million WW People by year 2100 e.c.


___________________ * >25 SLES Power Plants


<5 Million people consumers


= 50.000 1 Km2 Optical Solar Power Units /

Optical Solar Power Plants. Basis Scandinavian energy consumtion national 300.000 Tera Watt per year includes heat and transport (Avr. 33 TWh/ hour).


Plus estimated 500.000.000

JENS PETER KETTLES for households, industries, cars, trucks, air-crafts, ships, boats, camping, military and SPACE Satellites a.s.o. There is no extra grid cost build on or integrated in excisting construction and new build.





50.000 2 GWh OSP Power Plants * 0.5 Bln. $ Profit


= US $ (25 Milliards).


Entrepreneur corporate asset/value international:


50.000 OSP Units * 1+ Bln. $

= US $.


Entrepreneur Power/Electricity and Heat production the Real Value all years (100+ years):


2.000.000 KWh (2GWh) production * 0.15 $Cent per KWh profit * 24 Hours day * 365 Days year * 100 years


= 262.800.000.000 US $

= 262.8 Billions * 50.000 Power Plants

= (13,14 Milliard)


Vers. 20160819 1307 CET Edition 20150906 CET


None mechanic ever standing.....


In inner rotation ultra sonic unlimited for speed in masses accelerated function in waters, gasses, air, so main roads with waters and sea, simple drive in pressure safe secured IFO CAR and IFO TRUCKS into the Sea too as speed boat or submarine.


The technology in alchohol or hydrogen and or Battery even antenna grid transport viacle electrical running universal push force maneuvres by tires position, speeder speed from Magnetic Engine(s), break by wing-fin and adjusted to "parachute" effect for break. Keel is bearings traditional existing displacements.


Up waters known from aviation in water air crafts by propeller not wheel moment drives up on concrete or rock constructed road back on streets. The car as submerged is displacement regulated in filling ballast air tanks with water all sealed inside outside coated against waters going heavy in the sea or roads.


Trucks loaded engine runs high speed and also here your Einstein express as Law Energy in KWh or Horse Power or presure per square = Mass in NoFuel ie. Atmosphere or waters or gasses or dust x Speed (acceleration) spin inside electro magnetic engine no slitage no resistance, means force in JENS PETER ENGINES few meters long (car often 6 Meter long) speeds light speed. Calculation vector force < 50% Effects (bass ball bath hits molecule water at light speed) x 1 gram water (Drop) x 300.000+ Km per Second as "Tomgang/Empty Spinning" at energy cost close to Zero. The figure is presure 300 Kg per second a second equal to apx. half a liter gasoline a second for a car of 1.500 Kg. to accellerate maximum. This means the spin speed rotation can be less and set to reduced to 1/10 of Light speed to have sports car accelleration. Again the inner pressure/push outwards from axil bearing arm is in Tons per square Mili Meter (MM2) and a CNN cut in spin mashine race off metal in presision down to 1 million of a milimeter heavy duty of today. The sporring is not out of perfect spin measured in Tons going 1/10 of Light Speed and hold in by design in - meets - and + meets + and at sides of + meets + and - meets -, a + bearing arm meets - but other minus drags + arm back into right possition optimal fixated hold in bearings. Further end of tubes angled downwards axil(s) cannot escape or fly out inwards out statics engineering or in linare tubes eages for contra force move here + meets + or - meets - and axil(s) stays inside magnetic hold and bearing.


Energy Horse Power on propels jet then not electrical on wheel drive axels but jet sail as sunk gas tankers do the hangers end is a fin trim resistance dragging out in length axil the viacle in direction even in waves stability. As hydrogen engine oxygen tank needed to mix as known generators rocket fuel:

O2+ H2 = H2O (+O).


A chimney is acceleration tube engine speed and free NoFuel Energy is mass(Ocean Water times Acceleration potens 2, X times X, so exponential on Ocean Waters NoFuel and Water Jet unlimited speed and push of mass/atmosphere. The axels are hold in magnetic fields, for a start before planing speedboat sailing as cargo or transport ship/flight first axil speeds water to Mack 1, next Mack 2,... last 5 propels jets mark 10 running as march speed as one illustration here.


JENS PETER MAGNESTIC JETS in serial in tube accellerating Water, gas and material (SPACE DUST AND GRAIN) is the principle of a discoteque light show where the light is stepping, jumping or walking. In this in magnet field hung up + to + and - to - jets propellas bearing arm a propella too. On other part of axils there with jetblades close to electro magnets angled touch but no touch + to - or - to + high voltage electro magnets making spin of axil. The drag and no drag by magnet is known in principle from junk yards lifting trucks to remelt. Stepping the light is replaced by stepping by activating strong electro plate magnets in tons per square milimeter force. A JENS PETER MAGNETIC JET ENGINE can by these axil hold in position by electro magnets push in million of Tons per square Cm (practice in a Cm3) and run on Atmosphere NoFuel..


The speed of stepping light in shows an on and off of a lamp here magnet, is know from processors in todays laptops of comercial 2.8 Giga Hertz per second. A spin of a few magnets inside a chimney tube and speed rise to light speed. Circle around can be engineered extra spin and accelleration in cirkits are made ie. jet blade arm magnet with + is dragged by a minus in front, a neutral power off under and a + pushing, then neutral power off to plus and + to minus dragging next blade + and so forth. To stop the engine is simply tuning of power and having a resistance for induction power. Running high-speed sequence in and or outside, magnet field in number reduced in speed over distance tube inside, addjusted electro-field on and off for magnets to connect push or drag or voltage speed.


A ship will do just fine....

First engine and the row of engines spin at seperate frequens. The stearing is simple in several engines tubes regulated speed/fuel mass. The speed regulated by turning a frequency regulator handle and break turning power from minus to plus and plus to minus and engines spin in oposite direction also stearing in 3D both tubes and rotors. When in SPACE light speed in JENS PETER MAGNETIC JETS IS based on light speed spin running on SPACE DUST for further accelleration and airodynamic to fly in FREE SPACE just like missiles intercontinental designs.


The speed is controlled by a simple handle in turning a bottom for higher frequens. Slowing Down is turning down frequence what is the turn around speed of the jet propella inside the tube chimney. To brake is to shift power direction simply change plus to minus and minus to plus, a switch. Stearing is like aircrafts by dispacement, resistance, and by engine(s) power. The front a Light Speed traveling is melt in the front running away to the sides incoming extra mass recyckled to craft front direction seen as meteroit impact Earth early days hot a "gum".

I F O //


I F S <|>



The bottom craft is helicoptor principle in steel set up in magnetic turn also the step light show Electronics from the 1970'ties Commercial. I shoped one and assempled it. The Disco or ring is the accellerators to spin the blades. IFO JENS PETER is the tube magnetic engines to give not only upwards drift but to move forth and back and to both sides instantly running on all from sea Water, air, SPACE DUST. Inflying to State Planet Earth is on a pillow of air and Water stean lightening up because a window to look forward in the direction of breaking the braft in thousand of kilometers atmosphere lane. Looks like a metorioit inoact or shooting star.


The first engine when having water can trim to lower angle meeting incoming high speed waters and or is by magnetic field change and lifted up out of engine also service during travel.


- Man made CO2 & COx


Change how you live

If everyone in the world lived like we do in the UK, we’d need far more than one planet to support us. Almost three Earths, in fact. It’s a way of life that’s threatening the future of our natural environment, as well millions of people around the world.


WWF puts pressure on government and industry to make the changes needed to alter our over-consuming lifestyles, and build a One Planet Future where people and nature thrive within their fair share of the Earth’s natural resources. We always need your help with our campaigning.


There are also simple steps we can each take to make our daily lives more sustainable, and help send a clear signal to government and industry that there's a demand and a need for change.


We’re promoting positive changes in the way we all live, to help us live within the capacity of our one, small planet. It's more than just switching to low-energy light bulbs, although that's a positive first step - it's about pushing forward new technologies, climate-smart legislation and greener lifestyles. Take our footprint calculator and help reduce your environmental footprint.


WWF External Link or click Logo Light Bee:




This aticle direct from WWF hard copy.

Light Bee is the (TM) of JENS PETER KETTLE


~Ships powered on Light flying



- - The Biomass and Diversity optimum but all see crime scene"Forintelse" soil chemical burned organic burned for heat and pollutions


Do NOT burn do NOT avoid then nutrients goes to ground deep water fresh tab water resource as pollution of fresh water for year millions. Garden will grow Forrest will grow, parks will grow, nature wildlife will feast in more food. The trimmings/gardening and harvest left as no food is splintered and given to farmers to richen poor made soils after criminal use of sufficient fossil energy based fertilizers, to moisture the top soil and hold nutrients on molecules also coloid is able by magnetism molecular grabs both plus and or minus loadings in nutrient molecule for plant root by plant chemistry natural process life of hold coloid nutrient and transport the good nutrient organic fertilizer into plant for its growing and photosynthesis in by Starlight. A coloid is by examples: Clay, bacteria, fungus, rain worms holds bacteria living from eating soil and other soil living worms fertilize means more and better life in soil. Nutrient none organic by fossils are not a True Fertilizer but literally kills rain worms, bacteria's, small wildlife harmless and good for plants in about sickness in monocultures as predators against fungus, insect attacks root disorders all about is seller of none organic (NOT) a Fertilizer because k i l l s ! Further plants are using fibres any celluloses from wood, own straw, leaves as material for growth and soil is by agent no true fertilizer in pain dying living in Substral not a living worthy. The soil loose Humus, gets dry and sandy and even more sufficient agent are added at high cost for the farmers economy and the profit is Mr. Big Oil and the poor the farmer got to work. At this time Mr. Bank sets limits for the farmers while Mr. Big Oil, Mr. Credit and Mr. Bank relaxed in often air-condition palaces even boat yachts well off with champagne parties taking Biology and Climate Reaction does not exist we party then pay. Salute. Next screw. New girls arrival etc. Next Ton in million i.e. Germany Bayer, BASF etc. Compensate State for water pollutions world wide.





In all total is saving of energy and cleaner food even more tasty without side effect osmotic complication in Humans from eating harvest of powder fertilizers what disturbed the magnetics on molecule cell transportation and electrical potential the voltage on cell and blood level and make genetic changes especially farmers children are hurt compare this with eating low radioactivity. Even pigs in production and cattle and chicken stable's only on industry food just like you a Human go berserk especially when overeating. Soja and soja oil is same problematic about body sucks water and used gladly by farmers before setting the account per Kg. animal for butching. You bye water at meat protein prize reader and look at your beef or stake shrink and sweat under cooking over heat. Plants in agriculture is facing same problem. They suck water because having sufficient agent fertilizer. The growth rise but the plant seed genetic the protein weight I'd the same even without any fertilizer. The suckerbased string and energy molecules CHHHHHH etc. rise only little measured over how much energy spend for more growth by sufficient fossil made fertilizer. Now you understand water concentration is up and dolf at Human food prize but simply unhealthily, polluted food risking your life and indefinitely shorten your lifetime by decades! Plus overload in heart rhythm and brains over active DAMP. The here presented at doctor level follows the use start about 1965 and genetic reports, psychiatry reports on farmers and public violent crime statistics and cost in stables like shower rain and music shopping for industry meat production stables and Human and Animal mental new diagnoses.


HOMER Const., TRAFFIC IS: Platon Nat. Zionists Anti SPE

Ego-Racers on credits playing mushles more and more against JENS PETER BUSINESSES, the terrorists contrerians to play fool for fool very deciplined so professional as industrilal spy against Human Kind for Climate corporate Warlords, but how stupid can it get, the longer time went bye, the more stays JENS PETER ENGINEERING presented for PRC controlled cash made against the Spy Stalkers, who all lose focus the Intelligence always won, the proven owner never lose any future in written history, the basis all modern progress as Hetrosexuality any higher life-form winner survivals as long as sustainable living on limited habitats. Noone else.


Losers assets worthless credit fallen, can you pay State ?

My solvens rate rising, yours in drop, my assets cash print worthy for Nations, your crediting the future markets against Nations bottom line a time to reach Sustainable as Goal time rubbery and labour production take-out, freeway? Time and migrations and death is a cost to pay!

EcoMine education the Treasures replaces credit market.


The antuciast driving "Oil", how a lisense for public road law basis, from an automat as gift? Sentence ready or via psychiatry to judge wether or wether not suited mental for jailing, any brain handicap? Int. Police how on the road ever? Back on the road again never leaving seat?...


Dickheads complaints harddog problems in bed, in speculative mean smiles, turns violent to murder attempts, and outwards national supporter killing fields. JENS PETER too well spoken creates jealous "gayors".

Obvious no belonging to the masses, so how and why represent in politics and business even Religions "for" masses and how The Consument Acts, read TV Time. Not JENS PETER SCIENCE ever in News, setting trends and public value-set. As civilian dressed military Nazi INFO-Hosts and actors "Geist" an after World War 2 humanity going West break-downs in liberation in earlier criminalities, psychiatrical patients the homo, all set free a Union revolting equal NAZI WW2 but contra gurilias; Properties, treasures, reality expertice for all made entertainment in the understanding in strong languages replaced by Graduation and sexuality unisexification, not skilled the winner, a minority covers fake Democracy, but for real owners competences, respects, lawfullness long gone, the 60'ties a Jubiis Party Time. Jew Panic is about.


Stated 1996 by Denmark for The West: "Zero-Tollerance" is then both ways. West Industrial collaps central. Old energy industry without NEE and Energy Profit. My Value stands along with PRC my tressures in common. The West trapped in debts in too expensive their energy production running outdated. Business to do West Finances before I leave the West is business in all reach to do by me as owner my PRC-Coordinated Engineering.

Police States Press Juntas

White Niggers, Free Press

State living

tree on full


White Nigger Energy place

"jingle" in no Energy Profit


Credits their sold-out all crashes. Net Energy Earning, when States for Nation in business runs in deficit, the end comes closer in activity. Things dies. Death-Struggles.


All time bankers in denials, all defenses a jew book kept. The guilty party, why not in jail allready even executed ?

Gang: "Things never went any better", but Credits Due year 1996 and forward on instant. You are insolvent.

Accounting Law International: Installations and Oil-/Gas-Patents worthles, new technology present is SLES.

"Law executers lawfull" do you follow the Law or what ?

And the legal transfer is to balance value in SPE favor.


Any value when against JENS PETER's Legal SPEState:

State Planet Thé Earth -- An transaction without weapon.


From me after my birth being excluded in finance to run my industry producing my products presented in my websites own engineering ULTIMATIVE COSTS in more consequences in Legal Respond only is: When me not up, you brought down. In Macro-Economy simple fact West run out of energy over time. Nature wins territories having Land, less people, no heavy consumer industries, only my engineering can save strong industry, or The West Finans circles has to import EXPENSIVE also my engineered energy and heavy energy of all sorts.


There is no bargain, no peace set. Terms made clear for decades, so a status for now You in the West, me SPE, who compensate who in your regimentary Dumpires...?. Losses a fact all lost my businesses engineering Rights national, further all chicanes, hostilities, jailing's, robberies, imprisonments, prohibitions in from your liberties in all labilities to punish guilty war criminals.


Britbrain your credit never stand the walk home. Buying time my losses you never pay compensations, speculating against Human Kind also own population real value a suicidal path, tells me you are acts lamed faced ruin national, giving the majority handicap your "impressives", you strongly believer credit solvency of yours is muscle, then what is your forward in time real value i.e. energy outdated, real estate and enventory without automatic cleaning, under your century criteria stand as spies nothing of JENS PETER, so for decades responded ever standing now State Planet Earth, SPE, nothing for U.K.'s, and Jew. Economy your tool lost to Legal EcoMine; U.N. Charters: Never Against All Kind.


Can you keep operation internal: ARBEIT MACHT FREI


The prehistoric's running ego's all done as yesterday and productivity talk never accepted and performance fall as the empire lead antiques books dies out in "007 Danish Green" out-fit never solved on screen breed upwards in solutions the antiques credit basis the old products under roof thrown out. Problem his bonds worthless in about securities, why presents a simple gunman hiding queen as mother in her skirts on immunities away from the Mighty Lord being no farther, who never catch up in 00-7 speeds... Did the red Danish "007" play golf?, a hole play. They mirrror them is modern any other party work, them Labour because in a right dress code, serviced looking human though the make-up and perfume a synthetic?....


Friends we have it Right and Legal, any resistance Legal will not happen, because other party criminal up through history, and the majority us legal friends own by executing in bookkept away from war criminals with no legitim Rights, any Law basis, any The Creation defended shown recorded by their economy their tool has lost.


Let's vote all Planet Wide all People all Cultures;

We are Legal Value. The Law is Allowed Laws only.

The transactions are: Next is EcoMine.


Reformation of Energy to now close down Big Oil & Gas, who debted Nations, who could not change supply and cash flow, but JENS PETER can balance for State cost for Nations, Oil and Gas dynasty broken lost by its crime, setup what isn't to be compensated for the fossil-branch. The take-out ressource never compensated their addiction not our dependency not destination to ever crash with fossil branch leaders as pilots, prehumen to set fire after being invented, who follows their their charter is a maniac, a gather in to multi serial systematic COx-fires.


Man inner in-fights realities in wrongs shows by fear to change towards Legal, any nuance?, Santa Prime Systems cannot win in Life. Strategy as policy a deal with slaughter as goal, a prehistoric Man: Death the winning, Life the Civilizations to continue only by NEEP no Credit-King, Death-Empire, any Dumpire, Anti-BIO players radio.


The dyings mentality nothing to change, communications out, any higher level out, prevent thought of reveal to spread. But to change Book-keep Plan, accounting Laws how business Act to able to Sustain. Revisor inspections on Planet Scale Crime "us" arriving from Legal a Space Craft, accounted ended where up?, not us, not people, not Common Wealth pro Earth an Anti Gay Multi Races;


Thé Commons Interests bottom line registered pro Human Kind, Nature, Space and Hetero BIO served, but right opposite only gainers won for power to defend crimes they hide as actors "fine" and in "order" fearing God even owner. Must be bad conscience, thé confession even a Church concept writing them "NOT guilty" any NAZI Homo, as Nation and institution never attacked networking across boarders and hides civilian.


Make it clear to yourselves, that the order and rules in value-set made bookkeeping, is from an agent time without Human Rights, U.N. Charters to respect to finance, modern sciences, communications Legal Goal to Sustain was no object, the taboo a faith dominating all ends up domed (day) a death-logic. A time of no rights of free legal speech, education for all, any social or psychiatry science present and Global connections not on instant. A basic school in learnings of skills to come, makes peace in reach. Basics EcoMine learning the treasure, engineering solving of our time solved, presented, dynamic State defined the start-up Legal Acting, The Walk Of Life.


What War Tribunals investigates pro Biology of all higher life-forms and Neutralities in sexual orientation linked to undermining Life, this Our Planet when Legal, in all and any fiscal budget law-making is: When went cash from State anti JENS PETER INDUSTRIES products SLES !


I underscore Homo for Homo alliances also militant anti Life winner, else but only straightly and pure heterosexuality, is crime and can never present its body Legal, at War Against Terror includes gay basis stalkers.


Corporates, States in Zionistic terrorist doings by corporate ideologies running all Retual. Action: "Their Business as Usual" of past proven criminals for decades..

For the last two decades Net Energy Earning Tax-able my production neglected. All work of Chief Engineer JENS PETER, State Planet Earth Thé Sole Heir by PRC.


National Banks World Wide to realize, there is only to accept first me valued in fully, then their cash print in part, what Zionists, Mon(o)archs, and Mono-Industries by burning a liberality in freedom any Right, but all know no need for the majority of all People the consumers by Common Wealth Interests highest Law, because SLES Products invented and presented "Enlighten Science", what in National Intelligences Bureaus understood cannot be rubbed, overtaken, transferred, will be sold, hold security for Credits, Bonds etc., but investors to place in billions in to my account listed published for Legal Bodies Investors.


Science confirmed received USA Embassy Copenhagen year 1996, in aggression to "Enlighten Science" replied on "Contact Sealed Sales" to my demand of 98 Million US$: "Swindler of millions", from head of security Mr. "Lars Thomsen" in December 1996 by Embassy postal letter. My State is Legal Body, so no need of any own representations, military, assembly, what this world is overrun by in numbers. The Democracy is placed U.N.


Credit Kings faces value first in all of JENS PETER, and never Kings first owner not top paper nor endpaper, simply my property and treasures of State, State Planet Earth forevermore. Big loser homo Zionism going down.


Santas as Primes met Sct. Peter illustrated: Santa you never show up having paid all your bills of never sold from JENS PETER. Treasures moved spring 1996 valued a "Zero", by Tax Denmark, then by me out of The West terrotories exept from SCHWARTZLOSE BRIDGES to PRC China Mainland. Later rubbed under Santa Prime Royale very liberal in account bookkept by Tax for Nation, away my JENS PETER assets of reg. 250+ Millions DKK by Tax Revisor Anti West in the bridges showcase Para MI Operative by criminals in State best Party Soldiers.



Capitalistic PRC simply Sole Heir. Only way to redraw my Will is Live TV CNN World.. Danish PET/ Swedish SÄPO/ State Royale Mail where are my DATA, Calls, Fanletters? Where are my properties after theft of invents. The math is the longer goes bye, the less time the less economy can rice in the West having my energy your political freedom. Patent Pending, Patern Protection etc. blocked from crime except my Copyright, PRC an interest parallel. Fossil grossers spoiled in State

Most Profitable Energy,

For Man Kind Ever; Light !

1: Net Energy Earning & Legal Profit to Tax, NEEP,

2: Global electrification investments to SLES Power,

3: All Traffic, Households, Industries self powered,

4: Transformation to Global Energy Profit in NoFuel,


6: Cash. National accountings: Balance my Trillions,

SLES-Economics hyper growth in the energy sector out of deficit fossil branch Credit-Economy running global energy without Energy Earning to Tax, by new Lawsets in bookkeeping treasure Carbon to deposit to have future Climate Management ready,

7: Free market and free competition producing energy. Concept change to SLES-Products and market solves both energy and Reversing Climate Change in capital a No-Cost Tax-Profitable capital-istic on Real Value by cash print on my new Values,

8: Free press, agenda what product by name solves to remove Renewable Swindlers in "Green"-Frauds and engineer fantasts, their calculations published,

9: Public Prosecutions of State criminal swindlers manipulates against truth any "Renewable" industry,

10: Now y. 19 contracting with owner JENS PETER.

11: Global financial demands by Planet State Global by SPE friendly Nations in multi trillions against fossil corporatists, Fossil Branch Unions, and National Banks heads, who never invested in SLES Shares to further gain by criminal profit and credits are excluded eternally by product. The pyromanic and cheering ressources on fire being Liberal but reality criminals!, leading to disasters in devastating civilisations avoiding Labour to understand new and healthy low risk jobs schooled i.e. manufacturing SLES Products, service at OSP-Power Plants incl. Off-Shore, Windtop Operator etc.


Welcome to Sunlight Laser Energy Systems, SLES .

True Clean. True Recirclable. True Sustainable.

True CO2-Free. True Renewable. True Green.


International consult, advice and speeches. Timetable US$ 25.000,- plus Tax and expenses up front per begun hour plus per interruption, any disturbing including when not for free SMSing or MMSing first including subject and agenda before contact same price table cash due per bank transfer to me first hand in person. Copyright fees 1 $ per word per copy, can be negotiated. SMS me for free on Media discounts contracts.


Sun Cell is an optical Solar Cell with KWh-Optimum. Only my Optical Solar Cells works optical WW.

I, owner and President JENS PETER editor of this website and www.Spot-SolarCells.com


Thé Alternative Man Made Global Climate Control.

S L E S is profitable for all to transform to balancing my treasures in other State Accounts, when Fossil Brach collapse in competition from SLES profitable Legal Business to Tax in my no risk businesses.




SLES Products holds Energy Net Earning and Profit to Tax for respective Nation joining my Legal Body Corporate in my Concept Engineerings in solutions in Sustainable then Renewable Products. SLES for Straight Lines Engineer Systems by JENS PETER.


SLES Energy profitable to Tax: $ < 0,4 Cent/KWh power cost price Global, what in market sold at i.e. 20 Cent/KWh + Government VAT a.s.o.


SLES coming market is in Free Basis Competition 10-40 % of world energy production before year 2030 and 75-90% in this century to have politicians to fulfill their own promises for United Nations. Capital a must by investment at No-Cost all needed is my signature for your National Bank Cash-Print.











SPE Owner J.P. Schwartzlose Claire

Direct sales, Gov. Consult, Speeches

SMS / MMS +45 - 29 88 79 11

(Swiip Account/ Mobile Pay)



~ Other SMS agenda converzation upfront any calls.

~ ~ World military, and National USA, Socialist & Communist gamer face it, you can not deal nor govern my properties & Rights after year 1996 FW.

~~~ 1+Trillion US$ for me to USA registrate. USA, US Military your $ needs MY value USA insolvent.

~~~~ For SLES to registrate in EU 1+ Trillion EURO.

NOTE: Page Down to article: "SLES Business Size".

Continued from above illustration.


By JENS PETER KETTLES 97% of the 90+% of all incoming energy can be made to electricity and power existing grids up to sizes of nuclear power plants effect easily. Nordic under 1 Km2 collects

1 Giga Watt energy per hour (1 GW or 1.000 Mega Watt per hour year avrage).


A simple calculation is for a typical parcel house on a parcel of 1000 M2 fends or cover

100 * 100 * 3 Meter = 3.000 M2



The KWh income is about 1,1 KWh per hour Nordic and year calculation is feds 2M + fendsroof 1M2/M:


10 $Cent profit per KWh * (3.000M - 50% effect) * 24 Hours * 365 days = 1.314.000 US $ your year profit income.


Investment: 3.000 M2 * 1.000 US$ = 3-6 Million $.

Electricity in USA is sold from over 20 $Cent/KWh.


Picture below:

Optical Solar Panels in a field on pillars with Light Pipe Way. As illustrated out of the panels are coming light in laser beam quality what is spotted on One-Way Directors to hold caught light into the system going to JENS PETER KETTLES. Read more to your right about Optical Cells and One-Way Directors and JENS PETER KETTLES and more.


~ His and hers experiments in about ENERGY ECONOMY


The Supermarket economist engage with the container shipper loading container on none magnetic engine ships and none on solar driven ships for own power without a future in free competition, in common interests in bedside in the Bank in as outdated housing (Energy and Cleaning and Interior concepts) holder in credits against household income in SLES ENERGY PROFIT and morgage industry to triple from Real Etate owners buying SLES and install JENS PETER KETTLE at home becoming millionaires in a few years,, talks playing for and with the oil economist fueling against Nation and private ownership of my SLES and I pro Human kind affiliated and people are fed up with industry foods and medical industry celebrates in higher dozis anti diabetics and magnyls and sevastatin about take-in deseases. They agreed stay still. Fully Status Quo their historical economic optimum in old days, now a days communicating consumer by own press the worlds most stupid consumer ignoring/unknowing of own biology, and energy made how and calculated right for survival in own life and as civilization, stands for their grand grand chidren in simply a few generations as we all know it consevative, old days by old men brainwork in Homofelia Times.


Continued go: www.Windtops.com

Jens Peter Schwartzlose Claire

September 6, 2013 · Edited ·



Public. Update: Year 1996 - 20150402 10:15 CET.



MORE INDUSTRIES TO OFFER FROM ME WHERE LEGAL EACH ONE FULL CONCEPT ENGINEERED AND RUBBED 1972-19960603 to present assist or fellow crime and considered spy against STATE PLANET EARTH and owner. Thieves and fellow crime goal profits, dominations, honors falls. My Rights a Costa List and public for legal investigations against spies not owner. See first press releases of mine all Rights Reserved also in what you get from this time locked at time of break in to the day I am fairly serviced about financial product plus time for me and my staff also assistants to reconstruct my science and products. Waiting and obstructing my business' is undermining Human Kind, speculation undermining any legal State holder in economics transforming towards Ecomine, a FCSRS State in principle vital matters on continued civilizations and SPACE Colonization and travel.


Optical Solar Cells, Panels any form, shape and color public year 1972, Break-in Strandgården,

Light Container Storage and flash year 1996 later all science stolen the 19960603 by police,

Faxed Whitehouse USA President,

Invisible technologies,

Net Energy Earning,

Sunlight Laser Energy Systems,

Jens Peter Ketles no Water Waste in any power produktion of electricity and minimum fuel used per KWh.,

Fissions reactors Laser, USA Embassy y. 1996,

Light-Speeds for satellite, rocket and flying ships/Star Crafts,

All ever existed, present, and all future in picture seen two and three dimensional and in limited DATA as High Definition True Color picture color, grey, Black & White, sound, form etc. in by indefinite programing, structure and new Screens in part mobile modem faxed USA President y. 1996 before break-in by C.I. Per Willemoes,

All mail addresses public,

Ecomine, my FCSRS-State finances State Wide,

Ships, sub keel,

Sail types, DA stag and beslag, skøder DA for sale boats,

Central Heating Mirror inside elements, thermostats, pipes, metering, storing housing, industries, built,

Roof, walls, windows any shape for built in plates and existing look of the same and else,

Magnetic Communications,

Cooled Stars also black holes in parts for mass, speed, acceleration, gravity, weapons,

Magnetics for fastest energy eave receiving and transmission,

Feeding the Sun to ever shine,

Glowing Stars light catching for eternal life local,

Mining with Sunlight Laser from Optical Solar Panels,

Cutting mountains and aggressor sunk because mountains mass weight sunk into magma or fluids all nights all moons all planets all Stars,

Greenlandic or Fletcher drinking water strengthen teeth storing radioactivity, carries infections etc.,

Bottle top cut in top under kapsel for direct urin stirring back to Nature,

Aircrafts security parachutes under seats, cabin as capsule under parachutes, cabin and cockpit evacuation all rescued in chairs,

Windows thermo and double magnetic screen light block,

Wet room, toilets, Industri alcohol cleaning and recycling of fluid by condensing back to fluid a washing machine including high pressure performance any wet room cleaning and disinfection a new house clean up, cabins, space stations, star crafts no waste in chemistry and none toxic fully organic by the push of a bottom even automatic programmed I.e. Butcher Industries, flight toilet, office environments electronics included, homes, cabins etc.

Rocket safety satellites ir cargo never lost in engine failures pipe floor cross linked, vise versa engine in fuel failures,

Ashtray cabins with locker no smell,

Ashtray cars draft out to free air including no ashtray smell after car stop,

EDB DATA through power lines no internet connection,

Sea grass floating industry filtration CO2, nutrient, radioactivity etc.,

Cinema. Sky cloud format and 3 dimensional experience cinemas,

Kit needles, nails, lighter or OSP Laser cancer burner,

Laser also OSP Laser, Starlight, bitter, nails, DATA Component connection to card, industry svejsning by laser,


Air crafts,

Galaxy ships,

Survivals alive human being year billions during transport,

Magnetic glowed, shoes,

Centrifugal gravity survivals,

Space Ships engines on distance no mass loss,

Invasion strategies look and signal a milky way star,

Book keeping asset is humans and Nature defending State Planet Earth,

Black windows with out curtained,

Recycling concept sales,

Cleaning concept sales,

Planet, moons chemistry for building in Space from Space,

Data Base Designs ie. translation and Macros,

Light Computing and storing DATA, running programs etc.,

Light Speed Communication SPACE,

Space Elevator, balloons, engine 200 liter fuel lifts > 25 tons cargo,

Wire crawlers for ballon lifts,

Ballooned lifting all weather Earth to dock Station in Space, centrifugals,

Rocket designs concepts building space elevator,

Eco-System Design,

Nutrients eco-system recycling,

Power Plants, no fans no water waist,

Industry, home, cabin cleaning automatically,

Engines on water and light,

Sun glasses military never blinded,

Ecological tobaccos,

Wash paste for laundry,

Computing on light incl. storing,

Aut. Window cleaning in/out door,

Ashtrays auto,

Vacuum industry cleaner no back,

New bridge longest free span,

Lightest bridges hang bridges,

White ash light concrete recipes,

All rights building bridges in design after static lines,

Wind Mills, Net Energy Earning,

Survivals of Stars logistic matter,

Chips phone shut down but up as bug,

Magnetic condom,

Magnetic glowed, body touch feeling,

Plastic decomposing rapidly,

Metal decomposing rapidly,

Cleaning chemistry concept all to salt and sugars and CO2,

Blood cleaners,

Skin cleaners,



Kind regards

Jens Peter

Owner and President STATE PLANET EARTH under the Galaxy under the Light.

Date: 20130906 0805 CET,. Denmark, SPE.


(C) 1969-2015 Jens Peter Schwartzlose, Claire.

All Rights Reserved. Pattern Protected Property.

Any duplication, legal copy display from above (C) include Facebook address Forsker Peter Claire and JENS PETER SCHWARTZLOSE CLAIRE to this dot. My copy fee USD$ -1- per letter printed, said, filmed, DATA any commercial distribution inserted due cash my account in Bank published in this page



Sun Cells Cooled

3000 M2 Rail / Parcel fends year profit: $1-3+ Mln.

$1+ Mln 10 MegaWatt/ hour/ 1000 M2; 1,1 KWh/M2

~Windpower no NEE&P 10-40+ Mln. $ per 10 MW/h


The optical solar cell capture all incoming light nomatter sun angle passively none mechanic in over 90% of KWh Light. The lifetime of a optical solar panel is over 100 - 10.000+ years full effect.


This website contain the optimum perscripted for solar energy cells in what psychical science can reach in about solar energy Light basis.


Other types of panels on the market reach effect 15% KWh power or heat of all incoming KWh Light only lasting 15-25 years and effects drops.

Price per M2 almost the same aound US $ 1.000,-.

Savings: Square: 1: 10. Space Rockets: 1: > 100+


Compared with none Renewable global frauds in sustainability, anti United Nations Sustainable Goals Propel-windmill only 1000 M2 SLES price one million US$ output 10 Mega Watt, and not just 4 Mega Watt delivered when windpower price off-shore US$ 5-10+ millions Real Production Cost.


24/7 Spot Suncells works in all weather including Space also moon and star-shine, temperatures (fire to Polar frost also Kelvin Zero), pressures (lightning, fire-arms, Electrons, Oceanic), under water, rain, snow, hail, ice, fog, dim etc. thé Optical Spot SunCells in metal (Mirror) produced in Deep-Drawing or by forms in right shapes produced also in mineral, cheramic, organic etc., and cover seal in Panser-Glass (Table/Window Glass) produce cheapest electricity in JENS PETER KETTLES from Light as ressource over Steam Generator to electricity and provides psychic record KWh with minimum waste heat loss. In dark and over nights electricity steam generator produced over heat exchanger or fed with Light in Sunlight Laser even satellite transmitted globe around, Nation to Nation, time zone to time zone. Commune to Commune. House to House as producents too. The of all and any kind of Solar Cells Energy Optimum holds my SLES.


In Picture: Rail/Fends Light & Heat Panel KWh Light is up to 90+%, KWh Heat is up to 8+% of incoming energy. The 90++% depends on mirror quality, 100% is invented, and Mirror Pipe Ø=1MM and how thik the MP walls are. Ie. 1/100 Milimeter is about 10 Milimeter per Meter is 1- % of Light income dereflected. So 99 % of all incoming Light hits the Parabola Mirror. 95+ % Mirror reflection and 90+ % reach JENS PETER KETTLES, there 97+% is made electrical Power. Heat is then about 8+%.

Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Power Plant

Click graph of production of electricity to enlarge.


The production follows in general the human activity and consumption of electricity in daylight. At night on Starlight and moonshine and burning Hydrogen releasing Oxygen to cool the atmosphere, or meltet sea salt over heat exchanger to make steam holds production up to consumer demands.


Climate Warlord.

Weapon CO



Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS



~ European Union, EU, CO2 Goals for UN.

Press Releace S P E 1996-20150919

Www.probiren.eu and www.spot-suncell.com


The Future of the EURO € and by investment strategy boosts of SLES Power Plants and Transmission not by voltage grid to cut energy loss, to have Euro land energy independent straighten economy by SLES Engineerings and own land continental in billions on a daily basis. The South and to the East development in future right on the coming to invest.


In row of solving by EU opposite to all other empires and "Federations" strength in historical time writings manifested to public in success a "National" identity by given projects in engineering solved shown by being built all way back to the Chinese Wall, Pyramids, Ships and Engines a.s.o. Often before social welfare and food programs for People.


Russia territory by map is many time zones and rich in Light as resource more worth than U.K. invests their fossil resource taken out and replace a Russian continental anti imperialistic by SLES Economy sustainable development in security light energy power fields placed all way from the Pacific Ocean at Japan all way to EURO ZONE.


An Energy of Exchange network.

When daylight East Russia night dark in Europe. When dark east Russia daylight the Atlantic to Europe. We can also exchange from equatorial in effect per M2 SLES. All invited. Lets work on this. And when light is out we got heat stored to covers days of electricity ie. melted Oceanic salt, also www.windtops.com .


Light transmitted got in fair weather also over satellites mirrors and return optics practically no energy loss. The EURO Economics then by Energy Economy our safe heaven and last as our Sun is always shining in our Space.


Year 2015 in the EU target of 40% reduction of CO2 Emissions is not for global total over the years calculated in a true reduction. The reference year is before energy consumption by growth in tech lowering when operating CO2, but reality inserted the akkumulated CO2 during production of item CO2 the fall in CO2 is actually a rise, because the items without NEE, Net Energy Earning, examples heavy steel propel windmills, batteries, grids, transformers, new product markets and consumers lift CO2 drastically.


Fact is more after 1995-2015 period more burning Global for the Record. CO2 in all and any National account a rise of CO2 inserting the accumulated CO2 from burning the last unit fossil or garbage or fuel wood in all Biomass, what in fact is natural storage of Carbon, or for reduction by human activity to store an industrialization modern energy times know tech Coalization a burn staved on Oxygen in fire or by chemistry fired, from plant (grasses), algae or bacteria a living dried or often wet named Detritus, all Organics, then CO2 reduced, what reverse Climate Change towards desserts green as State Planet Earth goals. A management on Global Climate Total to control like Creation a knowing of today's true science.



Alias Forsker Peter Claire, Scientist.




Public. Intelligence. Junta Conservarives Org.

Planet Crime Case presented. Economy Acts.

Enermies of this Planet. Set Court Marschalls

Date: 20150403 14:23 CET ST. SPE.


Status is without corporate cash from Banks.


Planet hijacked by prehistoric Petrofil group.

Talk guide: Take good care let other party read all first. Who can be enemy of the planet united widely. I present my procedures and evidenses and arguments, reader honorable Judges who stands fine and legal in your Court of Law.


Action, proceedings and evidens argued:

True fools and often criminals takes owners and legal justice for to stupid. Some bureaus sees the person as weak and in mind overrule facts, legal law as strongest power, and illusionates themselves immortal.


Winning Planet State and a personal identity profile looses tremendously in the public eye and opinion polls. Who keeps their polished hands on the cash registers for Banks to not buy my Stock Shares own selling but the polished hands massive invest in science outdated compared to my products and engineering, they even place in hundred of billions in false Green technologies producing electrical power creation more fossil conservative consumption in burning alls natural resources. The 3 x W: Who, Why, Where.


Who's State Won. Who's Religion Stands.

The Jew Kingdom and National Socialists as MI UK as bankers anchor man read the FCSRS State of mine and the game MI's criminals is JENS PETER won for Nationalist true to respektive Nation of theirs in any planet Reich can only be won legally and not by a global massacre in war even by finances in undermining civilizations in rape on culture wide and natural resources. The cynicism of the well-known British hooligan behaviors when loosing as their reaction pattern shows in UK signals never lost and cynical mean and full of self illusions in my State should change Testament, Will, press strategy and my goals of my culture wide, built on legal existences, legitimate winning by my legal powerful forces allied having She as valued. We the Legal party of our Planet also sees Nature as asset and coin secondary as tool and Life on Top. The MI Bank hooligans for UK undermine H.M. The Queen in the discrimination and is use of military weapon the currency to full scale operate against my truth presented, ignore fact and load masses and The Queen away from product mix from only legal seller I JENS PETER in energy offered True Cheapest, True Clean, True Sustainable, True Renewable, True Recyclable a.s.o. MI Bonds only obstruct and ignore and later in optimum burning no matter environmental cost and public health cost and genocides from climate change to continue though as War Terrorist Act to settle with PRC a business State deal on energy 50-100 years from now, when fossils are all gone burned. But readers PRC is prohibited to export my Science and product, and now all see the happening Nations outside PRC will be in a draw controlled by PRC National Bank in the long run.


The warfares basis the monkey instincts as the concurre often spoken Imperialist, in excuse of interest or dominans of overtake by force science banks/institutions even Nations, other State infiltration to serve false and blind Rights of the local populations, territorial wealth, Religion, Culture, treasures and art, supremacy to show of is a monkey act and many United Nations Charters handles Human Being Protection by Laws International.


The pyrotechnics psychoses a fascination in the gathering and use of flame. Prehistoric need and prehistoric instinct and the Pyromaniac and Petromaniac will not let go of his role experimenting as God changing weather, sea-levels, changes in food stocks and limitations in freshwater for masses to be trapped in start walking or die. Today the people of the world and Nations import record high masses from by climate difficulties in about these subject immigrants. Why? Because Mr. Petrofil hijacked a planet against alls safety and plays power play in no cash for me and my business' starting right from my childhood against my dads firm.



Court Marshal onboard flight Western Capital. The nightmare any conservative flight the change of science basis in public mind and view.


The Gay Fall. A psychiatric thriller.

The Tax-free flight intercontinental first class was having a party exchanging pocket bonds, priest coins and love looks in exchanging points on the flight owned by the Bank. Mr. Finance and loyal business friends enjoyed the looks of jewelry warn by former massage cheap girls thin dressed looks of true love hunger. God on board shows of his only identity over spoiled latent infantil for his staff placed behind curtains like a confession chair to the mighty farther boss in his favorite environment all black and reds, in business class all dressed by the bank in habits. Behind them in lowest class as observes rich having all the fun the expertise and scientists in named Monkey Class in casual relaxed outfits. Mr. Finance overdressed as any Finance Emperor got the message from the serious Captain that Mr. Finance half way we will run out of fuel, in one hour out of fresh water, in minutes the toilet toilet tanks are full and cabin is overheated. Mr. Finance stares blind hated making holes in the air. Bloody hell, a slut states my ass is in pain. For satan!, the Lord started to sweat and ruled total secret to Captain obeying. The child Mr. Finance starts his support his medication acting brain blocked minor in the crisis handling of His; Captain find bobbles to fly on! Yes Captain the dynamics hot air going up. Dive this flight! I feel the All Mighty Woman to close. The bumpy ride started. Shuts overflow, champagne bottles went off and the ladies began talking of loosing status symbolic items. They question Satan in his believe and religion a God, is this about She all under the Light.

The devils woke all up. Satan replies never question my eating. Captain kill the lights, lights off instantly giving cash notes in his pocket hugs and kissing his gold gay ring merit to the devil woman in a man, the forces of the dark then placing a Daim in his mouth to hold the power of metal. From Business Class the loyal habit agents from around the globe started moving in to first class to speak to the Captain but body guard to Mr. Finance prevented any contact at all. Mr. Finance and owner got all in hand, they insured. The monkey class suggest solutions to survive and return for a safe landing and a new beginning from start. The Sheriff on board listens but see no crime committed yet after all this Western Capital flight is under the bank. Are we going to die?, a baby asks. Be happy you got a dippiest my child. This flight end in total shit and filthy business. Typical any crash and they got of in time, moving their asses to a convenient place hiding from masses and taxpayers and hard working to do the clean up and restore good science. Will we pay?! Mr. Finance gather his executives and check their creditability in parachutes and golden handshakes. Mr. Credit command the monkey class to be expelled and dropped out the evacuation way. This will solve bugs, and sanitation and food and freshwater stocks. The bodyguards starts walking down the addled in all crew ways and push the people backwards showing muscles and their guns. The Captain has ordered this they state! The anonymous Sherif steps up and behind him all unburied unbribed scientists. The Court Marshal by the Law is in place. But the bodyguards starts shooting on people in the crowd. The Sherif return fire. They are dead the bodies and the crowd passes business class and find Mr. Finance and all executives in group sex before their jump. The suppressed ladies and wife's ask the Sheriff and science for mercy. They are homosexual. They have taken the last ass, the Sherif states and the crowd hand carves them all and place them all behind in the disgusting monkey class in the dirt from overflowed toilets. God sitting in deep shit is having the flight magazine opened from the Cabin Head Stewardess. The reading for him is a public prosecutor has opened own law firm on case all violated children, girls and also men can sue for huge compensation for asshole and asshole muscular disorder and damage and have adult dippiest expense paid and for elderly help equipment and cleaning help and service from gay acts paid upfront as compensation. Gods best man now expose his dippiest so does Gods sluts. Now the captain speaks over the laud speaker system: This flight Western Capital is returning to the sustainable base. Thank you. This will be a safe flight CO Pilot, lets listen on Ace of Base about All She Wants Is Another Baby... Ups the mike was open. Click.


Ace of Base. Song All She Wants.






~Stupidity a winner status accepted,

Excuse stay Social(ist) and Russian Marxism all equal stupid when intelligence level rise ...


Communists including military against civilian capitalism, and legal for justice responsibility for investors for owners investing most clever capitalistic also for Nation as Government and forces. Not to stand as communistic in act also no act an acceptance of most studid energy investment doing and made in not investing by placing money in cash and orders in person capitalistic private accepted in my SLES Energy Systems. Doing nothing; All the same by Law an Act State/state Communism/ Kartel reinforced.


Capitalism works and meaning in economics no science but common public practice is to eliminate stupid and promote what is intelligent in product and produced capitalizing immaterial into product to serve best Nation and People including Nature for alls survival not a specific older business interest or a limited group but common wealth on a free basis. Obstruction and sabotage is a criminal act even war criminal in serving a limited group of finance mastodons and not serve the entire porto folio of owner and or investors. Conservative thinking is: What cannot stand falls. Also old energy producers no matter cost in economics, but simply a budget State for Nation balance matter, a practice all way up history after the industrialization started in the Western World, and intelligence wins, what by the way is a part of PRC one China own State Law and faith Intelligence at first, never stupid implemented running Nation as Government or any business nor way of life.




State Planet Earth



Fossil Philanthrops Junta "Planet High-jack" - Conservative conspiracy & Spin

From: Straight Lines//Rene Linier

Sent: ‎23-‎09-‎2015 11:25

To: Donald J. Trump; DONG Energy A/S; stm@stm.dk; ireport@cnn.com; House of The Lords; TV Avisen og Horizont; Radioavisen DR; Pol VENSTRES LANDSORGANISATION; Pol Dansk Folkeparti; Politi NSJ DK-3000; DR Kommunikation og Presse; Paper Denmark Se & Hoer Aller (c) 2012 Jens Peter; Peple's Republic of China Ambassador and President PRC from SPE; LA Suprior Court Government all judges, employees, lawyers IMPOR; fbi@service.govdelivery.com; Organizing for Action Obama Grace root; Retten I Helsingør; Retten I Hillerød; Folketinget til alle ansatte og i person General Direktøren; Sø- og Handelsretten; km@km.dk; Hoftelefonen; HKH Kronprinsessa Viktoria; The Ambassador of Thailand Her Royal Highness Princess Bajarakit

Cc: margrete.auken@europarl.europa.eu; morten.messerschmidt@europarl.europa.eu; steven.woolfe@europarl.europa.eu; janusz.wojciechowski@europarl.europa.eu; iuliu.winkler@europarl.europa.eu; hermann.winkler@europarl.europa.eu; Energistyrelsen; IHT alle Editors; EL Energi Midt alle direktører; EL Energi Syd Direktører; El NEAS ledelsen; vf@vf.dk; Konservative Folkeparti; Radikale Venstre; sf@sf.dk

Emne: All MEP from you. Police notification Communists traditionel West glasses.





Dear Madams and Sirs,

My stories are for sale. To national Parliament too please.


Yesterday was fine too. Yes I got a peaceful mind and sleep because it is fixed who makes crime and all the green energy talk simply is a sales slogan and fraud made by voting in the Danish parliament ignoring my science and engineering, so why should we help Denmark? Even stay for life in Denmark as it is ruled today by communists and capital liars on no energy profit to serve Mr. Credit in Banks in foreign policy serving Russian export to EU of Russian oil and gas supported from USA and U.K. An imperialism I will not support, so I chose PRC by the people. Then leadership in defined peoples republic power to lift my case. First face in climate war is Danish communist business and USA coal makes by emissions CO2 oceans to rise over one meter within this century and many capitols and part of Nations will be flooded. The cynical game lead by a Zionism and old industry players in ignorance of climate do change makes by financing communist green tech business let it happen. So let it be and richest loose their real estates and capitols old navy cities.


So what. I loose nothing and predictable PRC and Russia sits on resources in old talk after 1960'ties on USA imperialism and capitalism in shameless use and consumption loose, when shortage in supply and old communist nations ends holding the card the oil and gas resource saved to win over USA and U.K. philanthropists in never ending consumption party and result given. Only PRC wins as world economic power and USA economy dictated from PRC Beijing in political demands proven by fact PRC can burn their resource in other fact PRC guarantied after no pay my business by Clinton administration holds net energy profit in sole heir my SLES properties and Rights to produce including pattern protection written in light gathering to produce only by PRC China.


Now you understand the Clinton administration made high treason. The Republican Bush administration failed in rubbing my business and turned to slogan on oil and gas: Drill. Baby drill. USA ends bankrupt or on the edge paying free time for Chinese people living on Americans paying interests on debts to PRC last has already started and USA tries national socialistic to print dollars to solve payments. But the dollar insolvent in USA over 100% debts of national gross product for years. As ship understanding sailing on its pumps. As being in respirator. A soft brain now a days beggar from case to case and PRC got the lead international. Why did I not have my 98 million USD for enlighten science so USA could compete way out of production crises in no energy profit without my SLES makes both Bush and Clinton communist spies and in USA by Federal Law communism is illegal and punished with at least confiscation and immediate jailing. So who was strategists. Who was chief in Intelligence turning me down but in result Chinese spy in process and further the campaign against me still no capitalizing my SLES even spin tops productions under me anti western weath and by that security in overtake and initiative in tech on energy in many nations run by State it selves so the communist is proven national socialist a communist. Institution Color red. Force color black. Slogan green. A militant. Who dicatates against my business and personal wealth ? Hidding, because guilty !


Police Notifications International

Make desserts green

World Trade War

Who is terror?

In the Light Bush

Demergons fall...

Røde Bande og Konservative i ejendoms medløb gennem alle og aktive år ,nået foreløbigt f spionage toppunktITHacket, denne 10 linie tekst tager 50 minutter at udgivegive p udentisg/Udenrigs 8:00, Skat ogværdierefterrettes operativt, der er udtalt afPer Willemoes Jensen K.I.Roskilde tyv ogmordforsøg nultollerance,skidesprellerr, om min ejendom: Vi tager det hele om du ikke stoppperomhed)/(virksomhed)..her ovenforses som bevis hacker stalker svin job done....., hvorfor mine værdier alle placeret PRC ett Kina.


Med venlig hilsen

PROBIREN // Rene Linier


Jens Peter Schwartzlose



Fra: PROBIREN // Rene Linier Service

Sendt: 04-10-2015 18:42

Til: klaus.hasselby@skat.dk

Cc: Folketinget til alle ansatte og i person General Direktøren; JURIDISK DEPARTMENT HEAD DANISH POLITI; Ellen Andersen Økonomi og Energi Pol.; sto.vertretung@eda.admin.ch; HKH Kronprinsessa Viktoria; FT V Kristian Jensen; Russian Embassy Copenhagen; Peple's Republic of China Ambassador and President PRC from SPE; Donald J. Trump; president@whitehouse.gov; ireport@cnn.com; Copydan Denmark Tekst & Node | Bryggervangen 8 - 2. sal 2100 København Ø | t; Ret & Raad Kbh.; Retten I Helsingør; Retten I Hillerød; Aalborg Universitet Til Alle Lektorer; Aarhus Universitet Til Alle Lektorer; TV2; Min NaturErhvervstyrelsen Center for Ressourcer Kunder & Kommunikation; Ingeniørhøjskolen i København; Paper Denmark Se & Hoer Aller (c) 2012 Jens Peter; ku@ku.dk; BMG SONY ALL ARTISTS AND LABELS IN PERSON; Hoftelefonen; LA Suprior Court Government all judges, employees, lawyers IMPOR; Nordisk Film A/S Valby Aktualitetschef lykke neiiendam; Vejret TV2; TV4 Annika Järund Larsson; TV Avisen og Horizont; Radikale Venstre; Radioavisen DR; Konservative Folkeparti; Pol Enhedslisten Landskontoret; Pol Dansk Folkeparti; Politi NSJ DK-3000; Pol VENSTRES LANDSORGANISATION; S Socialdemokraterna ledningen; 2711 patient telephone nurce replies Helsingor hospital psychiatry

Emne: CVR 26642655 Dansk Selvangivelse IT amatører kun 8 cifrer records altså


Højeste beløb som kan indtastes i den danske? Selvangivelse er 99, 999.999 milioner.

Jeg kan ikke indtaste mit aktiv broer entreprise 300 millioner videre kan ikke tastes værdi mine bog og filmrettigheder værdi jeg anslår til 5 milliarder DKK herunder som amerikaniseret skandinavisk produceret med nordiske skuespillere mit videnskabs univers.


Som mere fadæse Hendes Majestæt Dronning kan ikke selvangive korrekt da jvf. medsendte tekst telegram årsindtægten overstiger 106 millioner Danske Kroner.


Hvad gør vi som danskere i Skat IT amatør formaneriet om tvungen nedskrivning af borgers værdier.


Har Skatteministeren i samråd med skatchefen en løsning f.eks. at million tals rækken anføres med 10.000 mulighed, da kan Dronning og møntudsteder trykke møntværdi på borgerens og virksomhedens værdi og Staten gennem Folketinget kan lovgive med og på samme borgers kapitalgrundlag finansieret. Vil Regeringen droppe sin kommunisme og planøkonomistruktur i alt Vedvarende statsstøttet til betalt dvs. nyprint finansieret for Nationen også imod partikassen for Dronningen og familien.


Til kriminalpolitiet.


Blev Skats data record længde sat efter jeg Jens Peter Schwartzlose ikke skulle kunne selvangive min sande værdi, for så forrædderier ved bevist og belyst ovf. Kommunisme gik fri så eller hvor længe?

Politiet kan svarer i min offentliggørelse på min Facebook adresse Scientist Peter Claire indehaver Rene Linier Engineering & Enterprises. Web. Www.probiren.dk


Med venlig hilsen

PROBIREN // Rene Linier


Jens Peter Schwartzlose



Email: Salg@PROBIREN.dk


Web: www.PROBIREN.dk




The Danish Liberation Army prison camp.

THE MOVIE ? MILITARY ACADEMY DENMARK REOPENED after porno-revolution and release of gay as psychiatrical patients later voted real Men and Ladies and natural "Sex" out, and became leading society and business front figures some as true patient spreads on porno-sheets in all dominating medias an icon. Homo gang bang after trail; Communist party greased including USA EMBASSY gay spy ambassadors and their ass paranoid security with UK gay Microsoft in hand, showed up after verdict from the newly educated judge on capitalistic brain-wash to remove sick illusionated handicapped brain sections from the new recruits. Shit-Brains welcome. Pjuk-faces all in line. Hippo-Crits stand up. Hippo-Shits gay weak make a salute. You met boss. You are here to recover from english soft-brain television soaps. Make a salute. You'll feel stronger obeying properties and Rights to survive. You are here on a verdict being ill and polluted red heads sick brain-work. Weak-Heads party greased waco talkers on getting free on crimes you did and think you can get away with, you are not having diplomat Status nor immunities. You are guilty as hell and we are here to get your straight pjuke-brains. You mother should have made an abortion. You are over-breed low-brains why you seek homo-sexuality for longer survivals lonely lions pussy soft-brains. Wheat Sugar addicts. Here you are shaped. You are made capitalists in intelligent survive. I saw you dead. Now I see you are alive. How was your mulp lifes for the red army losers. First lesson I am head. Your spiritual head is off. Never functioned. Welcome in the Danish for "Danish" Liberation Army get dressed for a shower and a hair-cut. We cut at your "neck". Waters sees you a pollutant, get dressed! Next SCHWAR(T)ZLOSE modern weaponry presidential... First lecture: The fossil "Monkey Business" (US Legal term) for slave gay-brain communicated free-wheel consumer as long as gay with the Banker and reasson for any job sharing your asses with employer, here falls by you the communist. A Homo ID.

You all: Both ignorred the clever executer, won by leaning survival a NEEP in respect a "Nature Law" (US Law Basic).


JOKER 015:


Respective Nations High Treasons ongoing year 19, 500.000+ extra export industry jobs behind, and between

5 to 40 million new industry sectors jobs or Real Estates Heat and Power in Light-Producents to be poliiticaly created under criteria only NEEP. The North Sea is under half a million jobs most profits ends Multi National corporate untaxed under Royale manners dominanses and truth on climate CLimate Change Reverse by SLES undergoing lie-escapes. Billions of Kroner/ Dollars invested wrong, and State employees do not live up to own Law paragraphs in shop cheapest KWh and True Renewable means by examples in shopping for Nation both directly as owner or by aprovement and transporter in grids, NEEP ignorred; it takes over 100 off-shore propel-windmills to produce one of the same installed so not a Renewable then given not Sustainable means a Polluter and or mill 1000 Tons steel remelt on Russian Iron made on dirty coal to electricity. No matter what, electrons got no address label, and the KWh spend on remelt and Russian nuclear for mining keeps fossil burning in an other part of region even global, so CO2 not reduced, but by sceam, plot and frame optimum energy burning to profit in not lasting what is: Civilization falls in under a year century. Further police notification on State as transporter in electrons of a fraud in No Energy Break-Even for propel-windmills power production, so a polluter who claimed CO2 reducing, neutral, renewable, sustainable, all false so fraud for profit. Further that State has not bought cheapest and best quality fullfilled, and has broken the Laws on when State purcase. The Police Notifications has been made International mailed to FBI, Embassies, Danish Police Helsingor, Danish Prime, and Danish Prime accused for being Communist Liberal Head in over last decades broken the law in by Prime or as simple member of the Danish Parliament named "Folketinget" voted proven criminal propel-windpower through, as massive investment from and by State direct or indirect by State in part corporate, and Folketinget member all informed after 1996 the release of my Optical Solar, and so is Police by several thefts and bugging my privacy and marketing hacking. Last also a Police Notification from me after 1996 the release of my State FCSRS State first release of Sunlight Laser Energy Systems a new Solar Panel capture over one gallon (2,4 Liter/M2) of Fuel in Kwh Heat therefrom 90+% to electricity by JENS PETER KETTLES of all light incoming a day and "Climate Change Reversing" (Global temperature falls going CO2-Free, and goal Global consuming reach Energy Break-Even in process CO2 (C-Hx) deposited) in process making Sahara Dessert "True Green" (Trademark) a jungle again.

Latest billion Dollar and Law-Subsidized limited 400 MWh old in all energy spend no NEEP Propel-Windmills going across the wind, and not by the wind like NEEP Spintops:



When State got a cash print Rights the basis is a holding of fortunes. By my productions to make named "Capitalization". State can from accounting print money of the value of the none material asset a SLES Power Plants, Windtops, Optical Solar, JENS PETER KETTLES, Ships Subkeels, Tang Farming, Magnetic engines etc.


Governments lawmakers in ruling or passing projects of my engineering to serve U.N. Sustainable Goals in Legal Commerce-Schoolings, the Offer made to Contract a Value is the bookkept paper to print extra cash on as basis in own currency. Contracts can be deducted in Fiscal Finale Record i.e. over 5 years fully or the contract length up to 99 calendar years by 1% of Sum per year. To balance fossil businesses For Closures in all literally closed down, the investments in SLES Products from start or after delivery to be Written Up in Real Value.


Value a SLES Product is because living time in fully operation is for Opticals 100.000 years, so Real Value a year production times 100.000 years in fiscal budget national. A Windtops the living time in operation over 100 years for airo-dynamic parts only wheel-joints and wire on slitage replaced, so here the Real Value is Power Production value per year times 100 years of production. Remark not effect but reality KWh produced to grids. In National Accounting for State huge figures closing down the entire fossil branch in burning industry, and no worry the figure in SLES Real Value mush bigger, so a profit to change to True Renewable, so too in finances True Sustainable not only in energy understood.


Here understand State and corporate accounting Laws on entreprise given Offer and separation of Material and Immaterial equal value national cash print, the growth financed in by own Coin !



Nation has got no expense but the print-expense itself from its respective National Bank. When the cash is printed and transferred to my SLES, the production starts. In part local so the administration saves national assistances, get Income-Tax income for State for Nation and VAT income as "profit" investing in SLES while production is up. Remark still Immaterial asset for the National Print.


The production asset is being materialized, and when done finished delivered then producing power to your grid. On delivery the material asset accounted paid and a material asset the bookkept security national treasure. In production fiscal budget savings per KWh in Giga Watts per year is about 22 minus 3 Cent $ (Nuclear 22 Cent $ per KWh), releases cash to other sectors by your Government in billions national, so Clean Energy SLES TECH no cost. Here calculated energy price stabil, can also fall for creation further growth other industry sectors basis stil United Nations Sustainable Goals in guiding cashflow in several directions but SLES productions.


By this CLIMATE REVERSING TASK, while energy demand and consumption are rising, CO2 release away from burning falls by factor 1 : >20 by fact in use of JENS PETER KETTLES and MAGNETIC ENGINES and transport self-powered by Light and Wind and Biofuels.


This only stands for my products holding Net Energy Earning, because low cost producing a KWh so Tax-Able because energy profit, and production $/KWh, makes SLES Economies win win investing in JENS PETER ENGINEERINGS by products all holding NEEP.


Matter simply money print for and when a given True Value in reality not by credit but Clean Energy Growth a Hyper economics facing United Nations Sustainable Goals in reach for all who has got a National Bank in Legal purpose pro own civilization.

SLES KWh $Cent < ½ to 3+ !


Buy Legal Profit under NEEP. SLES ECONOMIES UP !




Conspiracy IT in Danish

FCSRS-State by JENS PETER year 1996, quote writing:

"I am Bob Dole and I can sell sand in Sahara, melted of cause. I can may be sell the Arabs a savannah or a jungle where the desserts are to day and I can promise 100 % pure energy for every purpose we need. Welcome to The Republican Future World 1997 and forward".


The British spy continued, read Energy Net Earning, SPE:


"In Denmark in Scandinavia they have this problem that the inventor of Solar Collectors can't get his work patented. Up until now Thee Socialists and Communists in Denmark has considered Solar Light Energy Collectors as energy to support by the government. Now they won’t give the inventor any finance to get it patented in his name because they can't afford to support a profitable project in energy and net earning. State Plan Economy, SPE, like old communist gang bang".

It works! One litre of fuel in energy, a day per square feet and up to over 20.000 kW effect a day. Next century’s energy. He is American!


JENS PETER writes in windtops and space-craft technologies to offer starting scratch, how? and solved:

The world histories greatest assets are spilled every moment. We could build spacecrafts and new toys for every woman and man instead of paying any kind of National Assistance. We could have a communication basis, fresh water for all, food for all, care for all in all. But we have to work for more than our own interest as a country - to get respect for good manners and privacy back. (......)


FCSRS State a technological state Humans questionen you cannot solve start scratch like a spacecraft:

Pressure and fear creates depression on a family basis and for us all as a nation and it is not needed because of limited resources and techniques and for reasons like inheritance in culture and religion like in the past. Start a new life scratch like a spacecraft.

Vers: 20170215 1451CET

DK: Web Spot-Solcelle.dk

Straight Lines Engineering Systems

Record bridges in weight / strength in many art shapes.

Order projects. Have drawings for free. Buy Lisences.

Click Bridge. Sustainable World record Energy/ Strenght

ENEMIES of State,

any Nation World Wide.

War-Acts is burning a Master in technique in releasing Heat and Light over Power for ages. A methodic Climate-Changer, substance CO and CO2 systematically in Manipoly Pyrotanic of the more value the more profit in hand, but Human and Nature costs and losses fertile land in more desserts and more Sun-Dried or Sun-Melted. Manic Demergogic a Nipotism selfish business in High-Ego well dressed War-Criminal Act.


Read: Burning Land Strategy official Set-Up: USA's Food for Oil Program, published 1970'ties by Dr. Kissinger Secr. of USA State, leading to more regional civilian wars and World War 3: War Against Terror. Questions: What is "Terror"?. Who is man behind an Red Russian "Red-Army" from 1800 century modern "Burned Land Left Behind Strategy" and evolving. A self-justice smiling Jew living imune on USA aid? But today's profit-winner Burning Fertile Farmland (War Crime, Geneva Conventions)+steel+concrete+weapon-industry. Warfare in commerce Set-Up against the dessert civilization on own habitats survivals leading to fight when richest in Light (SLES-Economies) over grass for goats, income oil, but on Top-Result masses migrate in millions living life in all on the egde of able to stay home and survive. In all a basic War-Crime-Scene.


Nature Habitats attacked. Biology in People placed in sellection own habitat pressure (starvation/deverstation) behaviors manipulated sceenarios in profit to Oil-Branch holders and War-Costs including lost Land and Habitat placed by Oil-Branch to primaraly West-Economies State Welfare-Cost in other Set-Up West-Supermarket and Real Estate economies exspand in Oil-Branch speciality is to drain/rub State cash registors by finance specialists consult even employees only seek own cash optimum not Common-Wealth, nor loosers losses as responsible, why Climate Change as War as Warlords denied to avoid cash compenzation demands to War-Victims and Nations: The dried out or melted away Indian People and contra Civilizations and respective State National Wealth ongoing into Oil-Business seeing next frontier, a globe as own market not owners in western modern technical war against indian mentalities in NO NEED OF ANY BURNING TEXT CENTRAL, from Climate Change of their doing/business/goal Polar regions to melt for further business having more fossils to market. Why a Legal Market and who protects, why the reality rat and seller is out of its western home saloons selling weapon to outtake Indian-Cultures world wide specified, they do not burn having no fuel-wood. At that Oil-Business strategy War outcome Amazonas, India, California, Sub-Tropics are all made new desserts and Alpine Skeeing finished.


So Biology and Demography, Micro and Macro Climate known!! ignorred for industrial empiralists continued NO NEED OF BURNING USA POWER INFORMED SOMMER 1971 BY ME IN MY HOME AND BUSSINES NAMED "SCHWARTZLOSE" ON SOLAR PANELS MY ENGINEERING NONE ELECTRO ENGINEER BUT CHILD, AND STUDY ON BEING QUESTIONED ON MY DOINGS TOLD USA CANADIAN HEAD OF POWER PLANT AN INTELLIGENCE OFFICER, more war against civilizations by trade. Remark Green House Gas CO2 well known and in use 1960'ties. So is heat created by color change of a surface ie. Algea soup swallow waters and polluted farmers waterholes, Sun-Dried known product raisins, corn, tomato, fruit-chips. Weather in general known sunny and dry corps dry out. USA National and Global Dessert build-up and prevention evidence farmers water farmland from limited fresh-water resources and USA has known from and why else CO2-messuring and Sea-Temperatures meassuring, records of Geo-Activity from Globe Rock and Oceans exspanding being heated up. Again 1800 Century basic psychics and knowlegde not a science of today. Metal industry got play-ground and joy-sticks activate in made-up selection pressure on dessert populations dying for meals as News TV-Entertainment WW.


AT WAR. Absolute CO2-Reduction by SLES fact profitable for Nation against old special interests these billionaires by FINANCE AS WEAPON TEXT CENTRAL runs old days Communism/Finans Kartel and protectionism and intollerance THROUGH STATE AS COMMERCIAL AGENCY AND SPIES ANTI-CAPITALISTIC of Up-Value goes SLES-Shares in portfolio mix in their dynasty outdated and political Down-Value dead businesses in public eye by opinion polls.

Act: United Nations voting on true Sustainable Goals in 2015.


Oil outbeated $ Cent/KWh = 30+,

Fraud Propel-Wind $ Cent/KWh = 10-25+,

SLES Starlight Energy from $ Cent/KWh = 1/3.

Windtops from $ Cent/KWh = 2,

SUGAR Tang-Alchohol Industrialized $ Cent/KWh = < 7 , year two, falling after year one.


By fact PRC China SLES Sole Heir against me is undermining respective National Product and common wealth tipical anti-capitalistic and political "Red-Army" and war-crime full of lie propaganda. Speaking against JENS PETER'S property against NATO geo-political undermining common wealth and National Tax provenues from SLES in: cheapest, clanest, safest, true Renewable then Sutainable energy part ownership and production what last for ever for West Civilization to stand forever more and here after.


Commerce Intelligence a private running a corporate interest through own office, State Office even Intelligence Bureau or privilegde Bank from State and avoiding free competiotion in free market for own gaining, or simply as free investor not investing in my SLES, is serving PRC China. In the future market in price and quality China can supply and West Economy in set back. Further The People of China PRC is Share Holder by One Share Each in my SLES for long. So property of mine secured and so is value of mine. Competants in the market under pressure operates against State and Nation in foreign State and Nation winner. The smaller part in later market for competants is not a winning for Nation but a own minor gaining to market opens and only in marginals in after market, what is year thousands in my copyright, patterns, ownerships etc.. Again and again commerce interets ignorres Real Value because in fiscal accounting the old tech product is outdated and in principle worthless. So the person or corporate even State not willing to invest in my SLES Shares dies out in not holder of up-going SLES Real Value, and those who got credit to old corporates sits with a sudden losses from no security valid. First was are not part owner, second have not invested in SLES, third compezations from State and Nation in undermining and misuse of Office, fourth loose after market in I got no interest nor concern in supporting criminals, and by last can never become my State Planet Earth part owner.


This was position of evidence a prosecution defending State for The Law against corrupt politicians, unions, left-wing hip on State-Cashregistor cash-rubbery in Renewable fraud in multi billions helped by fossil controlled press, and all along doctors and police jailing of me proven criminals and spies in result West-Value loss China winning for Espionage accepting my value serving PRC MIlitary Law Sets awaiting the West communities law enforcement making trails before I do any business in the West; criminals excluded from Optical Solar, Windtops, JENS PETER KETTLES, Magnetic Engines etc. also as State Planet Earth owner.


Still against "Red-Army" Party Soldier their investor or mine in SLES?

"Terror" is Oil-Branch? Sahara Dessert People not having grass for their goat, caddle, dear, elphant and lion to hunt. You feast making more dessert in consumer parties, out of TV range/cencored other die...

Energy production Nordic/ Temperate Climate Zone right from getting light. Why burn when not needed. Note house insulated so in-door from Light could be tropical warm day and night. Parcel 1000 M2 OSP 364.000 KW year avr. / Day Heat = 28000 L. Oil / Y.

1996-2016+: Visit PRESS ROOM bottom site on States Terrorist doings by corporate ideologies all Retual. Action: "Their Business as Usual" of past.

For last two decades Net Energy Earning tax-able my production neglected.

National Banks to see first me valued, then cash print exept U.K.s'. Very militant operative anti JENS PETER any finances what Communist gang behind? Market Economy a university, Cash no limit but credit paper. The competants speeks free world and policy to prevent NEE Civilisation in the illusion credit value towards deverstation even payment and my wealth by Real Value set aside. What is your university and teachers by name Banks?

In Free Market I win, UN, fallents problem their Credit no stand value home.

Not any my illness, but opponent got ideologic hate and envy basis a charactor of blind on substances motivated fascistoid, perfid on power-trips.


1970-2016+: "Red" club gangs by policy excusers to face others properties and Rights, a majority does not overrule any owner of immaterial treasures. Principle to liberate against owners product, all downwards to their level both justice, talks, writing, TV, in media being education, them the prime warlord in obstructing, cross-over talk, preventing learning, interrupt by commercial interest sales in the direct Legal way represented for all (Common Wealth Rights), is well known as class weakest pupil placing boarders to prevent school open, all to get higher level informed Democracy in free votings basis educated realities textual bringing justice to Life to give meaning not a party opinion by journalist in State-Man suit an Out-fit.


20150901- to date: One A4-CONTRACTS plus enclosures. My record = 0

Corps de Diplomati personal delivered. Primary goal: Market do solve.

SLES Contracting: Nations please invite me as owner of my designs and Engineerings. New-Built minimum 20% Royalty, > 5% percentage on Power this True Renewable then True Sustainable Power sales, Legal Body of State and my cash-flow stays by your National map. Your versions look like.


20161113 (1996) SLES Power Plants 10-40 TW/ Year of 1 Km2, 1 Million M2 Optical Solar Panels to JENS PETER KETTLES Nordic 6 GWh to grid, 6000 MWh per hour avr. for the price 1. to 2.000 Million USD each plant.

Longitude State of California to Florida - Arab - India 18-24 GWh per hour.

Nations recall transmission South to North KW loss > ½ in grid-resistance.

Miss Mariah Carey on regulated begartry and what to unite Human Race !


20150928 United Nations, UN 2016-2030 Goal-Plan. Energy is the fundament of any of the UN-Goals. If energy fails in not heading Global Energy-Break-Even by NEEP Energy Products all goals fall. U.N. misused in showing off-shore windmils proven without Energy Break-Even no NEE.

Go: http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/energy/


GOING "GREEN" A FRAUD - More CO2 by ordinary PV- Solar & Windmills

You can calculate Net Energy Earning, NEE, by any sellers product insert: Per Metric Ton metal in so called "Green"-Product + construction sight + production plants + new Grid & Transformers + suppliers + service + administration + staff new consumers products TIMES 8840 Mega Watt/Ton Metal spend MINUS the Green-Tech energy-product in its life-time REAL energy-production or savings MW/h (1.000 KWh). Not its capacity nor effect. Also insert energy spend on all mining, deficit could be spend direct.



(Ton steel-production: 1.000.000 Gram * 4,22 Watt * 2.000 *Celsius

= 8.440.000 KW ~ 8840 MW energy to produce one Metric Ton of Steel). 4,22 Watt psychic constant heating up 1 Gram by 1 C. to meltpoint 2000 C.)

Folks: Dollar-Grin playing Weather-God loose Big-Time. Place your bets!


SLES Power Plants, JP KETTLES, Windtops, Magnetic Engines, Lisences





SMS YOUR ACCOUNT TO ME: +45 - 29887911



CO2-Reduction absolute by SLES fact profitable for Nation against old special interests these criminal Warlords extremists by FINANCE AS WEAPON runs old days Communism/Finans Kartel, protectionism and feudal intollerance THROUGH State AS COMMERCIAL AGENCY IN SPYING ANTI-CAPITALISTIC of Up-Value goes MY PROPERTY ACCEPTED SLES-Shares in portfolio mix in their dynasty outdated, political No-Value dead businesses by opinion polls.


Act: United Nations voting on true Sustainable Goals in 2015.


Economics the other way aroud built-up: Contrerians credits lost.

A simple voting World Wide residens on your One Share, am I value?

Continued page down left colomn. Look for "ENEMIES of State".


$ Cent/KWh: Driving electrical for < 1 Cent per Mile/ 2 Cent per 20 Km,

Oil/Gas = 30+, Fraud Propel-Wind = 10-25+,

SLES Starlight Energy from = 0. 31, Windtops from = 2,

SUGAR Tang-Alchohol Industrialized = < 7 , year two, falling year one.


SLES Reverse Climate-Change to desserts True-Green

~ 5 New engines, can you handle defeeded Fandango.

American English used




S L E S is profitable for all to transform to balancing Fossil collapsing.

No Energy Net Earning a Profit, then no Sustainable nor a Renewable

~ SLES profitable to Tax: <0,5 Cent per KWh power including service


Vers: 20150916 13:59 CET My Facebook site click the picture:



save in power production 97+ %

coal, oil, gas, garbage burning

power production no water loss.


By Light heating up no CO2 &

COx emissions ever and less

heat loss KWh. 99+ % energy

saved in function for my kettles

and Magnetic Engines and Jets

developement about "No-Fuel".


Dear reader, do you need a

debriefing after international

fraud on going on Energy Profit

SMS for free +45 - 29 88 79 11

I reply in person 24/7.


After year 1996 of my release

to Thé United Nations of Thé

Optical Solar Panels and thé international banks world wide also national level in hundred of billions has been released for Climate Improving Energy Industry Products taken as granted "true" renewable and "true" sustainable, but the energy branch and international organized sitting on the press ignored the truth and start talking about "Green-Energy", a color slogan and substans a direct lie on COx, What keeps rising.


Served and winner thé people actual in longer time looser, in all from pumping new printed money, the consumer and labor markets in over consuming, and since the Energy Products traded (see World Trade Centre event) has got no Energy Net Earning to Profit and Tax an acceleration in energy spend world wide simply deficits, and the corporate fossil business Junta by the last fossil energy consumer supported and served, and bank and transporters made historical range in profits too, and in the West Real Estates got a make-up-over and the Stock Exchange has a bobble.


Not for Nation but corporate Junta governing agendas in bribing voters in unsustainable growth in anti civilized energy spending a war-tool CO2 making Global disorders, and climate change, and in creating next emerging markets in madeup energy, water, food shortages, restoring of ressource technologies, and wars made desturbing peace and solved in SLES and FCSRS STATE after year 1996 agent industry served from official respective National State representations running Lobbyats profitting on Human Life as ressource to take advantage of, further fraud in bookkeeping in Humans, Nature, Elements not in.


Such was not the intention in WW-Growth offered after 1996 true sustainable growth by S L E S to have a in their own eyes and reading glasses an All Mighty against Law terrorist organisation as winner, and I, JENS PETER living on national assistance level and homeless for decades on and off street-life and shelter hospital beds Denmark cost now 2-9.000+ DKK a day. An calculated Fossil Junta planed terror highly profitable action to have Danish Taxpayers pay for my businesses being jailed by no enterprises up going in no cash offered to me, for all involved terrorists, sabotaging my peace and feedom and Rights working effectively, without any interruptions nor halts a fed propagandation terrorism on insanities and contra spying war crime acts in my Diplomatic Legal body business, I State, in being false but true in my science, properties, Rights, civilisations defends, facts and Legal Proceedings made public, and in my work and investigations pro Human Kind also the unborn generation next.


The Right to produce OPTICAL SOLAR CELLS and JENS PETER KETTLES are sole mine as inventor and engineer; A steam kettle also heated up by fossils where smoke gasses are lead outside closed steam water recirculation, and primary concentrated Light drives a dynamo jet during steam pressure. After passing the jets the steam is cooled of and condensate to fluid water, and runs/ pumped as water at > 99 Degrees Celsius at 1 Bar. Same principle in under pressure boiling. The hot rain or demineralized water then recycle, and only need to heat up in use KWh is from > 99 to > 100 Degree Celsius back to Jens Peters Kettles, and not waste along with fossil gasses like CO2.


The psychic is grama school my invent year 1978 Valeroed public school pensum in KWh calculation. Then Jens Peter Kettles was invented. 1967 the first Optical Solar Panel was my invent. All can imagine a refrigerator cooling down steam just like rain in Nature is happening. It takes less energy to cool down, than it takes to heat up (convection).




UN agreed 2'rd of August

thé 2016-2030 plan:


Goal 7:

Ensure access to affordable,

reliable, sustainable and

modern energy for all.


S L E S is profitable for all Nations to transform to

~ No Energy Net Earning a Profit, then not Sustainable nor Renewable


S L E S the "True-Green" revolution to be established away from CO2-Frauds in about energy products total is not holding Net Energy Earning and Energy Profit, means more CO2 not less, but True-Green like S L E S, what is no cost for Nations but simply sound profitable business for Nations to invest in and State to Tax. Not a subsidizing but to make investment in buying my Shares and place orders on

highly profitable S L E S from State to score on the investment soon in real life to serve respective Nations its people and all generations to come bottom line including wildlife and Nature.


I have had the first request of an offer to supply/deliver energy for an Arab Port by mail. I had to turn it down because no cash to run my business. Remember finance is a weapon according to UN. So war crime ongoing against me pro Human Kind (progress) in about energy, and against UN Goal number 7 in the 2016-2050 UN Plan, in I am not and my businesses are not provided cash after (1968-) 1996 and forward. A consequent, calculated, zero tolerance, very rigid, fossil numbed, nepotistic, infantile, fanatic blind hated basis by hostile agency campaign in competition act, violence, thefts and climate change along with fossil branch and Banks finance tools including frauds serving their multinational profits to compete and speculate against Humanity, Human Kind in all, and better and clean progress, growth in faith and Rights for all People holding any Civilisation monoculture no Right.


How long to follow Pyromanism, even the pyroman as financial advisor and leading figures from fossil industry and policy agent bought politician in civilisation suicidal rutine remote flight very secret about the truth; Are optimums in business against Human Kind about collective suicidal distination as goal his corporate profit optimum.


The pyromaniac global acts in setting fire to natural fossil ressources, and no preservation to sustain raw material for rubbers, plasts, petrochemical products for year hundred of millions years of future generations of consumers is an insane act and most primitive and premature cultures proving low intelligence prehistoric instinct orientated in technical and mashine fascinations of fire and flame to devastate life as we know it in destruction in value for growth further insanity. Not willing to full stop the Big Oil/ Gas/ Coal/ Garbage/ Fuelwood out of reach to be criminal investigated and International prosecuted in fully public on the international multi-national TV-screen.



United Nations basic Charter is:

Never Against Human Kind !.

Why avoid substance and reality. Is the reason for ignoring science and common knowledge and education for half a century in Scandinavia, Europe and American Universities. Or simply Danish Grama Public School highest level 1979, 9'th grade top scores Biology and Math and Psychics and following Nordic TV News daily basis. Is the fact the heads and bosses never learned Biology and Energy in about respiration and carbon circle even climate science simply psychics organic. Communication was not a path in universities at their graduation time age them older than 55-58 years old even had a calculator electronics during education in general public schools Scandinavia even university students Biology no mayor, organic chemistry no mayor, Energy Break-Even an international goal for nuclear powers scientists and energy engineers, communication no mayor a.s.o. and now in their carrier top as elderly they will not confront me legally in a debate but fight for their right to speculate and profit against Human Kind. By the way did the heads ever graduate International Law. Here above expected graduated and under lined: Understood not about a given paid graduations exam, or paper from a university paid by dad or governments in oil and gas grease programs on world developments only sigularis path in philanthropies control on State credits greasing, last American word for bribed business setting aside alls interest bottom finale accounting line.


Fertilizer CO2 makes the Oceans hotter by color change

Fertilizer CO2 makes the Oceans more dark "Green" away from "True Green", more colorfull an insult and disregard to the Marine Life and people living from harvesting the Oceans. In just 50 years the Algea belt has moved from north of England to Portugal as summer light income, making the dark surface on Earth million of square kilometers larger heating up. Dark absorbers up to 80% heat plus for respiration plankton, seen on NASA satellite photos.


On harvesting nutrients from tang read page down on multi billion $ new business budget presented for Bio-Fuel investments cleaning the Oceans and costal areas towards clean waters abserbing less light energy to heat by lighter colors away from dark Algeas and Killer Algeas causing bacterial infections, illness and fish-death.


CO2, what is not in a drop but rising from

demand is not falling, but fossils and natural

respirations and chemical reaction and deposits

emit added more consumption in and from

fossils are being shared not limited in what

is on the market globally is being consumed.

"Green"-Tech in general simply extend the time

for Co2 emittors to be in the market by rich Nations controled in process simply more sharing from rich Nations save in energy is on the market in second and third world Nations and consumed there almost instantly, and CO2 keeps rising as seen in NASA monetorings. SLES is reversing Climate Change and lack of energy enought for the global markets imaginaire / impossible.

CO2 is being monetored by NASA, USA, click Earth Logo above.



No Energy Profit

~ then civilizations full stop

Resources burned fossils to over 25-100 million years to reproduce in by Nature. Todays for casted consumption they last under 50 years.


To have these resources in all fossils the Ice Caps has to be criminal melted from warfare CO2 and COx emissions man made created temperature rice, what creates continents becomes desserts like the Sahara dessert prehumen made. Last ,I, State Planet Earth sees predictable criminal speculation against Human Kind after all my S L E S has proven solve most modern high tech low cost energy for all and any consumption anywhere also SPACE.


Now you dear reader understand long time (10+ years) paper speculation on fossils as limited even paper legal to burn, when a crime against humanity in about: Public Health, Human Kind Civilizations, Living Time, gene pool Size, and Sustainability to renew itself (ReNewAbles), and for that price no longer will any body be burning ressource its value for sufficient growth constructed demands in unnatural behaviors,, the ressource oil and gas will never price sky rocket, in its narrow sighted purpose profit for special interest and even feudal regime States income often untaxed. The damages worth Nations, and habitats fully intact survival for public taxpayers to payout by Governments often representatives of the same oil and gas branch living sky high on credits from the people to its corporates holding the communities in a false grip in a deadly wrong dependency in and insider States even bureau and Secret Service and as energy supplier, what now must change to rescue all civilizations.


Electrical power by Sunlight Catching cost price producing for State under half a US$ Cent per Kilo Watt and clean and unlimited energy concentrated passively none mechanic. Because of cost Price most PROFITABLE for Nations and States to change energy form and methodic to none CO2 to REDUCE CO2 buy S L E S.


Corporate logos illustrates

My corporate logos illustrates a few principles in light gathering. 3 mayor ways are 1. Gather lens, 2. Parabolas in mirror, 3. Linares mirrors and combined. In logos black line is mirror. White is free space. Yellow is light wanders controlled. Blue lens optic. Linares blue seal of glas/plast.


Corporate logos functions

Light enter parallel lines is Mirror Pipes open. Light is spotted like a laser pen does in any light here. Light hits gather lens in any sun angle right on lens to focus fire point(s). In focus point is next Mirror Pipe and light is lead out concentrated. Light is trapped from leaving untamed by Reflector(s) Mirror Pipe blinded Mirror Pipe what spots light backwards or directs light.


Parabola Mirror the same. Here haul mirror reflects light to focus point into Reflector Mirror Pipe(s).


SLES Optical Solar Panels in fields

Any surface and color also transparent of panels, and or in a given field plates/panels of SLES is placed in multiple Spot-SunCells in squares in separate and from each panel a laser sunlight spot is pointing at a One-way Director or cell from corporate logos as examples. And or Optical Solar Panels are placed flat in serial pointing by laser spot beam into one another from aside and else. From one-way directors into huge Light Pipe Ways inside laser beams in light not touching inside mirror of LPW pipe meeting transmission squares of Mirror Pipes/tubes built in spotting/ beaming further on with as little as possible light energy KWh loss as possible. Several "huge" Light Pipe Ways can meet in up to several Km2 of SLES i.e. placed Nordic to support equal as the world biggest double nuclear power plants in KWh output delivered.

Producing SLES energy at night

Traditional in heating up i.e. Sea Salt technical to a melt. Over heat exchanger to kettle steam creation of water recycling cooling steam back to water 99,9 degrees Celsius fluid hot reheated up again only 0,1 degrees Celsius to boil to expand 1600 times in being steam again saving over 97% energy KWh heat, in and by JENS PETER KETTLES. This means in snowfall and coverings of snow proximally 20% light are captured inside the Optical Solar Panel to function nuclear facility output no matter daily weather input.


Read more ONLY DIRECT Share Sales click S L E S:



My invent is none mechanic

Last for an eternity in function only depending on build material, and its molecule lowering energy towards Hydrogen even lower. Very important for SPACE and GALAXY TRAVEL also Satellite "No-Fuel", so extreme long living time in JENS PETER SUNLIGHT LASER ENERGY SYSTEMS.





OSP 1 000 M2 cost $1 million. Living time lease over 100 years.

The power resistance in high voltage grid, makes it nonsens a deficit in output consumer place, to transport electrical power from South to North except Nordic to beyound Polar regions. SLES is Power KWh cost efficient to the Polar Circle.


Power production in grid quality to grid from 7 000 to >100 000 Kilo Watt/ hour day North EU. Fact: 25+ Mega W / hour / 1000 M2/ Day.






















Picture please click to enlarge, from French Satellite Map: Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_energy#Potential






The "heat" map a fraud. Since the late 1990'ties I have been researching for income light maps on ground level by me set early reading to minimum in KWh per hour and not year sum average. The estimation of Lux income what is the energy gross not a net. heat to 1 000 Watt per hour year average now up in 10 000 Watt hour average (Up by factor times 10), and figures over clouds even higher for flying on light alone. Important to know Optical Suncells are free of influence on temperatures. I.e. there is more light income in lower Scandinavia than Paris France, the Earth is angled to the Sun and variations makes the diference. So is this map PV Solar a 100 Watt per hour year average Nordic and from that manipulation 25% captured voltage by PV Solar, then scientific fraud by French satellite operative. A modification PV Solar.


Falsum map: 1000 Kilo Watt sum year average.

1 000 000 Watt M2 / 364 Days / 24 Hours = 114, 47 Watt/ M2.


For decades I have been excluded in the market. What a relieve not being competitor in communist by State supported false other fake renewables in the economies globally. And reason for not being competitor I consider me legal in business, and State. Again today as always no legal investors contacted me to invest NEE by SLES.


Home town PRC, One China, Beijing, and moved after Danish State Tax heads Roskilde valued my business to Zero in the 1990'ties again 2015, but first after provocative act by president Bill Clinton in not paying me due envoy of 98 million US$ plus interests to me for delivered Enlighten Science over USA Embassy Copenhagen in year 1996. Now USA does never control the energy markets in free capitalistic real economy ever, unless transferred immediately to my account listed here in Facebook my address here below.



Transport over land

Cheapest possible electrical Radio Cars, trucks and magnetic or electrical rail, read and understand KW.


Gasoline 1 Liter cost production price 20 Cent.


Gasoline consumer price public 100 Cent for the driving of 20 KM distance engine burning optimum on fossils even Diesel.


Electricity a battery car or truck also buses a.s.o. on power electricity grid for roads production price plus road pricing for new powered roads for battery and Radio Car (Power steel antenna to road built in grid to bateries to engine to tracsion axil) driving 1 Cent per KW.


A liter gasoline is 13 KW heat and under 7 KW "Horse Power" on axils tracsion drive force transferred to road lane, else is lost heat and resistance.


7 KW the force for the move of car and loads is 2-7 Cent.


Fossil production a Liter Gasoline cost price at 20 Cent per 13 KWh only 7 KWh force at axel tracktion drive force. The transportation cost forward is 2 * 20 Cent = 40 $Cent.


For Nations and States transforming to electrical driving all; cars, trucks, busses, rail the saving is 40 $Cent Tracsion "Horse Power" minus 7 $Cent SLES Electricity production cost price


= 33 $Cent per Nation spending Liters of fuel in transporatation and none CO2 nor COx's. This will finance extra jobcreation in True Clean Growth Globally and any Nation, who contacts me for investments buying up my shares on sale in the market of > 250 Billions US $ cash. Currency can be argued of Yours.


The gab in taxation income for State in Tax is covered in savings on CLIMATE CHANGE DAMAGES, CLIMATE TERRORISM POLICE ACTS, AND PUBLIC SAFETY, and New Tax on True ReNewAble also True SustainAble energy form for United Nations as my Share Holders. From 20 - > 50 $Cent fuel production cost price to sellers price 175 $Cent is State Taxing involved.


The price per distance can be made the same and Nation and State profits even more than the fossil business even as ressource owner, holder and corporate as State/regime. The economy will grow sound and reforms paid ie. for Social Responsible State to develope not fixated heroic on raw oil as black gold a pollutant a climate terror weapon away from CLIMATE TERRORISM as Nation and State.


Now proven S L E S is profitable to Tax for all Nations to transform to and make money on the Stock Exchanges in time, first thing my own direct sales to governments and administrations National.


~ Click illustration to go www.Windtops.com




Tel. SMS: +45 - 29887911 (C) SPE 1. FCSRS State



SMS One A4-CONTRACT to me + enclosures.

Or Corps de Diplomati personal delivered.


My treasures a Global Management Climate in part handled by United Nations and myself. The unique goal in State Business in National Economy by energy product, manufacturing and new economy on incomes to Tax for Nation in how we act is the Law in how we bookkeep but not now a days to sustain as goal all in line with United Nations Sustainable Goals PROFITABLE.




To change to no cost total what so ever and to engage by friendly Nations to build next era treasures not a cost any Credit Empire an optimum a national currency to buy all up. Remark SLES profitable to invest in by Laws of today, why finances is the key to Market Economy solves, so why no SLES Investors but anti capitalism a fascist communist operative anti me JENS PETER starting 1970'ties enforced 1996 the of FCSRS State published and Marxism ruined in both China and Russia by my writing and State to State Diplomacy Acts.



I am here to optimize the SLES Businesses a row of engineering solving mush of U.N. defined cases, what obviously by a product engineered to solve for Human Kind to avoid many predictable scenarios of catastrophic character, some irreversible so stands to my policy in promoting what solves needs Your stand, and action pro to Your selves and Nation.



Primary goal: Market do solve Climate Change Reversing by SLES Clean Energy in Optical Suncell Power Plants, Windtops, Tang industrialized to Biofuel (Bell Knives), Magnetic Engines heading NoFuel, and biomass deposits.



When Climate Change Reversing by SLES in place the Global temperatur falls several degrees Celsius in no harm from heat and power consumption's by clean and cheap SLES Technologies and Jet streams will move in example Europe to Africa further south and equatorial upwards making Sahara Green every year and wildlife and farming can take place.



SLES Contracting: Nations please invite me as owner of my designs and Engineerings. New-Built after local Tax minimum 20% Royalty plus minimum 5% on Power. This True Renewable then True Sustainable Power sales, Legal Body of State and my cash-flow stays by your National map.



Your versions look like. Me owner and owners Rights in written Primary Patents, Patterns Protections, Copyrightable engineerings drawn or explained are products of mine in ownership Legal Body to respect in all. Thefts proven 1973/19960603 and Law is Pat. Pending's stops and All Rights Reserved owner JENS PETER, SPE.



I.e. 1000 million USD OSP Power Plant, Royalty cash up-front USD 200 Million Nordic 6+ TW Year, Equatorial 24+ TW Year (TW a million Mega Watt, MW), plus 5 % of Electricity production top on sales i.e. 2 Cent per KWh year: USD 0,02 x KW Nordic is

per year of sales a conto USD 120 Million, Equatorial 360+ Million USD of sales a conto.

Most currencies accepted for SLES Economy.



My State SPE purpose to finance further establishments of True Renewable then in all calculated True Sustainable Energy globally, and later finance SPACE CRAFTS for Galaxy travel along with my boarder later established.



Local Galaxy Thé Star State holder

www.Probiren.eu Copyright SPE

Mobile SPE // SMS +45-2988 7911


★ Sunlight Laser Energy Systems, SLES

-- www.spot-suncell.com

-- www.spot-solarcells.com

-- www.biren.dk


★ Straight Lines Engineering Systems, SLES

-- www.windtops.com

-- www.probiren.dk



The big mistake of theirs not handling me proper cash for our businesses to flourish.



As I see it I could have had hundred of thousands employed after year 1972/1996 and forward producing SLES world wide today and we could have seen CO2 declining and climate change reversing. Not even a share mix basis in my SLES of any acceptance by the business enemies for some in part criminals. Costumers, clients, suppliers, Governments and energy sellers making and investing both own brand, time, effort, in here all to be compensated by criminal corporate gangs, and any extra cost in and for fake power supply and in billions.



The business enemy to face long papers in Energy, transport and Engine industries almost all and any worthless in by fact capitalism is more clever engineering of my intelligence product presented takes the market national and global. How petty you are yourselves in showing hostility towards my wealth, businesses, state purposes not to be any part in my legal operation winning market and global economy out of your reach ever. Millions will shift employer, millions of corporate change owner or being closed and your credibility is in catastrophic Minus therefore by common trade and banking you to be realized in short. Your opposition is costly to respective nation why to bookkeep national losses and cash due to nation, why from case to case billionaire to billionaire paper owners can be nationalized to prevent loss is turned to incorporates what simply dry lost on tax system in what I never take part of, so you can never balance your sheet's in my values, treasures and assets etc. The balance for relevant nations is its from me guaranteed balance no bankruptcies in I balance by moving in when hostility has died out....



The markets to realize my engineering is taking place, and many mastodons are simply possessing old former high trusted value but now junk. Transport sector going to 95%+ reduction in fuel consuming on magnetic engines and from power plants powered my JENS PETER KETTLES, Real Estate and most industry in by automatic cleaning, in all total new engine industry by engine concept for driving, sailing and flying even rocket design. In by national macro economics China as first license holder and as Sole Heir will and do benefit in energy guaranteed its civilization to last by my NEE Market Products. Who is next to be willing to sustain in mind U.N. has voted political finances remain the Sustainable Goals. Taking position against is then against U.N. United. More to it against own civilization in being last if any deal not by owner JENS PETER but by China a sovereign superpower as Nation to be in business of the realities the NEE Productions. If and when not for old gangs products protectionism the labor market from unsold old products die out and a reality loosing is as all know it mass unemployment, import cost on clean cheapest energy in hold from leases, franchises, rents on 100 years energy in loss of sovereignty own governing the this century NEE Industry but when to China. The only way and move is the West Community to deal with me JENS PETER in person as private Contractor not to lose influence on national economic scale way over the head of philosophical philanthropic billionaire old in business out of touch this new era of NEE thinking by product no longer after a century in search of cheap endless clean non toxic energy by product winner SLES Engineerings my State and corporate for the size of value not under other Nation but own State how mine continues with inserted public leadership from Heir. Now what Westerns?... In fears of competition and realty to push aside...



Market is on going being established sooner or later going Net Energy Earning, NEE. No nation in respect for itself can turn away from a path to sustain. Waiting is a loss and later deals including turning down owner avoiding respect of ownership is loss of sovereignty in by fact other powers and market for exclusive friends of mine takes the action and make the business. The petty it is old industry bosses don't face starting later is never ends winner of the race in geopolitical successes and national income thereby influence on the way of life. Interesting how all Stock Exchanges world wide has got no trade market of only NEE Businesses, thereby all exchanges set for devastation and not separated in on or of the track going to true Sustainable Goals voted by United Nations year 2015. SLES Engineerings fulfill the UN targets and goals and not yet on the market place hold back in no finances to my businesses and the world in on hold so the old businesses of burning a devastation of resources what could have last year billions fire optimum. This motive gives responsibilities to compensate for loses bringing the will of the people to an end not even for realization, what on a yearly basis in State for respective nation cost in trillions, what can never be paid by fact time lost and resources burned. NEE MARKET not on the Stock Exchanges what showed the financial institutions are far behind reality of impact from my engineering when hits the market, and this in a manner out of corporate and hostile States influence but hard core market principles by friendly nations for respective nation paying me royalties. Production can start up under no signature from me and payment stays national at my disposal. The old Fossil Kings and Queens to lose drastically in my business not on share basis commercial but State to State business in taking over global energy market and geopolitical power by control of energy market. Not in for supplying me JENS PETER with finances will show to study how a few commerce business people do bankrupt nations like USA, U.K., Holland and other nations in huge difficulties in holding on to own controlled transport and engine industry and currency market of their own dealing with energy matters, and huge national deficits will acute in search and reach to fiscal balance deficits made in from losing in market competition loosing to JENS PETER ENGINEERINGS by product. New times. Face it old gang.



Mastodons fall in never accepted any competitor in market and their product running out of resources. New and better products published by me JENS PETER from my business SLES, Straight Lines Engineering Systems and for Sunlight Laser Energy Systems. SLES is the future in engineering a next global economy to take place and a new world order is happening after my releases after 1996. Mastodons fighting to compete and put aside laws on Sustainable Goals on energy and the fact all superpowers has agreed on private property international includes Copyright, Patent Pending and Pattern Protection Laws, and before that still Law when theft of properties made international Police Notifications for decades, law is Rights stays inventor even when no patens pending and pattern protections stamped official made. By clocking the time of thefts by hard evidence and in drafts and notes the engineering presented here public the fact is invents exists at the time. Mastodons attempts on moving away from reality a century superpowers challenge on who got energy for capitalism western to last, is now happening Asia by China won first run. By china is heir the equality's in as mush for me as mush for China plus after invents in friendly nations secondary and design Rights to use in manufacturing my JENS PETER ENGINEERINGS by SLES Products and be a part of the transmission to new times where energy is safe, unlimited, clean and cheapest possible, what means capitalism won over it self in can succeed in need and demand market economics not running out of energy or resource producing energy. By light no slitage is made in sealed maintained Optical Solar Panels in no part of the production is any limitation of 10+ billion people living highly modern State Planet Earth Life. What else to have both China and Russia to go capitalistic social responsible after reading my FCSRS State.



Total market Fake Renewables about 293 Billion USD Year, in process and propaganda anti Net Energy Earning both aware, and not aware of productions their fraud and criminal no matter any their calculation of NEE. Net Energy Earning not a policy but hard fact calculation, why hard criminals of the branch both corporate, State and Unions to pay back all.





















Rec. 20161205 1500 CET


NB. After year 1996 year FCSRS State to UN:

1996 June third my home invaded all confiscated except some clothing and "burned",

1996 December 22 Police uniformed HM The Queen Margrethe Vestegnens Police Roskilde City District beats me up in public with club, hard carved me, arrested and made constructed evidence later lead to Justice Murder in H.M. Court of Law, later random arrests and medication jailing's up to today on verdict 1996 constructions on police frauds. Remind yourselves military in job is job 95%+ professional liar to confuse enemies but not in my case legal operations,

1996: Embassy USA visit Enlighten Science Seal Contract Sales, and opened by USA or Spy,

1996/97: China later Russia signs Copyright, Pattern Protection and Patent Laws international,

1996: Testament from me JENS PETER to PRC delivered in person several agencies on the road in traffic including Denmark after Ambassadors CD car, USA Marshal a.s.o.

JENS PETER email out in hundred of thousands including UN and all Embassies Denmark and Sweden Diplomatic List over Representations,

USA went technical National bankrupt twice,

USA has lost several member State of the Union,

USA civilians target and warned to travel practically all over this planet by FM,

USA has lost in by no financed nor payment due 98 Million USA bill 1998 plus interest and costs,

USA & U.K. has not paid compensation jailing in use of Danish Office to me in other millions,

U.K. by Britain has lost when leaving the EU head position State Security,

U.K. has dismissed 40% of their civilian military spy's (007 sold to Japan),


20161122 CNN WORLD USA FM. warns Americans from traveling in Europe under info terror threat. Read below terror who by what.






Tel. SMS: +45 - 29887911 (C) SPE 1. FCSRS State



~ War without roof my State remains.


How much of what schooling modern time but pretrial Agents for Party, Old Industry, even Medical Corp. Jailings of me and my businesses, Unions for State to bookkeep what lost. Balance my State winnings SPE to be promptly informed in process this Common Law rules or my own bookkeeping delayed by your obstruction serving a burning causing damage to climate, mass migrations, economic interrupted, clean growth sabotaged in my finances of no fiscal budgets global. If not, your national fiscal budget, accounting illegal international fraud and you risk currency relatively loose as global responds being validated insolvent by rates credibility to fall drastically.


Read on about principles in bookkeeping the log of activities according to real time real value by Thé Law public. The case where philanthropists including Banks and corporates plays against territories in the run to capitalize a realization against people and resources in by principle going without any energy break-even for civilizations highly multinational in no specific national concern nor interest, why they can be confiscated all wealth and credits worthless. Prime Evidence my personal account public bank meter of interest by inserted an investment. Now salary personalities has pushed their business over the edges for them to exist in a near future for owners risk their loosing playing supreme and fine by address and suits and cards, only a short case in Court of Law and a verdict pro my proceedings for years and all lost for multinational empires build up credit system swimming in State Cash well-known takeaways all conspiration going minimal State and have control the currency print. Since I do not work by own print nor any credits only they lose. As stated: My State Remains. War! Opponent problem cannot find a legal draw in his bookshelves in process showing muscles in manipulating reality showing up greater than Thé Law at all time avoided truth on real power staying Legal not to be proven criminal. In economics can never buy up PRC China or have share in my properties, so the sheet fact in his bookkeeping can never reach any balance in debit and credit in from truth by the law losses and real life lost to JENS PETER logged by doing the suits bookkeeping.


What when USA has set sails under Trump?

For two decades the global market in going true sustainable has been on false track. An old school of the past the old stays on top by accumulated power in Credit possessions but in opposite lack of knowhow, performing going Green by tech from over half a century back in time presented by old folks in branch of coal and steel and energy sector, by old writers the energy solved but not. A time after 1972/1996 where I JENS PETER has not reached any finances, who accumulates my time present for Western Powers in economy to have a deal with owner of my SLES in products the future energy market in all both true renewable, burning and engines by own engineering, and from that has set the West Communities on the edge in old gang for old industry making a choice my SLES products of NEE and Space-Techniques produced in the West in my lifetime and time tuning out, or in by PRC command and control.


In process the competitors treasons gets higher and higher and cost for nation devastating for many thousands years to come in all energy economy turns to Asia out of western influence a fact geopolitical a loosing by now. My engineerings primary patents, patterns and copyright never for sale as I have published the more in doublet PRC to bookkeep as Sole Heir common interests. The old homofil gang of the west cher them leaders, what by law and common sense gives responsibilities of a kind never experienced before and abes sits and yawn off the lectures given by me not digestible in fact since not mix with me in invested the competitors vanish over time. They see them not understanding by excuse they make money and gets credits home or sold to the unknowing as businesses a devastates managed. Old jerkers suicidal path a Dead End for west Electric-Industries what on products cannot ad energy income why losers.


The global market fake Renewables could have been True Renewables if governments had shopped SLES, by contracts half upfront of Sum Enterprises to finance my productions but no. The old men hord to manifests thing never went any better, in by doing crime readers! Gangs of capitalists, lobby governments and old industry sees a continuing in keep on realization a defined capitalization in waste spend of Taxpayers money by work or simply National Bank currency holder drained for cash in processes bottom line in energy calculated to polytechnic pollute a violation on planet in balance in moves. In market gives cashflow banks, real credit buildup and cost nations a credit optimum away from Debit Economy on cost human lifes, nature devastated, economics sabotaged against stability. So quiet they are never responded real world so smooth, slick, dressed up, on cash stacks a free wheel others inserted at disposal in big numbers over night, weekend, holidays having client in the way busy in hungers of speculation.


SPE Business responds psychic law a Law Logic:

When pushed a contra push equal generated.

I.e. zero tolerance expressed same but Legal responds in elimination hostility, jailings/shot, propaganda, perjuries, lies on Status, thefts etc.

Bad losers of the evil is the lead to grow in rule of sick ego's going under in use covers, secrecy and in row of order injustice must work.


The losing gets even bigger in destruction of surroundings of the work path in fully fucked up personality taking itself prisoner a shell life seeking panser as home demolish what did work where Legal redraws from legacy to condemn realities living dream out and refuse true identity of negative sick manipulating staff bigger loosing role to stand head a winning next time but never against me SPE what only to reject and all costs ignored.


Territories lose and the people kept silent for some event to a cure what can free leaders by a bigger Outlaw, stronger Union, more jailings of businesses being Right, some argument Legal of no Right properties in my SLES. The deranged chaos brain state of opponent is grown out of reach and petty the youth, labor force, Taxpayers and investors in false renewable products to pay back in Taxvalue roles back of a liberal time of juntaplay the impossible for Legal Law forced a succes manifestation can built but the more wrong of no NEE, then on to even greater bankrupts. The players cannot leave table for a cost they never can pay so the worlds await personality problems of a kind insane looks, behaviors and confession abesmiles.


In process in billions in Credit cash due, but the lobbyists industry of international fraud in trillions extend time to have crime in goal a payment credits and sees success in continuing renewable frauds in framing investors/Taxpayers money and consumers to have a business but in no market competences to have a place there. Exactly why economy a learning and logic in by laws promoting what best in market and crime excluded. A in the West common sense basic basis of what the west stands for all modern time and in economy as modern science not communistic nor ruled by a lobby interest paid by old industry tech reaching out in monster bau and break laws of psychics i.e. propel windmills and photovoltaic solar cells never beats SLES Windtops and Optical Solar Panels.


Definition when writing off a given asset of the criteria's of tech state, future, sales value public, fraud always zero value i.e. Fake Renewable Projects in Sum, no Net Energy Earning, SLES not chosen as contractor for National or State or Corporate buyings, and no legal basis State support but corrupt governing infiltrated Office, no basis Tax-Value going "Green", Stock Value, Credit Value of futures, Obligations, Notes, Papers and such economy of frauds to be rolled back and investors of unknowing to be fully compensated by fraud makers, politicians as lobbyists industry, Banks, Pension Funds against innocent Taxpayers and consumers.


Fraud "Green" electricity because no NEE not even energy breakeven products and linked growth in consuming. Case nothing in finances and orders to me, then National Banks to write of from their old industry basis of no balance new tech but old lost. Economy a logic of metering real time real value what also is by writing off examples value if sold of a given time and place. Here defined and international agreed Laws basic to fulfill by law doing the bookkeeping if not international crime and frauds continued and solidity gone bye and nations relevant then collapses in economics.



Telephone personal: +45 29887911



Is it now USA start winning knowing lecture Win Win. After decades after my release of my FCSRS State 1996 of no Denmark State (EU) Registration nor CVR nor cash my belongings (Death) nor as my representative nor negotiators as middlemen, USA administration and intelligence has played only loosing cards against my State operations. The impotent in talk hides in offices so hidden public focus placing sales smiles at front "desk" so hopeful naive and impressed of its heads of immunity to ever pay cost in service against me JENS PETER.


The Liberal Free-Wheel for paragraphs reiterating to understand and face they are not immortal for Thé Law. Any Court of Law experienced knows the verdict for a death penalty High Treason is weighed in value of JENS PETER Legal Body by business for State for Nation bigger than most Nations as business objects as GNP my State the richest, towards the other side of non sustainable smaller businesses by business men game playing statemen of a much smaller economy than of JENS PETER in public presented.


So business men playing against Nation know during operation their mission a risk an accountable to interfere my goals. In process against me The Liberalist on Legal set aside to govern ad hock in legislations to illusionate majorities a Legal in Act by vote of crimes. The losses fact, bookkeeping creative defined crime also for States.


The more in process I have profiled PRC China as Sole Heir and National Territories of my business enemies out of any future deals with me as owner, PRC and USA as businesses has saved cashflow in paying of their spyoperations and by industry foreclosures coming closer PRC by its co-work with JENS PETER State my SPE stands winner. And as seen after my press releases in hundred of thousands emails businesses moved to PRC in invests safe for future in energy and consumption economy.


Governments in the West paid in goods, trade, cash inserted, cash invested, The West for Sale and SLES stayed Chinese Heir. So why are spies not prosecuted but decorated of honor respective Nations... Hahahaha. And Denmark and EU National Banks proven do not give a shit, don't get a shit about running Bank based Real Value including my treasures, so they fall. Leaders playing ruler of status and welfare of my life and freedom on my premises but what metered is by logic economy the real value of a currency by its products industry, farming, trade, transport, resources in all this energy in basis of any economy by law fact of economics and NoFuel reached in engineering in my businesses SLES of relevance who as leader goes under ignored Debit Economy of SLES Products.


By Debit is meant open EDB Accounts for Nation then type and insert value as SPE Properties under SLES and for State free of cost financing my businesses and goals, because an SLES-Engineering is equal to have goldmine making gold coins. What businesses goes down under and what remains no personal rhetoric but substance in espionage understood and in performance what Nation(s) capable to show management of a national coin to last because looser started out nothing in firm capital to me, ends my enemies loose independence their sovereignty of monetary politics what is has lost geopolitical. And no nation over State for Planet defined Legal Body the SPE by JENS PETER, what in principle can end only remains.


The future a given fact in intelligences in production and concept engineerings rise not fall and no instance can legally say no to higher grade civilization to last. And from the international diplomacy got the tool to reverse climate changes going true sustainable by knowing my SLES Engineerings the United Nations voted in COP21 Paris the global community in all mayor powers to live sustainable by Law. By not able to solve by True Renewables then True Sustainable means NEE achieved in products producing energy for consumption the COP21 agreement gives meaning. Then what are the actions metered in finances pro my SLES Businesses by products OSP Power Plants, JENS PETER KETTLES, Windtops and Magnetic Engines but straight zero in my account now year 21 after my presentation year 1972/1996 to U.N., Embassies, Politicians and press international. And Abes a direct question: What do you take me for according to position jailed lied on about insanities from your point falent industries of no politic trend setters but devastators chimney tubes happy. Abe Regimes to reply today in comments here below. A no reply gives abes warlords pushing its luck in war gamechange of a turn back the clock of powers of a past and so eliminated as fully Legal Military Targets.


Abes cannot ever present any winning by its old goat high ego blown sky-high in living past worthless towers of no energy incomes in profit of NEE, no aut. cleanings, no future infrastructure ready. Monkeys business grows greater in ego day by day by only replying opposite world corner in chaos a pilot in confusum over realities as primitive the Abe state of mind are pray before higher intellects in by economics being sabled to a non figure of importance but living charlatan, don Juan, king of the hill for lower race abes in office. The deroute a trip in power to the bitterness in life survival not understood as CIA Directors moving ass, moving legs, fear drinking, chicken chest blown up the walk away from it all but saluted as top contra spy a regime industries for fall in climate and ressources war complot against Human Kind and Planet State.


Maps drawn by U.K. some centuries back never voted by sovereign holders but maps of resources plundered... in basics concept Tax for a Royal dictator up history cher themselves winners of a time by no aftermatch, in fear an all mighty galaxy power even own God, and never wrote creation right for instances and people and therefore I SPE can take from the history of evidences the Creators Defends in use of basic agreed international Law and Justice for first owners in fact property defined by law. In Creation is Lifes, Planet in balance, Local Galaxy Clean, Climate Control & Managed by tools, habitats stability, a Planet where life variates from Polar to some dessert in dry and wet, dark and sunny, low and high and in mane designs.


The National Accounts Passives or Actives can be edited by asses key holder in adjusting or direct insert a given value of real. My engineerings holds a value and has not been accepted by spies primary USA and U.K. (EU) in multi trillions more worth than most GNP's nations. The existing values of a currency a credit paper i.e. Real Estate falls drastically in by Real Credit out of business replaced by business energy incomes.


In transportation as income not expense object connected grid, and in buildings integrated, why price on next industrial products, transporters, real estates of other engineering all mine no energy cost but profit and no cleaning expenses in Real Estate so price in no need of any rise in price but simply out beat the existing market of property. The world turned upside down in my energy forecast of a future coming in as I write. Where today a consuming or free space or infra structure free room or surface (the backsides) becomes energy catcher supplicants of traffic and parked transport and electrified transport to grid also supplier by the SLES Tech Optical Solar Panels in energy income to JENS PETER kettle over 97% to KWh a voltage.


Todays PV Voltanic planet per M2 maximum 50 Watt output its optimum psychics compared to OSP SLES up to 100 000 Watt per hour voltage per M2 in sunny Nations. The sunlight simply is 100 KWh per M2. Nordic winter is over 2 000 Watt per hour sunshine and in clouded rainy weather around 400 Watt per hour per M2 from sunrise to sundown enough to drive, sail and fly for own force from own surface. In all fully recycle able and no waste products so sustain in no resource consuming after first Optical Solar Power Plants up to produced the OSP an CSP the lights concentrated into laser into kettle into voltage or directly as light for consumption.


Heat and Light for all buildings the same Polar Regions to the Equator. At summer time including the Artic and Antarctic regions too including pool warm. In production food industrial boiling or farming cheap heat by light central in a good profitable business economy, and so for shipping, aviation and transport in going NoFuel is fuel cost eliminated.


The cost typically one year earlier fuel consumption. Ship and flight it can be over 50 million USD per year flight or ship living time typically up to 50 years (2015). 50 million times 50 years is 2,5 Billion USD what is principle breakeven budget an IFO plane, ships, space crafts even some towers in energy consumption. By holding in my budget in SPE the global total Energy Market in reach in under a few decades in time in heat and NoFuel by producing energy and by industry linked products, and by Royalties of minimum 20% newbuilt plus minimum 5% commission on the power produced, to stay inside respective nations as client of my SLES.


My State State Planet Earth has to be accepted for involved nations not to go bankrupt because otherwise emptied by cash drained in from energy only spend, not invested. By investing the friendly nations gets balanced by SPE my State reinserts . How it becomes of national no defined cost in economy but simple invested to profit to transform a new era our common future between States under State Planet Earth accepted territories Legal to Legal. I await your reply in own validations are you legal for Creators creation or fallen to crime not able to raise and speak your case in committed against legal body now defined State for Planet. You to become part of a Legal Galaxy State Area of the Galaxies?, Thé Local....


Representation I JENS PETER. Published Ecomine and Size economy in part biggest and Area of the Star and Legal basis a defined Legal State of no nationality. My seriousity on Law Principles in Legal Drive, or crime path. The opponents typically believes crime a safe profit a matter weapons, numbers of jailhouses and number employees to give a voting by plot and setups. Modern time of Thé Law is and nothing but this: Law rules thé wars. War only won Legal. And winner and winning is by thé law. Law is not a person or army or party but simply defined by Legal Body, one can be right against all else by the law followed and all is not right against the one by the the numbers but again only by thé law. My State and case in processing pro Life and civilizations in higher grade of principle one to have the opponents mass executed is legal by Thé law. Order your funeral. Speak to your Undertaker. Call Santa Prime. United and tell your armies positions. We are at War here writes State Planet Earth what by principle of legal law remains. You opponents you die out! As hostile corporates only eliminated here Accounting language. My State has written you in fully off any value but cost never compensated by your dead criminal body!


In GNP the value of a currency print of value and else shall according to law be adjusts to real time real life real tech state not illusion. Economy is hard data and hard calculation of reality its finest purpose. By not accepting my business own State defined and now State to State business and status governments of national or EU and Dollar economics they stand in person as high treasoners responsible nation lost big time by ignoring me JENS PETER and my businesses.


The undermining the national economics and continues non explanation of SLES in news and media rise the question: Do National Banks leaders and political jobs as State Revisor know their doing since never speaks any logic of SLES in progression and let economy of theirs irresponsibility go under. Hiding from replying often lack in practice or high ego other specialist and no overview of my case presented but buying time to leave for carrier job offer as spy honored international job and foreign office.


The practice is now except PRC all open State Account Actives (Built, Transport, engines, energy, boilers, heating, infra structure etc.) for Passives (Coins) down and my asset not inserted because no deal by you not accepted my business and State matters by metered no cash in my disposal. As opposite to type in Credit pay out in the currency respective nations in my favor and balance achieved in bookkeeping sheet.

Now you know how to bookkeep year 1972/1996 and forward so why didn't you do so. Only cost five minutes national bank labor by bookkeeper and Revision.


Do you know running a national currency and at what but a real value basis. Again why don't you but Spy!

My reference just one corporate USA the biggest Exxon Mobil account winning in energy the marker true sustainable is of over 5 millions Billions USD (2016). I know my value and not for sale because market winning even much bigger value than money can buy.


Loosing means lost so to be bookkept! Credit Kings then faces their Papers never solid nor can be paid back in assets not Real Value validated and Credit Kings insolvent and bankrupted. This is common practice all and any banking ever since Credit Paper invented known as Thé Risk.


Industrial Spy Gang including IT and medias complete amateurs in what Espionage is about in extreme low capacity agents including CEO's goes for a stake of cash believing big business and let Nation lose in job simply lobbyists seeking influence against States for Nations and its military as their servants some in double role position includes Accountors and politicians as lobbyists before a national interest bottom line all bookkept. In game of a millionaire or billionaire party status versus bigger nations GNP and its energy economy loosing.


It's easy to have low brains, simple folks running erin against me and my State core principles by act nothing but their Contra Para Militants in civilian as business of cost is Taxpayers and not their corporate, and China sees USA Corporatism as easy pay in PRC winner mo matter what as long and goal the West communities in gangs or legal governments do not start up any SLES Production under licensed me JENS PETER.


How simple can it get and China let West CEOs be placed in limelight with government officials as west spy idiots the fools seat as King Carrot. How easy can it get to get hold on spies for the U.S. Corporative in liberals even communists supporting steel, coal, big oil and wars for the same object in process goal no NEE Productions so devastating proven decade by decade after 1972/1996 and political agencies honored and paid as the enemies in respective nations State Finances and by jobs undermining the involved Nations as leaders even Primes.


I.e. Denmark even USA President coordinate British Dumpire espionages handbook of its oppositions most famous South Africa Thé Nelson Mandela surrogate jailed during apartheid of today differentiation on intelligence a what Legal a matter for UK's to avoid international junctions and skisma how to correct bookkept without loosing prestige and honor in never anything done proper but the britbrain all a theater in plan and plot against real life, the stage a their management and creation all as yesterday rub the future of all other party even Legal Bodies seen enemy of all times why hymen they know only a God can save their Queen.


As case for decades value traffic resolut on military shopping goes USA and UK and in civilian businesses in by intelligence leaves for also USA and UK. Consequent State Register being emptied, smaller cash in consumer economy spending later drained by Taxing and the big picture in sovereign State value built up as concept all is spend so powers of Danes manipulated a nobody very British known as snob noses.


The All come together people of a gather mentality. In read and writing of the their University. The interesting part is who is not but the very English and in reading what is the unsaid of a record very logged locked for luck. Is this their brainwriting very islandish. A safe home all a sport problem when selfgoals... in selfwriting themselves of all responsibilities. Snob believes a costume sells and buy the way on right address for credits.


My case evidence also of the what repeated the secret or hiding the operative in what stands and when not the primitive Dumpire concludes war to cover up.


The snob nose in hard difficulties of system play made by the book and nothing else. As arriving power in Space to observe not only psychedelic but Legal, why the British obsession in bringing games with ball for frames at done legal a made point. At the same time by imperialistic manners in mayor conflict common sense of Thé Law principles of properties and holders Rights as global court of plays. And gets highly insecure, childish, isolated, reacts in fears, way over its head to was global scene done criminal, and all game illustration the discipline legal court a psychological problem lived out, they understood a "ball".


As Arriving Force I see as investigator Thé Planet not understood as science and historical record lies, frauds and manipulated all out of nature scale evidences, what has been going on but slaughter on whom got the story right from Creation. A scenario of today the Britbrain cannot stand others being right a modern word is stob-born in universal "stop giving birth". The Britbrain will not correct and adjust to my State and Status of my Court in a status of system showed out U.K. a union Kingdoms hard criminal gangs from start and cannot write itself legal later in life a theater in to proud to give in. No legal in put legal.


A planet rapped as I JENS PETER wrote back in 1996 followed up by U.K. p.a. came in handy regimes doing police club beat up of head on State in public followed up justice murder and imprisoned later after p.a. did lie in courtroom and police constructed evidence a PhotoShop a smash in my face. The escapism for Britbrains/ Vestegnen types of what but replacing spokesmen and service intact for gang leaders. What else but to say stupid direct a Dumpire from Galaxy language dum is dum a pire a provoker/pointer.


The forces in Law never reach behind in operation all to look at spokesmen. The foreclosures a cost for sudden and involved old industry or simply suppliers all links to pay as responsible of all and any cost in trillions from its private accounts.


Service never a To Lose as job. Smiling a laugh of falen regiments in Law battle challenging JENS PETER expert in many lanes in universities and combined. A set the rules in the enemy commercial self-filming, big shots but in goal a self-goal and I let them lose big time of little enforcement.


The losers smile can now be even grand farther can and do smile natural not a dentist show-off. Dollar smiles fell loosing face... The civilian communities working Legal can set military to the limit of extinction and the MS and Royale propaganda excluded State, commune and corporate finances toward Law and Communicative and media educational in stead. End of fool for fool a metal business. An criminal economics.


The operations manipulation of my life situation so militant of zero tolerance of no acceptances of my businesses and political goals of a kind the MS Development, Vedbæk, FE Denmark/NATO and Royale castle regiments all linked CIA Schaumburg Helsingør Psychiatry as master undermining my businesses, work, incomes, publicity, renome and Status leads to the Corporates on the Stock Exchanges loosing to sue by lawsuits in having regress their foreclosures in market not able to compete.


All obstruction linked military NATO and Microsoft keys holders.


I expected winner mentality of all but way under a cannot accept other win too. Pathetic how USA brains think in brought up control of word limited the capabilities to formulate by common definitions solutions and from this lack intelligence tries hard core shape a world to a record base for managing by strings and by observation "PhotoShop" a creation striving towards perfection in images far away from letting Finance Accounting System be working the case of sustainability developments.


By such manners more violence's in the people, the businesses, other culture under pressure and threats in about system of economics a fiasco only failed in by more and heavier confrontations of a kind inhuman. Processes by JENS PETER State the economy bad and criminal serving a smaller business lounge setting up global communities for a sale and full cost never responded by replied in do not exist. Very Ignorantistic.


Fanatic on old business concept as usual to continue any change to what is Legal an admitation of what world record chimneys in housing cannot stand facing reality as starts politicizing more or less but burning needed as owner systemacy of burnings as heat concept. Then loosing as world inflater, economic power heavy in Pound Sterling and Silver Dollars leaving scene lost selfshot as looser global culture dominators for year hundreds.


The criminals very dollar potent not a patient willing to meet me via the civilian emergency me as investigator public prosecutor bringing the bullet.


The tech a programmers and militant abstract highly limited behaviors when it comes to what do work when communication in place and common goals agreed of non Egocentria the one only win all other lose cost to the Planet as State simply represented, business never paid all cost but in all records economy creative bookkept a crime.


The lad after giving decades of open arms of a time going to several wars of no goal planing aftertime war time problematics and solving social, investment and structure of war zones.


You dear reader can read my State Facebook for years on the non solving in by the economics mush to liberal.


Globe has become a free spend take away of goods, and media and masses not being educated or presented analysis of real time, so people as plan manipulated.


What failed. But Liberalism.

The economists don't operate Sustainable in an economy global scale all works only as yesterday bringing no change in habits.


The takeaway and no accounting for State all expenses. War never solved in educate mass communication of the people but masses sees world event entertainment and commercial in mix.


Per definition unserious taking the people hold uninformed for kids and professional analyst experts not exposing amateur warfare in goals if any never reached. Even problem in national security multiplied only optimum surveillance and police weapon optimum. People did not feel or became safe and guarded but target named terrorism.


President USA fires leaders of USA lost the After Wars a definition war is not won by battle winning but winning aftertimes what stands.


When it comes to dealing with my case all have read a few weeks back: USA Intelligence Heads not hired to lose.


Today Wall Street Journal:



Donald Trump Shuffles National Security Council


Executive measure adds Steve Bannon while removing Director of National Intelligence, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


“The overall view was that some of the agencies would send people not at the appropriate level and/or people who are neither empowered to make decisions nor represent their departments; that there was too much discussion with too few decisions,” a White House official said.


An administration official said the changes to the NSC would make the operation “more adaptive to the modern threats that we face.”


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Rec. Date: 20170209 10:44 CET. SPE in Den. jail.



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Losers producing of pupils later in business as developer, engineer or entrepreneurs. All ends foreseeing under Marxist pressures of old traditional socialism and communism in Intelligence leave a given nation after reading foreign interest basis books to the exact writers orientation.


The face agitators simple minded of no matter cost never admits has lost its nations dominans, its power, its cash volume in a given very near future did lose the energy market both a installation of value and cashflow by fact fossils including natural gas never last. They burn it causing damaging climate changes an optimum Real Estate and Supermarket Economics so very commerce anti Nations and widely civilizations.


Who did believe stalking and violence, thefts, destructions, anti my wealth never a cost, but hopeful naivitists on share my assets robberies basis's now judgement day has past.


Year 1996 I wrote my FCSRS State the SPE and new world order toke place. Then why continue any losing path old schooled but fallent traditional behaviors can not stand it the face lost, the position fell, the porno pseudo news film in breaks a brain illusions reduced Soap TV of old books any winner but never beside fact basis. They claim production. Well rather construct a reality but the calculation a measure all in failures a break down and the world stage is informed a study.


Their speakers from its industry in ideologue hate full scale anti civilizations to last, the beast head of agencies a policy, conservative any Party, consequent anti I reach capital to have my industry up producing read closely: In The West by western people their governance not a single Cent has reached my bank account after year 1996.


Who being but party folks war lords anti read closely again: Human Kind, and Civilization Progress. Non my intelligent engineering serve pro my person nor State. Market Economy of no acceptance of an ruler out of touch realities from my product climate changes reversed. Again and again a corporate junta operative international including banking goal locked: Only Devastations. They most wanted by U.N. Public list with photo and why not yet?...


No matter the outcome a given product the old industry and Super Governments demand not to end dead in market for new products entering taking market. This is goal all Superpowers to end geopolitical winner peacefully civilian in use of military discipline the students study hard brainwashed never forecast a success they live for especially business and science ends out of native nation, when to big for a private individual to hustle larger trained experienced powers in intelligence on the move, but what happened when I JENS PETER overviews studies several universities.


The clear it stands in mind for own progress be followed by masses common wealth and play superpowers out against each other and them as western rubbers in a fall of new defined values, new legal economy the competitors for public trail prosecuted being against civilizations to to must last by only my engineerings, why traditional study strategic never wrote the my new definitions, why never any learning book to present winner situation at fixed finish line.


The recent years mush makeover in public room, stimulus and fixes in economics even more creative avoiding structural and legal problems from old books. The misuse and misunderstanding of loyalty to the earlier proven fails all efforts no compromise they did, they do fail, why my Ecomine presented. Commerce not any Legal path as the one and only treasured, but Life is, civilization to last is, Liveable Local and beyond the treasures not any optimum other production.


A surprise the only outfall is win win or opponent nation civilization or its power demolishing, what never is a superpowers goal, now agents in serious difficulty in have operated against own job prescription, goal of Agency supported its industry, and community.


They stand loser of strategics in learning a lesson the win win bookkeeping and culturewide each civilization do last not a monopoly not a old religion but a Life Sustain by biological Laws and Ecomine a legal economy.


So experts you book flags what nation, what universities, what languages origin, the after war winner was, the peace winners are?... Your bookshelf how that. Have my writing replaced retro icons selfjustices. Why didn't you pay me Copywrite?


Not mush happen and USA heading no climate deal is a dead sack. They never got my engineering that going to new energy is saving fuel costs, creating jobs building my Energy Systems, and going from debted nation to rich communitywide.


To invest a part of what can be save in the future is a strategy and learning any business schooling in making profit. Business is defined making profit to invest further on, a basic in growth not by a demand but an need intelligence served Capitalistic Social Responsible state. A future the FCSRS State.

Not that mush but a common sense basis for life sustains. Now who got a problem with Sustainable Goals but life suckers....


No business goal is end up stupid or self destructive or driven blindfolded out of reality. A basic conflict old communist economy schooling against free capitalism what includes asses to finances and the Law achieved legal business for investors also by Governments pro respective Nation not ending loser.


Going energy investment fully bookkept profitable to Tax, and energy market an consumer as producers event for supply security optimum. Fossils do run dry in some decades from now along with migrant and agricultural crises. Many in hundred of millions can no longer feed themselves their land becomes dessert climate.


I believe UK is behind. Trump now very opened minded to reality of Climate Change can be connective to Human Activity. Reality changed 22 of November 2016. But heading if he continues to poorer USA and China walks with my engineerings. To realize both economy, jobs, energy and climate change reversing in same deal with me, and USA Military and Civilian can take advantage of secondary patent pending's and patters for SLES Production their designs.


So what they believe they catch up in finances but all know China no open free world market and strong in finance controls. The fools speculate against own civilization primary basics the energy to hold or run out of it or governs by china new energy economy and then the West all see did lose from the beginning 1996 and forward in no change only against me JENS PETER and my business. They see competitor not any win win why any loser.


Interesting to study. Deals with china is China over all winner and USA and UK lost sovereign power of own governances in energy market lost in value and currency cash volumes.


Can the people and voters have any suddenty of their leaders have understood what is really going on, when no debate in press and TV.


Other fact is non invested in my NEE Products in my regi and non invests capital, so is basic capitalism accepted? Is the free world and capitalization of more intelligent running out of time for the West leaders in prove nothing proclaimed by industries speakers the politicians, but geopolitical full concept made by capitalistic social active PRC one China.


Why no talks win win over what ruling, what news to bring west population the voters for politicians to have legal mandate in process losing historically. Well the West do you have sound and fresh mind true Democracies?








Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State. 1. Edition 1996 www.probiren.eu





★ STATE PLANET EARTH ★ Getty Pigs red!

Jens Peter Schwartzlose Claire own State

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~ The strongest chemistry by the brains themselves, how? Communicative Psychiatry on Realities. What is psychiatric on what reality, not who, then what patient on what basis only realities. Basis Life route is settled?


Goodday patient, no giving after here, you will not pay back, question is could you ever pay JENS PETER compensations, why war to fight you out and away paying bills listed for half a century guest without host.


No taboos here, all to settle. High treasoner guilty to ever walk free alive is you homo partner chineese oily without any what so ever mandate to deal my cards ever in "coal" writing, after being in the west serving China as spy proven for decades from JENS PETER writing your guilt his insanity postulated proven being your freetime keeping I JENS PETER fighting stupidity oppotionists on you their hero walks free of trail an international War Tribunal alternativly "The heiritage never went in", a screen play JENS PETER leaves the West. A Jew script in time solves but nothing, being excapist ! So I follow my treasures for good my Legal standing.

About your illusions winning wars in infights, is lose about you like partying and have your facades sminked?


Patients personalities typically ready to die for a given sake basis illusion, tradition, thought-habits being manic in selling ideas others to run for i.e. love, food, sex, free time, ideology in point of views all basis choices also divorces, in Act when resistance starting out threats of violence and revenge of higher purpose, religion of a sick running brain falling by opinion a pooling, High-Ego in free fall, includes dropped sexual goes forced ego drive and selfsex, now ready readers of JENS PETER, common criminal to punish. Doc. Soap (Doc. Med.) yours weighted by publics now. Producers, Vegetables masses made how?


Oh dear evidence of masses produced weaker than industry concept, then why pill. Human by Nature means not over 50% invalidated breed from birth, so what and whose concept states sick? Pills where from, ideology what competences in acting Lord of communication. A pill never communicates. So anti-communicate is anti Human our skill not being animal nor vegetable but All Kind also Nature on who by what learned to interact but slaughter, then what is bookkeeping but executions every line book kept. Reality folks.


Strenghteners fired Shrinks after meeting JENS PETER, how many starting year 1994, developer modern anti any psychotics by stimuli and training concept "NoPill" starting early 1970'ties for Mr. Over Doc. then Stud. Undén.

Dilemmas military intervention interactions in Civilian in setting brains targeted in life routes.


Continues Wake Up calls year twenty USA dreamers. They see me and Legal stalking.

Remind/presume the force bringing you down after any warfare around the globe for oil also against Nazi Germany, any setup chance?...


Difficulties replying stating my name and business, then what is hidden agenda about Getty Pigs KGB's freaks... Freaks freaking out out of words on reality not any Soap, but factual not to beat but follow to live fully. When arrives your Planet Shrink a call to Court I need what is cash due, the case Common Wealth bottom line interests civilized, are you civilized Unisex Freak-outs are the real patients running Office, not any JENS PETER BUSINESSES, then what Mr. Patient ?


Who is small my State...? When figured out a political pupu in easy meals voters easy bought by commerce TV. When defined psychiatric casualty, do you know it, reality a combat scene. JENS PETER is please state my Title and names, the bastard is who? As shrink to strong for you to show any potent talk on realities, fear a Shrink planet competent, you are then... oh to impress force and violence going nationalism Red outfit blacks, now status patient is JENS PETER only sane. You are? Reply patient "politician"... diagnostics. Reality please, say the words about JENS PETER patients, we then all informed your psychosis, minor difficulties, underdog status.


The deal is there is NO DEAL.

Legal is justified my entire SLES placed mainland Peoples Republic China after 1996 First violent attack by police officer Frankyboy. No nothing has changed in hostilities strategy and violent Acts by USA as terrorist party soldiers anchorman along with U.K.'s. No nothing change to legal business pro SLES in public talks.

Basic feer making a kill, end of relation, sugar adicted, a hugry heart safe in heaven in the lime light a "cam"-pus.


Talking rubbish for a gossip. TV presentations soap of nothing legal binding a popularistic event contributing the existing said to fall, but tool making it fall never explained is anything understood then, when nothing proven.


The self promotion liars in any doing not presented legal correct calculated continued.

Stimulus packages to continue by Democrats, in debt spiral running none real value growth, but investment for the future not enough energy, mixed with violence soap on SLES Owner in Grandmother cannot manage USA.

USA a dream worker talking runs in then then whole world to project American any dream...


Grand moms speech last evening, confronting Trumps corps is fine, but grand mom Walt Disney concept talking no facts but entertain to bring a good Christmas mood to people in having a good time before really knowing process in a political frame they believe legal work.


Follow the link and read nothing about SLES Products, Windtops, SLES economies for the world. Party program is ten times more clean energy on private land and water not saying propel windmills but it is, and USA about economy where the energy is the highest cost in life more than Taxes is without the words of USA reaching Energy Break Even so industry will die out and a money printing socialist system will overrun United States of America.


Congratulation Americans the Swedish and Danish police States and all majority industry in the control in demand PRC China and other Asia including little Asia. Congratulation USA.

Industry value any Nation basis welfares paid, so in progress is Nazi Economics production worthless items. What a life you will reach...? All know you never will pay me back in life time, welfare, industry running, status.


Why, then all grandmother Disney talk ends in her clean energy program hidden commercials none True Renewable then NO sustainable according to United Nations falls as a fake performance.


How to trust Democrats not having any deal with owner and master of my SLES Engineerings to ever be produced America...


No deal is no energy break even for USA ever.

Congratulations must be first after middle 1990'ties USA presidential campaigning I got asses to comment, the planing has been I JENS PETER running in insanities, really your NEEP Calculation is for when you try to run civilized..



State Planet Earth

Record Date: 20160729 08:39-15:24 CET, Friday. And here version: 20160801 08:12 CET




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Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State


Picture Miss May, The porn journalism tribes... for Grand Old Man his strongest reading his label at office bars.


The face og the Renecents a spokesman as target for the masses and darling victim in medias. The Cash print and in opinion Santa Claus job in spreading the Cash, move in accounts, give Tax and VAT reliefs or how to punish professional managed by industry mainly bank cashier, named Politician for excuses Thought-Tanks the idealistics of steel and coal industry products no matter cost and environment an none existing, then compensation problematics international, bills never found, not willing to pay off so Betrailors.


Like any other criminal gang Legal States defined to lay down to avoid justification of Law to succeed against crimes defined crime, an liberal patient dreamer King-Thought a Danish Prime on the Mark subject as minimal State "runner", of what former State Body becomes Private a privatization towards all Legal means all crime can succeed an optimum inmates of Liberal Thought-Tanks on justice and economy for King Administartor on policy never a Legal.


In UK and else the structuralism in who gets how mush is regulated in who got the VETO Right. In Britten the house over the parliament an other gathering of businessmen and old families of self-called elite self-opinion masters voice in expertices running own Nation and Empire the Global Suit Force, falls. The governance in leadership hidings in offices as folks sorting the income in process 50% never read, of the rest 80% goes to other desk, other 19% is for verification and questions, the final percentage is signed the piccolo for office head a vacation or replaced autograph.


What U.K.s never can afford to Write-Off is in general Real Estate and Interiors Industry what in all is not ready for the structure Self-Cleaning by a push of a bottom, Energy Producing Installations nothing of vital criteria Net Energy Earning, Industries and transportation nothing of Magnetics Production in anything of my JENS PETER Engineerings, Banking in adjusted to Real Value not a Real Credit basis, no Spaceships of JENS PETER STANDARDS the future survival able to leave, why Writing-Off U.K. The entire Britten a foreclosure case is reasonable for justice for International Law after lived. How about a clean record old men?


The never published by horses and chaps the Chef Responsible what found maculated or stamped Top Secret. When exposed JENS PETERS Outlook professional erased in remote in Secret Operation the empires fall for a no army but communicative paragraphs as any other stiffs structures. No one to reply all dead or left office and responsibility as writer their After-Life their Will and never to account, so Living in Cannot Give Reply. Their potrait painting or photo do not reply not got the spirit to continue old family business traditional events...


A Gate Cases JENS PETER Documents vanish in Business as Usual for criminal bills of gates... The Power Steering up way history "Thé Imperial of Fossils" as Super Tanker sailed by The Economist big and tall on "it", ignores bows, crushed the habour of yahts, kindergartens and other opinions on life and Nature even Creation and destiny any continuing... on its way to "Port".


Today the Shippers got an explanation problem in the crash sight and Nature looks Chainsaw Masacrered and all toxicated and moved against bees, an event of business a doing as speeker gliding traditional for the sake of the family, later singing God Save The Queen giving imunities by friendly office in "credits", and the public never schooled in Legal Law and Legal Lawfull.


Pets for "Grisen" so Santa innocent never showing British schoolman identity nor his or hers Service Order to JENS PETER, so spy against all Empires Legal operations from hidings for fossil branch and the economists proven terror network, as when Legal State to become FCSRS State numbered for my State Planet Earth. UK by holding on to the past powers of the fossil branch and the econmists terror, you for empire going foreclosure expected sooner or later to me in hand, your my accounting deducted for realization. No Drill.


Well off playing dodo of the past, all possible reached, all science achieved, all wealth in goal and boxes, never producer skilled in Legl own Engineering idea-birth giver brain-earased, maintain the fortune, preserve the system of business idea an IT never to change, but party and color talks as grand parents, their kids reached modern colored rooms kindergarten now elder hood reflections. Open conflicts in bacterial sex in own "Anus Concerns" stimulis but life a inflammation of interruptions, all is shitplace. Also the concept sabotaging my workplace surroundings.


As today commune pays for a 22 M2 room by Taxpayers regress from Oilbranch in State against National Real Value 53.000 Kroner, DKK, monthly rent last year over DKK 100.000 a month. A Vila of 5 million DKK cost in interests under DKK 4.000 plus heat and power plus a nurse cleaner security in all under DKK 35-40.000 a month before Tax out of Commune cash territory, and for the same amount The Commune for State for Nation for its People could make a saving by investment in housing its homeless, nolonger accounting expence but in for Real Estate bought rented to homeless to work from home, making the account JENS PETER domicile other wise to an investment inside the social paragraphs for any homeless under Parargraph 110 a diagnosed do not read insane any proven.


But noway stated by Commune for Nation the centre of Liberal Communism Denmark for EU for years. Tax budget for Commune earlier propel windmill producent, an unemployeed security to a new job paying Income-Tax from the unemployeed rows. Even a better budget about 10-15.000 Tax refund to Commune and State register in Tax and saving 17-25.000 National Assistance the unimployeed to work and I JENS PETER in my finale accounting named "Selvangivelsen" could have recorded in billions of Real Value for Nation but NoWay.


Do you belive this public employees do not get "terrornetwork" own "Economics" under Nobel Price Winners alliances Royale fossil basis consult, but against the liberal heads dreaming my state lose an insane as excuse, when reality mush different and my economy stands as best for Taxpayers and future interst of mine in jobcreations in hundred of thousands, for North Zealand, why that? Oh dear now Men in Balck do not understand Economy of their own race... Very professional against JENS PETER INDUSTRIES all the time, and they state not guilty, so telling they are spies under imunity. Who?


Very professional against JENS PETER INDUSTRIES all the time, and they state not guilty, so telling they are spies under imunity. Who where naming themselves under Santa Prime in account rubberies by move The Kings North Zealand tourist attraction road signed. Men in Black to reply so very professional and JENS PETER no consult jobs of 25.000 USD an hour. And your spending in hundred of millions on social costs in supplying the local camp of tents for social clients and own children of the communes to promote heating by British Petroleum Gas in campers even for pregnants. Here proven against The Kingdom of Denmark liberals in your acting against Empires for a bottle of gas in romote fields your "campus" a studdy Republican: "Your own "Luck Smith""... Ready impacts: "Hovsa Misiler" once and for all...


The basic thought and dream wish elderly old brains the past to rebirthing for next income wave to flush the pocket to stake the painting in Landscape of a Puritanistics. A none producer. A life loser. Time is out. Peace sucker to the very end but aggressors having it his way after a lifetime directing for Celia actually won and the bacteria over all winner released by fungus? Dining the goal of the day.


What happens when a middle age genius for his time covers up gangs robberies and starts book keeping, France by munks invent double book keeping to find more than a list and crime very easy to discover. What is it the old gang of global monetary crime don't get telling all and everyday JENS PETER writings insanity but why that old drifters.


This is about the old brains confession its breakdown in the empire a Dumpire fully explained out dated exposed war crime and buying time to go to the family grave traditional legal family heads The Lord, The Master of State Business, the expectations of load from JENS PETER ever to realize in Pound Sterling or USD or EURO, but dream fool in I JENS PETER ever to soften to give away my winning compensating old gangs heirs even their Queen and Kingdoms. Clearly pronounced in Roskilde for microphone and emails said War Accepted, you losers!


What happened when I JENS PETER expose the entire complex book keeping by Accounting Plan is a crime. The Renecents hides even better away from public and change spokesmen to confuse the public and avoid structures to be changed, and avoid lawsuits from the cash printer Her Majesty The Queen for Over Lords to give new records in their economy of Real Value for Her credit by Her cash given.


Explain how Her Kingdom got in the position industry jobs in millions gone and island community turned in to service providers, administrators of cash flow and productivity has dropped and in free fall in curve towards mass unemployment, when JENS PETER from start years 1960'ties never got part of finances but to compete, what shows U.K. beats own economy as complete fools.


Expressed and stated for Nation Denmark for EU from U.K. representative first hand Prime Pet-Pig the Santa give aways from others accounts as "Knot-Kicker" for HM's Queen Margrethe and Crownprince Frederik: "Det har aldrig gået bedre/ It never went better in life.


The Crownprince in person states later national: Jeg er halvt fransk/ I am half french, so the rest undifined and no Danish? And no Contra espionage in phonebook lists, yellow pages for true Danes. Such statements is historical known from print of notes issuer, and earlier Hitler Tank Economy on Propel Windmill State Fraud verified from me. Have fun. Legally my business has left the West Communities, soon my body leaves aswel for good following my properties and tressures in safe-place Legal Protected.


Farvel danish.... my point, "It always goes my the better way around"




Head on State Planet Earth

Mobile: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) State Planet Earth

Date: 20160715 14:49 CET, SPE HQ.


The Guardian newpaper article:






Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State. Date: 20160709 0126 CET






Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State


A sound principle Releases by Peoples Republic of China in most basis for going to War got a Commerce basis about aggressors energy, food or metal account. The accounting is not clear from start nor the Peace not written but dream goal not public in governing other Nations resources paying of war debts from the loosing but Legal Body examples in gains of resources Iraq, Iran, Balkan, Krim, Kuwait, Skåne, Amazonas, Incas, Agent Sahara Jungles, etc.


Suprior governance is to let other Intelligences by other Races also Nationalities exchange over boarder of Cultures and of All Kind all sustain not heading all a realization to only one partys gain in time, but over time unity find in meaning of variations in Life is about a Move in ment to be.


Political Warfare not having written the peace nor compensated its people is a school in capitalistic war crimes in undertaking foreign cultures by its Nation bankrupted or over run by banks of foreign observans in territorial civilization not sustains of own origins served. Social victims of media imperialists handwork in other The Peoples brains to their mind commercial TV and Radio in covers lead not to read like here from State Planet Earth, leads to mass migrations even war, when a given civilization wakes up being over taken in part by concurrent concurred by all means in gain of resources from political greed and envy basis, even for moves and sex, and life invents, and harvest often the feast, party, ideas successful to write in home State Accounting a Winning and nothing or less for the loosing in account accepted.


The stupid don't get the intelligent is actual winner in reality show cases even when in millions even billions flee from man made catastrophes untold to avoid responsibility and to pay compensation on demand as always cash due forced not and never to pay under simple gunman mentalities Nation to Nation all "legal" bodies, so winner not the war winner but the spoken among The People dragged around before world stage a circus creatures disrespected and false educated also lied to in the uninformed never investigated for public in mass medias an sound education verified because of fear for the leaders of horror and root to and of The Terror in horror creation from living standards inserted modern time in from wrong doings in not right up to run the economics legal in all, and the people no being valued, educated basics world faith even Planet before year 1996 not defined Global Star State legal body to defend where legal follows legal as part owner for holder.


Where home ?... An goal in from interest basis most often never published but a anti-social manner in sucks of power to replace lawful of the law position. So envy and greed criminal goal by foreign powers to over throw a leadership other holder of territory not by changing wrongs in by their justice being argued, being professional verified and told solved, but an anarkist running for Sold-Out of Global Ressoources in all for next year millions ahead in their national resources the global ressource too to the people their welfare of the most in respect to Nature, and Planet and Systems reserved the whole intact as only legal topgoal, and Nature The BIO as legal body of the majorities lawfull intrigity and Rights to defend own economies and administrate own resources in process other Nation feast in wealth from other legal equal rights to sustain other Civilizations by its standards of their own often with prehistoric roots.


Why Mono Culture marketed in by figure out "All for One, One for All" never solved but a try and go as other civilizations laid down even go under during time by effort of Banking System industrialized out taking by profit in salaries enforced in all foreign or spy managed under suppression of territorial interests named War-Budget. Imperialism a fact on basis rubbery systemation of transport out and away hidden from press reading serving the gain, the rubbers and rubbery disposing resources deferent offer lasting such civilization also Indians the over time winner as Nature People of natural beauty in pact with Nature like State Planet Earth stays.




Head on State Planet Earth

Mobile: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) State Planet Earth


Commentary: There should be a war crimes tribunal for Iraq invasion

Source: Xinhua 2016-07-08 22:41:52



BEIJING, July 8 (Xinhua) -- The long-awaited report of Britain's official inquiry into the war on Iraq confirms what has long been suspected, but it fails to take notice of an inconvenient truth by not mentioning that it was a war waged illegally.x There should be a war crimes tribunal for the perpetrators of the war that left hundreds of thousands dead and millions homeless and had been at the root of the wave of refugees plaguing Europe years later.


The double standards cannot be more obvious when countries like the United States, along with Britain, carry out their acts of interventionism and hegemonism. Enditem

Commentary: There should be a war crimes tribunal for Iraq invasion - Xinhua | English.news.cn


BEIJING, July 8 (Xinhua) -- The long-awaited report of Britain's official inquiry into the war on Iraq confirms what has long been suspected, but it fails to take notice of an inconvenient truth by not mentioning that it was a war waged illegally.x There should be a war crimes tribunal for the perpe...






Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State




The political pupu, a chair gathering of flies shifting position for a drink of dirt on a Bull-Shit as parliamentary concept of the West for generations. A Bull the Head of assemply fighting other cow-shits international all dumps ending any Legal Gain. The Cowboy World Sherif Of Beef on grass him selves big smiling flirting cows in difficulties his piston on the leading bull of the horde on Full-Meal, who to stab first glaring air-holes "bulls eyes" day long...


The dream of all dreams to get to heaven running office free of work to rule all for his rule, throwing dize like any Cesar, an his hand roling of dize in a Scotch his Compas in by "cubes", master of flights-drinks the closiest to real "bar" performance. Any value for gains, all goes figures in counting out of reality of demands in losers stand never come present, the Renecent is out of reach, behind loyal defends and security to hold track of time out and away from jail, never on top of the situation in any sky-scraper, so retreat to many properties of landscapes his favorite self-writings.


Merchant-Cilliers Heilers carries the flow a cash whats smells in content of no importance, they truly don't get the cash register problem all expenses inside State for Nation even Unions like EU in selling Energy Deficits in trade a solver in running out of energy as civilization of its own. Even pollution other problem and thought not clean in speech of goals and road mapping a secret. Stomachs-ism, eat your way through, Ideology of a Done Meal, Full-Meal Time-Age doctors on eating a public trend fitness like other imperialists where about an exercise not a mental ordering of any relevans, because if fails and proven the looser in Hardest Crime possible. Among more in the first generations of toilet paper for cleaning own ass. Not even food understood gutter disorder a moving ass in chairs. The publicity of all Merchant Heilers. A self-cleaning attitude problem, a patient feces spiritual tries to impress as doll being toy for philanthropic Bank Drifters playing life away never washed "planet" True Clean, but smell of artificial perfume wash, and in for taste of Blood-Shares.


The ideology and education in can yesterdays be sold again tomorrow by keeping behaviors intact, the IT-System in records to sustain as road of cash to end in the same pockets even optimized against any JENS PETER CONCEPT ENGINEERINGS, a given premise of Conservatives in ideas of they the Legal, I JENS PETER the insane to change rules by the Law for the Law the essens of conservatism, by Intelligence the essens of Chinese Powers, by Good and Clean the essens of Muslim People, by fairness the essens of Law Practice, by Capitalism the essens in capitalization of all Legal to cash, by Sharing of Real Value basis MyTressures for all Legal to hold in part Maxims beaten, by bringing to justice doing a proceeding Lenin and Hitler ashamed, by Democracy the essens in people informed to vote Legal basis through in common interest, all sustain and Liberal falls too etc.


The technical bankruptcy of Nation in further escapetionist in Credit solves for his shopping maniacs behaviors. The residents wallet his next meal in self-digging out taking value of currency solved in by merchandises extra print of cash to spread world wide in buying up who effects to run a business sound.


His Retro Power Trips over the Globe in geopolitical gain in administration foreign Nations Ressources in fossils and minerals and Earth Rare by principle overrule local ruler of order in other culture and business morals and doings to implement his empires of accounting in Bank Temples pasted with Rom Imperialistic Limestone and Royale Suites Renecents decorations strong office environments, to secure home base consumers old tech burning engines, paying their way through to target the overtaking other civilization their root from historical robberies of global treasures in other hand and other world an called civilizations fight but robberies.


Never questioning his own doing or suit uniformed where abouts in historical well documented in selfies in own marketing in world press of concurred territories via Banking and administrative Banking in own currency even others as cover of goal world dominans by the yet another Dumpire using military to lay down first hand who was obvious for JENS PETER INDUSTRIES to deal with as proclaimed Dictatorships, but States for its Nation too strong for Merchandiser to run over in by Bank and Accounting of and in foreign currency of imperative Acts a War ongoing.


The Bank Imperials doing all for a cash stake and setting aside as horror the people book kept million dollar asset to own account on limited sustainable consuming and having paid for Nation public welfare running out of sluts and slut mentality won't work anymore.


The wars after second world war the plays adult against the minor in outnumbered other Nations on their respective business as sovereign State for Nations even Federations in lack of personal to recruit who will fight bullets flying, bombs raining and blood running the soldier looser in life meaning achieved rambling for crowds fight to win and basis for the confrontation never published all legal bodies but business global the substance never schooling for soldiers.


The disrespect of Life on the Move as a killing field a slaughter against other parties businesses and resources in free fall in by my writings the people can read from me not Power Trippers what fight to fight and not necessarily by guns but the intellectuals in Intelligence is about and stupid falls. The Old Never Stands the communicative smooth minded (water/food rich) and holds on to cash stake as the power. In all wrong by attack on for gain before analyzes in public educated in goal a gain not a case of ratification of rights other party object wealth. Served industry of weapons not running economy Legal. Why is that a fact, account problem by the offensive.


This commercial print in huge difference with reality in worth what, and in part what printed for value on rubbed throughout history written time and other evidences as geology and climate changes, accounted in fraud for Nation by State responsible acting violent outwards any solving? Out of personel not informed readers this JENS PETER published serving common wealth and public Court in Law for the Law.


Money as weapon U.N. defined warfare and use of weapon. Here against Legal Body State Planet Earth an accounted belonging basis Real Value to I JENS PETER not a star overwrite by S | | the $.... The the EURO sign/Logo € must be C for Conservative written over or is it C= .


Where does the merchandiser ends his days but self-portraiture in wall picture of boarder men in his Bank or Corporate a production reality living as Bank not producing by residents will in what to shop having Free Credits to spend to buy Free Opinion of buyers own Free Will even when having any job in production having produced what serves JENS PETER INDUSTRIES product image pro United Nations Sustainable Goals voted through by all Nations in year 2015.


Free to (Book-) "Sheet", an (a-) counting expressed by lead bass-guitar. On what orchestra named "Chic" never tells but Toiet Story "on air", times of modern psychiatry from what you eat, listen in a sound animation on economy and a toilet visit...Times of: "You are what you eat...".




See latest Optical Layer Geometry Panel Solar Cells, example in logo header here.





Planet Shrink, Head on State Planet Earth

Mobile: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) State Planet Earth

Date: 20160706 14:25 ST. CET SPE



Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State

To reply in person, no switchboard am I ...


The Conservative and Liberal Mayor Lounge very "internationale"....

A brain state after half a century stuck of the hard return the one to Execute?




In fully discovered and in common realized all forwarded confessions in the economics worked for the fossil branch and banks hand in hand for own industries in national unions in understanding of keeping business of oil and gas by imperialistic motives og credits can buy any opinion for easy targets in consuming in further and further credit giving and handling of currencies in speculating in further and further print and problem the value the ressource of fossils burned away causing Planet Damages, and for many industry was raw-product i.e. rubbers, plast, fibres, electronics, inventories, paints, glues, interior, even notes.


Motive all way from the beginning what Coin in own currency to win as world coin the realization of all of any value by know bookkeeping laws international agreed. For all the debt signed in time of the collapses of the economy running out of energy, the strongest bank to hold all debts for assets to handle to bank and Bank winner of any monetarism system and Dollar and Pound sees them strongest together in common business in fossils burned.


Britbrains are easy going, at any time no change in script and concept of running State Operative Business, all say Business as Usual to keep markets calm and Conservative Thought to Win against the rest. Bookkeeping is one Win other part Loose, the holder of sheet in assets the dealer in ressources and work-free living free-way in own coin cliches the printer of cash.


The mayor problem for Conservative Religion in industry and cash concept is owner shows up from the universe or an remote place on earth why exploration all over the place has taken place, ignoring the fact we are made in Space of this Universe(s) and owner a Legal Body of Engineering named Creation can be taken defended fully Legal to protect and for the continuing of civilizations, so multi civilizations, multi Races, multi Natures, multi habitats in all anti any conservative nationalism and "internationale" mono culture any winner chance, because against most United Nations Charters international Law Set Basis for half a century after second world war agreed never to repeat genocides for gains, a killers rubbery winning in no owner left nor any trail to convict executers of own will and law hardest crimes.


Now it is time for Brixit / Brit Exit.


Time is for conservatives any party color defied understood in case any publicity of JENS PETER STATE why so quiet in media. Latest Peoples Rights and laws for protection of the same are to solve home at the prison island of Great Britain for bank pricks, coleperators, field mattresses. Does the "Channel" boat sail. Is the floor opened in poster hangings. Are they awaiting "Home" hangs. No drill pricks...!


Remember banks never inserted in billions of Dollars and Pound Sterling even Euros into my account open after year 1996 to replace old industry by JENS PETER INDUSTRIES in New Time products solving to Reverse Devastations in a global Burning-Economy, Jobs against Real Credit Market, Economy Crimes replaced by Legal Ecomine, Migrations from Climate Changes in drying out desserts ongoing for over 5.000 years well known. Rom State Empire got stations in desserts now died out ruined in part by Islamic State of ISIL for the Rom Empire an other Dum-Pire...?


Year 1996 no investors no legislation by governments in fiscal budgets to serving JENS PETER INDUSTRIES them to buy shares in SLES to raise Economy by SLES Products published in writing Net Energy Earning reached in fully proclaimed as first the number one scientist I JENS PETER beated all superpowers energy and engine engineers by my invents and engineering SLES, Sunlight Laser Energy Systems. To meet me police club beat up on me in Roskilde Library for audience cheering the officers and arrested, jailed, prosecuted and sentence by justice murder Copenhagen Country Court East to forced medication as insane patient marketed by Royale tabloid press international for years preventing my business, why War accepted back then as my legal respond. Now what conservative drunks, stiff-brains, new times and you are lost in action of realities basis real value for Creators.


JENS PETER not any Turk Bazaar gift table, and I shall be homered my bills and demands and fees and in all compensated lost business from first second start of robberies and underminings my business goals, you against Human Kind in criminal goal All Kind proven loosers, tools, gains, lies, aside talks, propagandas and fake religions pro capital holders crap in never learned any to work to produce but only in for the rent of all and any other party by colored ideology, even other gangs, Nations products since agent times.


The Soviet thought complex shines through the rotten ideals of Monarchy agents running to moms skirts or a Party Boss for protections and immunities after failures for Self-Protection in hidings of truth for the public to vote against corrupt even proven criminal leaderships where New Reality of presented proceedings to the criminals. Old bookkeeping an evidens record in what done, my case New times of bookkeeping, them against me in from electronic EDB - tools in simply moving accounted in figures to other account in changing figures of a number for the account to other holder a proven psychical rubbery especially of immaterial assets in my enlighten sciences and writings. Parties of Ideology falls in tradition of old games arranged by royalty powers manners in all fight outside not indoor castles quiet to avoid danger, and the political spinners for the politicians really made a mistake in not arranging meeting with my JENS PETER INDUSTRIES for a legal turn around of State Courtships the daily businesses all over the planet, what went in to state of Self-Defends in beated in fully by my writings of the Ecomine where energy solved. Further when The People bookkept worth a million USD from birth a born millionaire status to shop State expenses now residents expense from body a treasure of their own, to shop basic needs all life assured only way on accounts limited consumption sustainable on demand from governments world wide. Now to come the Goldmine in National accounting to be replaced by Thé Living the treasures.


Santa Claus in moving my loads in engineering and life basis in success in my engineering concepts of my own in my State SPE by now did not work out for the spin doctors, primes, politicians of old schooling against The People in the West communities never change habit not colors of party in goals all going "Internationale"... against top-owner written in the records I JENS PETER for Legal Owners, criminals biggest problem to stay legal, start out legal, turn to legal in legal purpose, vote social responsible pro State Legal. So who is Legal, criminals flee any conversation to my state. Too Legal for you Conservatives burning fossils....


Can we have a yelling from the defends turned now JENS PETER prosecuted old fashion style. You say: "UNDERSTOOD!"


Santa Claus politicians even royals must realize moving loads in peoples wallets and assets is a move even theft, and politicians no legal voting in all the population not informed nor educated in State business as usual meaning. The same to realize the old conservative concept in no change now told and discovered to spread the word of the truth in the crimes must be stopped and JENS PETER STATE fully compensated. The open door Diplomacy is I JENS PETER can balance you national bankruptcies pro the people and vital industries working sustainable an simple accouters job never a politization on killing how worse or how good of living bodies and Nature and Planet in order.


To Order!



(Cotinued page down).





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United Nations Monday 28/09-2015,

UN 2016-2030 Goal-Plan.


Energy is the fundament of any of the UN-Goals. If energy fails in not heading Global Energy-Break-Even by NEEP Energy Products all goals fall.


UN: http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/energy/



GOING "GREEN" A FRAUD - More CO2 by productions both Solar & Wind


United Nations misused in bringing commercial photos of "Green"-energy solutions out of NEEP-Category away from SLES-Products here.


You can calculate Net Energy Earning, NEE, by any sellers product insert: Per Metric Ton metal in socalled "Green"-Product + construction sight + production plants + new Grid & Transformers + suppliers + service + administration + staff new consumers products TIMES 8840 Mega Watt/Ton Metal spend MINUS the Green-Tech energy-product in its life-time REAL energy-production or savings MW/h (1.000 KWh). Not its capacity nor effect. Also insert energy spend on all mining, deficit could be spend direct.


RESULT possitive is NO ENERGY BREAK-EVEN is NO NEEP-Product.


(Ton steel-production: 1.000.000 Gram * 4,22 Watt * 2.000 *Celsius


= 8.440.000.000 W ~ 8840 MW energy to produce one Metric Ton of Steel).


Both USA, China and Russia presidents speak for United Nations today. Very good 😊 speeches. China keeps talking win-win and positive economy an Ecomine alike, where old days one winner one looser left behind replaced with modern way of relating Nation to Nation equal basis in respect culture wide away from comerce consumption against own body.


Russian president said Russia was ready for a forum where modern high-tech renewable technics replace what is today in energy productions. They will all in Paris commit nations to REDUCE CO2 emissions also USA, and Russia by about - 75% 1990 level. PRC minus 40-45% 2005 level by 2020.


Do you think Denmark is about to change. The government has recalled the national targets from minus 40 to about 35% or none at all is not clear. They false stated to costly means no thought even consideration of my business up selling nation or buyers SLES and Spintops. The chair in UN a Dane socialist Mogens Lykketofte for the assemply and state leaders and diplomats spoke on civilizations are on self-destruction path and stopping climate change must be solved.


In all and thé Pope too on solving. We stand strong and no leader spoke against my business. Congratulations. Win-Win. And HH Thé Pope stated equal to Thé Law and for the first time in history State spoke of importance of Biology and Nature and to solve Climate Change Man made and by science recorded. In all invited to have a seat in my border-room in SLES.



Mobile: +45 - 2988 7911 (C) SPE, 1. FCSRS State

To reply in person, no switchboard am I ...




The Royale conspiracy in protection of their coins a paranoia ongoing on future at risk in danger of other business level in new technics of JENS PETER ENGINEERINGS in new built and accountings pro Planets Existences civilizations to last by new eras of Intelligence overcome any obstical manmade in solving as salvation in All Kind future safe, dealing with criminals, so I JENS PETER never got hold of any Nobel Price on demand, never graduated old traditional Universities of the Latin Letter of Commerce, and Finance, and their Self-Writings in Law to get of the Law anyhow as guilty in the boarder of The North Pact of a "North a Star" to follow.


From the beginning their low-tech in never knowing of any future reality to predict, but God Fears to safe Queens staying in breed of wartimes all way up history, now the time has come: Truth. Does their self-justice stand trail but over-power in engineerings basis of any currency given products the the print for the print but product sustainable to back-up institutions as administrator why SPE stands winner of all times and to come, even back in time.


The "Blocker", a ohh Man... mentality and situation of the unsudden driver never can handle steering new waters or frontiers in New Times a new road new term and swings and the business bosses of agent time highlight bound to their past and elderly looks on authority in insecurities shines through in slow moves slow talks stringent on any pressure on opinion of the driving.


The Ali Baba island refuged gang of Britbrains rubbing JENS PETER, a Planet, laying down other civilizations, burning resources as business retreading to island harbors and countrysides out of trouble Self-Isolation Oceans apart from violated worked before the industrial revolution our High-Tech Time-Age.


The naviral playing world admiral as island inland refuged any hiding never works now a days. The fanatic Ali Baba gang in Self-Justifications on owner never shows up, kept poor and down drowned in difficulties constructed Life-Situations a Self-Status owners life sucks, not to revenge nor law sue, or needs larger power falls on rubbed in no use starting out permanent status rubbed science an Immatrial Asset by Listings and for psychical product for other powers to produce Legal and all those, the rest of the world follow JENS PETER the owner Legal.


The islander now reads his brains criminal to overtake State and Planet from Legal Owners in use of how to win all and any World War for year billions to come for an eternity of battles in Court of Law International as after match strongly behliver in own wealth to Over-Win I JENS PETERS own Self-Confidence and Rights-Winning to lay down myself, my businesses in Life and my State Planet Earth for else by Britbrains sceem to continue my basis re-written in terms of Britbrains paranoia JENS PETER All too Legal.


So who is the Megaloman sick is Britbrain first call name Thé Prick. Throats problem Britbrains Pricks....?!


All know ownership never Legal to annul, ignore of Rights even undertake to built above their graves. The islander now built alliance Britbrains to allie for the sake of the case never loose face, why State Planet Earth suggest all mapped GB, Great Britain again considered largest World Prison Island.


When sailing the stubborn old fool or daddy searcher on reflection successor of family fame illumed from the past don't get charts so feel their way ahead looking for observans to stimulate Ego can perform.


Will it all and wil never give loose to hold on to personality wins over competence in must succeed in life goal win over intelligence by Mano by handle.


But no. Must leave the power as fool in new times engineering in not help from the past, any history a learning to repeat to act and improvisational to a big laugh and responses goes violent on board. Who to drive along a driver loosing passengers and ignores cabin expertices.


An classic all timer inflation the flight in interruption of other giving advice self-made in by ad hock solving keeping flight bridge in own dominans of the journey undertaking any debate on fact on failures even crime.


A manipulator of own skills talking education not Rights from Wrongs but playing expert in old book learning of his own under friends by cash influences stays in office his bridge his world but only a suit posted recorder speaker of others text suiting his gains in profit and carrier jumps self convinced doing right a winner when fact majority loose every time and ship of the Nation creative criminal book kept of all time.


Serving people and majorities even in children in own family the family party boss sees his ruler of All Kind in benefit his Tax Ticket never in consideration others wallet even a born value but raising family and friends a Cost never to Value, ending lonely elder hood never realized a same old story in keeping all relation in strings of prohibitions, outgoing of problems to consult by friends loyal opinion, mailing of opponents back seated, screw next seated, and Credit Bond to hold position Bank of The Bridge....


A Head. Destination finale goal by what road taken never informed cabin. Operative a Try and Failure under going many inner crisis of condemning own ideas in stretch outs overlooked by CO Pilots. The DAD Brain state never redraws convinced on wrong track.


Favorite tasks political steering not survival often end CEO a end of the boarder (table). Often spoken charismatic personality in strikes down on else's problem in own difficulties can not give birth (to ideas solving).


The chef seeks salvation and eats to comfort fixing brand trouble not a in job survivor but policy talker and more and more taste judges. In mind subconsciously fun: Can own teeth bite "beef" a sexuality...? Sexist gay hating on gender and age as experience walking dried stiff-brain in fitness is about a Gym. right? So never question my eating...


Hardly speaks never write other language and works and a drive opposite elsewhere a disorder in brain function of speeder, break, steering except from real pilots sitting centers or left and the observation coordinated strong behind. The Brit-Brain in tooling a planet after year 900 e.c. in spiritual wrong sides enters now in JENS PETER INDUSTRIES never by the Brit-Volume of cash got no investment nor business call nor acceptance any U.K. Princess for Crowning now sits in deep hole named United Kingdom makes Britexit Europe by leaving EU.


My enemy of my State makes their enemies my friends predicted and allied all and any violated as Nation, People, simply insulted from Brits behaviors upscrewed intolerance self-highny islanders envies of my psychical wealth and landmarks in own State, but in no hold yet of own cash print.


Mr. Beef never gave me reply and hides any reply for the sound British minds to judge and hang the guilty for undermining Nation and U.K. Prides and Honors.


Goodbye patient Britbrain your easy going on your labilities disorders in confusing subject in running from your bills from damage self seen cheer able to honor you for your God Self-Justice outlaw States for Nation war winner rules what Law do falls, fooling your people never to be able to work my compensation demands off, but to stay in your fix of every day fashion lifestyles Multi Crowned Multi National in pass for ports in planed responsibility escapes visionized for year centuries written in your State Religion a given God Fear elementary Court your confession self writing and all Stone-Age skyscraper housing In by cult running from giving me legal reply, investing capitalistic in my engineered products to have become part of process going Sustainable State as my investor your product portfolio other mix bold, and businesses and State Legal Body. You saving own asses hiding truth for masses to vote against you.


You proven The Axil of Evil risking your Nations Life while singing the fictive God identity to Save The Queen in prayers your protection of immunities to a given fall for international investigation and Justice pursue to take out , your election this week "Brixit" my a "Mark" more for True Europeans in faith of its peoples choice. Your out ! I'm in. You got no Open Democracy but a Dynasty bone-keepers and talkers as rulers on policy not legalmacy/ Legal Merci (Fr.).


You are practically signed out your voting a masquerade theater impressing people in offices and in streets in prepared show in dynasty's leaders not on salary and benefits from produced Legal for Nation in by Nation Served, what infects the productivity and product diversity in National Product in to reality a feast off in for the tabloid icons reduced to Masters of Spending to stay free of questions throwing the "Dumpire"/ (Empire)/ DK Dum Peger, traditional point and grab with all extremities, a junkie on party any life for masses curiosities but non seriousity on what really matters in stay out of touch, them never touched or moved towards responsibility in realities out of reach in having unity as Planet Multi Civilizations accepted.


A hiding their castles philanthropy stick outs after year centuries of planet scale robberies from other The People to be forgotten written out of historical record an evidence to catch up on to insert my Justice pro Planet at State.


Soaking problem patient Britbrain from your planet scale crime lead by Banking all and any slave of the Bank strings of money what talks in Brit fans terms what taken out, what interest, what score, what winning etc. means in handicapped Britbrain in wronsided own historical record of rubberies in resources, cultures and even own people's living time and over generations lasting modern welfare sustained for all. The evidence in Britbrains wordbooks for defined retreats to homeland after placing Flag of the Union outside surrounded pillars a new territory marked. But legamacy for owners ever fulfilled nor any fair sharing in responsibilities in Act a Legal basis, but rubbery expertise in homeland a Fort by Cult named Economy proven criminal never a faith approved nor protected unsustainable by plot and sceam nothing but finish line a crash for all without the cash note cliche. Why dangerous to chose gang leaders above justice living free way out of influence of legal productivity observed entertainment but reality year thousands terror networks.



Head on State Planet Earth

Tel:: +45 - 29 88 79 11 (C) SPE 2016+